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  1. Drop zeke?

    Who's dropping anyone for Conner? Dude gets 1-8 snaps A GAME! If it's a keeper league you can't drop Zeke. If it's not a keeper league, I'd take a chance on Davis but Conner isn't even an option
  2. Which RB to start? WHIR

    I like Darkwa and Drake this week, I'd roll with Drake, higher ceiling and might be poised for a breakout after his performance in a otherwise horrible game vs the Panthers
  3. .75 PPR. Walker is consistent but Cook has a good matchup vs a mediocre Pats pass D. What say you? leave link for help
  4. Hill or Crabtree ?? (WHIR)

    Standard league I'd go with Hill, big play ability and should get in the endzone
  5. Hyde, AJones or McGuire? (WHIR!)

    Powell is out so I go with McGuire, not worried about Forte too much at his age and lack of production the last 2 seasons
  6. Drop who for TE?

    Drop Tyrell for Kittle, WAS is bad vs the TE
  7. Flex help. Montgomery or Gabriel. WHIR

    Gabriel with Sanu out
  8. Hold Snead or...WHIR

    I'd hold Snead and see how they play him. He should be #2 behind Thomas in a offense that likes to pass
  9. Flex Help - WHIR

    Benching Ty Montgomery with the news he will split carries with Jones, so do I plug in Gillislee @ Jets or C. Thompson vs 49ers? .5 PPR Leave link for help
  10. I got a opening in a 10 team keeper football league. It's a NCAA themed league so the team name will need to be a NCAA team name. Settings: Team: Leave a email or PM me your email if interested, thanks.
  11. Trade Help - WHIR

    I like this deal for you, you need a RB. See if he'll throw in James to soften the loss of Graham a bit, but with that awful OL in Seattle, I wouldn't expect the world out of Graham anyways. He won't do the 2nd offer you spoke of.
  12. I'd sell high on Diggs maybe for a RB2 but I wouldn't drop them form a backup TE or QB. Shop around, look for the team that lost Allen Robinson and see if they want a WR for a RB type deal
  13. Trade Help? WHIR

    Yeah might try that one
  14. Make this trade? WHIR

    I can't see giving both, maybe Hopkins straight up for Hill. But I do think Watson helps Hopkins out a lot so I'd sit tight
  15. Trade Help? WHIR

    I actually didn't even think about already having Thielen until now. He has Cooks but doubt he moves him. He also has D. Thomas, Allen, Decker (blah), Britt (Double blah), and R. Anderson