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  1. I considered dropping him too. He’s certainly been underwhelming. But when I went to look at his yearly stats, he’ll still be a 75/15/75/10/.270 guy. That’s not not great or even top 40. But for a down year, there are much much worse lines for players who underperform. He doesn’t hurt you in any of the traditional 5 categories, and he even helps you a little bit in all 5 in deepish leagues.
  2. With the risk of others doing the same, I’ll agree with you on the Mariners thing. I almost never draft any Ms players anymore. I lived near Seattle for 5 years and while the park is cool and the games are fun sometimes, those players are usually underperforming and not worth the investment.
  3. Anyone see why Young (AZ) was removed? Went 5 1/3 IP before being removed after 79 pitches. Was doing great. Why run him out there in the 6th for just one batter? Hoping he's not hurt.
  4. “Well, that escalated [my ERA and WHIP] quickly”
  5. I’m ok with him not being in the HR derby. Hope he’s not actually hurt. Prob be back in first game after break.
  6. What the heck, man. At this point, MLB should just list every player as on the IL. These guys are hitting the IL at such a fast clip, I can't even stay up with it.
  7. Framber is in the bullpen now. He may eventually work into the rotation, but he’d need to be stretched out. Also seems the Astros are fairly well-off in their rotation: -JV -Cole -McHugh -Peacock -Miley With Peacock’s bloated ERA, however, and his success in the bullpen in the past, one wonders if switching Valdez with Peacock might suit the Astros well. Any Houston peeps with word on the street on this?
  8. Man, unless it’s a shallow league, Gausman is def valuable. Dude has a 1.00 WHIP
  9. Serious question: is there such a thing as an elite SP in MLB anymore? This has been ridiculous for almost a full month now. Some of these “elite” guys have actually had a negative impact on fantasy teams.
  10. Guys, this is what we’re realizing. It’s time we considered the very real possibility that he’s the #1 fantasy player in the game. Both ROS and for next year’s draft.
  11. OK, one of my teams is 2-2 now with a HR (Escobar and Walker). Here’s to a day of batting 1.000 with 28 HR!
  12. Exactly!!! I just know he always starts slow, and has been under .200 most of the season. If I bench him, it'll kickstart him out of his slump. I hate to do it, but it's worth it. Yes, I absolutely believe my benching him will affect his objective performance.
  13. If you have Rizzo on your team, get him in your lineups. I am intentionally benching him today, even though he's starting. So yes, I will come back here after he has a great game and accept your thanks