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  1. Willie Calhoun 2019 Outlook

    I don’t suppose subacribe to the athletic, so I can’t read the article. What does it say beyond “best shape of my life” type of stuff?
  2. Huge hype last year. Didn’t really thrive last year in limited time with the Rangers, but wasn’t a complete bust. Raw power remains. Questionable plate discipline. Is he a post-hype sleeper now? Is he the Rangers’ next Profar? *in terms of taking longer than expected to develop, not in tools or style.
  3. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Rotoworld is reporting that the Reds might not use Iglesias exclusively in the closers role, similarly to how the Brewers handled their bullpen last year. They list Michael Lorenzen and Jared Hughes as the possible candidates to vulture saves throughout the season. Any reds fans have any idea who the pick up here is and who’s a decent reliever, even when they’re not getting saves?
  4. Luke Weaver 2019 Outlook

    I think is a rare case of low ceiling, high floor. He’s good enough and smart enough to not be a total bomb of 5 ERA or 1.5 WHIP. He’s also not good enough (or have the repertoire) to be a true ace. He’s a SP 40-100 almost certainly. There’s value in that, as previous posters said. Just don’t hope he turns into a SP1 or even an SP2.
  5. Miguel Cabrera 2019 Outlook

    I’m not a fan at 160. Even there, it feels like a lack of real upside. However, I do have him on a team, because he fell all the way, I think, 300. At that price, I’ll bite.
  6. 2019 Streaming Channels

    ESPN is apparently discounting Baseball Tonight. They suck anyway. Other local stations seem to be airing MLB games. MLB.tv continues to be the primary source if you want out-of-market games. Speaking of which, T-Mobile has done the free MLB.tv thing a few years now. Anyone know if they’re doing it again this year?
  7. Josh James 2019 Outlook

    Got him at 171 in a dynasty league draft. Would’ve waited longer but there was a long gap before I picked again and wasn’t sure if he’d make it to 200.
  8. Conventional wisdom says to never pay for catching. And usually that’s the best way to go. But this year, we have a weird situation, especially for deep leagurs of 15 or more teams, or leagues that require you to start to catchers. In those formats, it looks like we have a couple catchers who may be worth quite a bit more than the rest. And after a bum year last year, Gary Sanchez worries me a little. Thus we have Realmuto as the sole stud catcher we can be confident in. He’s still youngish. He had solid numbers in Miami with a bad lineup in a pitcher’s park. And he might be traded soon. All this makes me put him put him up in the fringe top 50 players in the afore-mentioned league settings. What say ye?
  9. Extreme hitter / pitcher split strategy

    I’ll echo something similar to what others are saying: yes, this is possible, but you have to choose the right players (and either get a little lucky or not suffer any bad luck at all). I’ve done it, and it works best for me when I trust my gut on the players I like or don’t like. It takes a ton of work every day on the FA list or WW. But if it’s a money league and you have the time, I think its a solid way to go.
  10. Keon Broxton 2019 Outlook

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see not-quite full time ABs for Broxton. Still, 400 AB could yield “close to” 20-20, which is valuable late in a draft, even with the bad AVG.
  11. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    I know things haven’t all shaken out yet, but typically there’s a couple guys on here that will rank the closers for standard 5 x 5 roto. I’d love to see some thoughts on ranking the top 40 RP as things stand now.
  12. 2019 Broadcasters Discussion

    Is that “rirruto?” Those are z’s!
  13. McHugh might be in the Astros rotation now. Or, is likely, even, to join the rotation. I don’t know if this helps his value or not. Depends on league settings I guess. But he was dominant as a middle reliever. Hard to imagine his ERA (1.99), WHIP, and K/9 (11.7) maintain last year’s levels with him as a SP. Hell, even his wins (6) may not go up drastically. This is applicable to McHugh, but also a larger discussion about RP value vs SP value in standard 5x5 leagues. If McHugh does indeed start this year, maybe he gets 6-8 more wins than last year (not guaranteed). Is that worth the extra 1.5-2 ERA, lower K/9, and higher WHIP? In many of my leagues, no it’s not. So im ambivalent about it, mostly.
  14. 2019 Broadcasters Discussion

    Doesn't the TV crew have that ultra-bearded guy?
  15. 2019 Broadcasters Discussion

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize he actually still called real life MLB games. Best TIL of the week!