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  1. Drake/Lynch for Cook/Baldwin? WHIR

    Dalvin Cook?
  2. Full point PPR. AP vs IND Henry vs HOU Leave link for help, thanks!
  3. Owner missed draft and has basically said he only cares about his money leagues. 10 teams, keep 3. Settings: Team: Team name will need to be a DC Hero/villian. Leave a email address for invite and how long you've been playing fantasy football, thanks.
  4. We keep 5 Settings: Team: Team name/pic will need to a Michigan theme since it's in the Michigan Division. Leave a email for invite and how long you have been playing fantasy football, thanks!
  5. sounds good invite sent thanks
  6. still looking for a good owner
  7. Deep keeper with minors rosters as well. Each team has a 5 man minors farm team. We keep 6 MLB and 8 MiLB players every season. 1st year of league but I run another league with this exact setup and that league is in it's 9th season. Team name and pic need to go with the theme of the league. Prospect draft takes place immediately after regular draft. Team: Settings: Farm team info: Please only apply if you are going to be in it for the long haul and have a good knowledge of prospects. Please leave your years of fantasy baseball experience and a email address, thanks!