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  1. Gotta be the Cam/Gurley/MT side, Thomas is the best player in the deal and doesn't have to share the looks like AB will
  2. I like Ross III ROS. He's the clear #1 until Green comes back and I doubt Hollywood can duplicate his game 1 performance. D's will figure him out. Thanks for mine
  3. I'd go M. Brown, Gio (since u have Mixon), Hollywood, Jackson
  4. You didn't draft THAT poorly. No way I move Gordon for Woods with all the weapons the Rams have at WR. Hang onto Gordon since you got Ekeler too. Gordon is a top 5-6 back once he signs or is traded.
  5. I like your WR's and in a full point PPR that's nice to have. RB's flew in every draft I did this season. I like Kirk over Watkins as well. Overall it's a solid 8/10 and a playoff team if ran well all season. Good luck! Thanks for mine
  6. 10 teams, 6th year of league, we keep 3. Got JuJu last season in the draft and got lucky he turned out to be a top flight WR
  7. .75 PPR. Lindsey is @ OAK and Ekeler is at home vs Colts Starting McCaffrey & D. Williams at RB and Julio and Juju at WR Leave link for help
  8. We already had our draft and the owner was a no-show and won't respond to post draft emails. 10 Teams, .5 PPR, keep 3. Team: Settings: Leave email address for invite and how long you've been doing fantasy football, thanks!