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  1. Without team info ect I would say I like the Chapman side
  2. I'd pull the trigger, you need the upgrade at SP and Wieters gives u a nice bump at catcher. Find a decent OF on the WW and play the hot bat
  3. Yeah I was leaning dropping a SP just don't know if it should be Shields or Morton
  4. 10 Team H2H points keeper league, who would u drop? C - Contreras 1B - Rizzo 2B - Murphy 3B - Headley SS - Russell IF - Diaz IF - Moustakas OF - Cargo, Schwarber, A. Garcia UT - Reynolds BE - Wieters, Belt, Calhoun, Schoop, *Donaldson, *Bradley Jr. RP - Kintzler, Reed, Benoit, Dunn, Jeffress SP - Kluber, Cueto, Quintana, Gausman, Taillon, Estrada, Kennedy, Vargas, Shields, Morton, Giolito, *Smyly, *Odorizzi Leave link for help
  5. Team is in sig, Thinking my staff is a bit weak past Kershaw & Carrasco, especially at the bottom (Kennedy and JZim) plenty of 3B depth to work with. Leave link for help
  6. I'd drop ERod for Walker. Younger and has good stuff. Waino is aging and isn't the same guy
  7. 10 Team H2H Keeper Cats league with 2B's, 3B's, and hits added on offense and K/9, K/BB, and HD's added for pitching. C - Perez 1B - Rizzo 2B - Odor 3B - Donaldson SS - Story IF - Bogaerts LF - Schwarber CF - Margot RF - Mazara OF - Parra OF - Werth DH - Morales UT - Russell UT - Lamb UT - Panik BE - A. Garcia, Bird, *Sanchez, *Bradley Jr. SP - Bumgarner, Cole, Fulmer, Keuchel, Tallion, Wheeler, Garrett, *S. Gray, *McHugh RP - Brtiiton, Colome, KRod, Grilli, Wilson, Clippard I only keep 1 SP every season (7 total keepers) so I wouldn't be able to keep Scherzer over Bumgarner so it becomes do I really need Contreras? He also offered Contreras for Keuchel. I also have Bird/Keuchel for Gray/Contreras on the table as well. What say you? Leave link for help
  8. Yeah I'd drop Reed and add Doolittle then you'd have the A's saves on lock down unless one pulls out in front of the other. I'd find a way to hang onto Reed just in case Famila stumbles if you can (I'd drop Capps, no faith in him becoming closer)
  9. I would move Buxton & Tanaka for Kuechel. Kuechel looks to be back to his 2015 from and Buxton K's too much
  10. H2H Cats league with 2B's, 3B's, and Hits added as extra categories. It's a keeper league but neither would factor in as keepers Leave Link for help
  11. I wouldn't be too concerned since it's arguably their 5 best hitters. Arenado and Story are golden no matter where they play. Dahl and Desmond will slide into your DL slots for a while anyways. Only one I'd worry about at all is LeMahieu away from coors, then you could slide Segura into your 2B spot and put someone hot in your UT spot
  12. You'll be fine on pitching but with how deep 3B is this season it's kind of concerning you didn't get a guy like Lamb or Franco instead of super utility man Baez. And I think you got plenty of SB's. May suffer in AVG like someone above stated. Good luck with your team man!
  13. H2H standard Cats league. I like Broxton for SB's but like Renfroe for HR's. Who ya got? Leave link
  14. I draft in a lot of leagues where pitching outweighs hitting but you still can't ignore hitting completely. You don't even have a C, Ramos is starting the year on the DL. Your OF is very weak. I like the Lamb pick at 3B (3B is DEEP this season). I'd say a middle of the pack finish with this squad
  15. Thanks all for the insight. I'm gonna see if can move Longoria for a 1B to ease the blow of losing Abreu