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  1. Trade Help - WHIR

    I like this deal for you, you need a RB. See if he'll throw in James to soften the loss of Graham a bit, but with that awful OL in Seattle, I wouldn't expect the world out of Graham anyways. He won't do the 2nd offer you spoke of.
  2. I'd sell high on Diggs maybe for a RB2 but I wouldn't drop them form a backup TE or QB. Shop around, look for the team that lost Allen Robinson and see if they want a WR for a RB type deal
  3. Trade Help? WHIR

    Yeah might try that one
  4. Make this trade? WHIR

    I can't see giving both, maybe Hopkins straight up for Hill. But I do think Watson helps Hopkins out a lot so I'd sit tight
  5. Trade Help? WHIR

    I actually didn't even think about already having Thielen until now. He has Cooks but doubt he moves him. He also has D. Thomas, Allen, Decker (blah), Britt (Double blah), and R. Anderson
  6. Trade Help? WHIR

    Owner lost Johnson and needs a RB. Would you offer Gillislee for Diggs with this roster? I feel with Hilton being almost not start worthy until Luck comes back I need to bolster my WR core RB: McCoy, Fournette, Mongomery, Ajayi, Gillislee, K. Williams, C. Thompson WR: Hilton, Thielen, Bryant, J. Matthews, J. Brown, Sanu, Wright TE: Graham, Bennett .5 PPR and I we have 2 RB slots, 2 WR Slots, 1 WR/TE slot, 1 TE slot, and 1 Flex. Leave link for help, thanks in advance!
  7. How do I get Jordy Nelson? WHIr

    Since he has Rodgers he's gonna want a lot in return. I would offer Hopkins/AP and see where that goes. Help me?
  8. Trade for Odell? - WHIR 100%

    Honestly he's gonna want Gurley in return so doubt you get a deal done. Offer him Jeffery & Martin and cross your fingers. Help me?
  9. Someone dropped him for Phillips Dorsett, really? Anyways, who would you drop for Maclin? QB: Prescott, Luck RB: Ajayi, M. Gordon, Hunt, Kelley, C. West, Perine WR: Cooks, Benjamin, *Snead, Thielen, J. Matthews TE: Olsen, Bennett 10 Teams, keep 3. .5 PPR. Starters are in bold I'm leaning Matthew. Leave a link for help
  10. lol he is actually a ND fan but had no room for him in the ND division back when he joined
  11. sweet thanks! OP spot is basically a super flex, you can play any player there on offense, even a QB. Invite on it's way
  12. Still need 1 for the 9:30pm EST draft, any takers?
  13. Still need 1 for the 9:30pm EST draft, anyone want to help out?
  14. Yes, 3 keepers are in the 1st 3 round regular draft after that. And he won't be to picky, just a good well balanced team and he'll be happy