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  1. With those settings ect, that deal needs to be reworked. Too much going to the 5th place to justify only giving up Arenado
  2. I'd go with Myers, most likely to provide season long production
  3. Team in Signature. My SP's have been a disaster this season after that Kershaw guy so I have went with a RP heavy team and only have 5-6 SP's. I think 1 more top tier SP and I will be good. If not Arrieta, who would you target? Leave link for help, thanks in advance!
  4. I make this trade, you have a abundance of RP's and Arrieta even tho he's not what we are used to he's still serviceable until he gets his stuff back in order.
  5. I was offered Machado
  6. I like Souza but not enough to drop Conforto. Maybe drop your worst pitcher to get him
  7. I got offered Machado & Stroman for Rizzo & A. Garcia. H2H Points league, keep 5. Currently 8-3 and in 1st. C - Contreras 1B - Rizzo 2B - Murphy 3B - Donaldson SS - A. Diaz IF - Reynolds IF - M. Adams OF - Cargo, Schwarber, A. Garcia UT - Maybin BE - Wieters, Peraza, Moustakas, Schoop SP - Kluber, Cueto, Ray, Quintana, Odorizzi, Vargas, Taillon, Estrada, Chatwood, Friers RP - Kintzler, Rivero, Neshek, Doolittle, Harris, Kelly, *Norris, *Glover My first reaction was no but the more I look at it, it actually would shore up my weakness at SS. I would also feel a bit weak at OF tho. What say you? Leave link for help, thanks in advance!
  8. Team 1 off the board too. Only team left is Team 4
  9. Team 2 & Team 5 are off the board
  10. Team 3 is off the board
  11. Need to add 1 team opening to the list: Team: (10 Teams H2H Cats, keep 4) Settings:
  12. Arrieta. I honestly think the Cubs DL him about 10 days before the ASB and get him 100% healthy. He's been pitching with a thumb issue since ST. They should have done it as soon as the injury occurred quite frankly.
  13. 10 Teams H2H Cats, we keep 4 every season. I got offered Rizzo & Story for Stanton & Gio Gonzalez. I am weak at SS but don't want to weaken my overall team. What Say you? My Team: C - G. Sanchez 1B - Zimmerman 2B - Carpenter 3B - Seager SS - A. Diaz MI - Castro CI - Moustakas OF - Stanton, Blackmon, Gardner, D. Santana UT - S. Perez UT - Moreland BE - Schwarber, Bour, Hicks SP - Scherzer, Lester, Fulmer, E. Santana, G. Gonzalez, Estrada, Taillon RP - Davis, Kimbrel, Brach, Kintzler Leave link for help, thanks in advance!
  14. I will be away for a bit this evening but I will return so please remain patient with my responses, thanks!
  15. Team 1: (10 Team Roto, keep 5) Settings: Team 2: (10 Team Points league, keep 4 MiLB & 6 MLB) Settings: Team 3: (10 Team Points League, keep 5) Settings: Team 4: This is the info for Team 4 only! I have built a tiered style setup consisting of 6 10 team leagues where how you finish determines if you get promoted, stay at your current level, or even get knocked out of the league at season end! This is going into it's 5th season too so it's been around awhile now! It's H2H points with mostly typical roster setup. No Keepers. Settings: The Bigs - The Ultimate goal and the best of the best end up here Triple AAA & Double AA - Middle tiers Single High A, Single Low A, and Rookie Ball - Lower Tier and where you would start out I have a league constitution available upon request and all rules are enforced including inactivity penalties. This setup takes a good level of dedication otherwise you simply won't win enough to have a chance to move up so activity is a must. Please only apply if you will be active and dedicated to the full season. Please leave a email and years of experience and which team(s) you would like, thanks!