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  1. Good Evening, I am looking for a well established dynasty league to join. I have been playing fantasy baseball since the late 80's and experienced in dynasty leagues with deep minor league rosters. Also experienced with contracts and salaries, and have previously been a commissioner for many years so I am open to many types of leagues. Very dependable and active. Just left a league I was in for 15+ years and looking for the following: - An extremely active league. The league I just left was due to inactive teams, a lack of communication and hardly any trades. - Fairly deep minor league rosters. I follow the minor leagues and want a league where I can find potential superstars before they make the big time. Prefer at least 15 minor roster spots. - 10-14 team leagues that are head to head leagues with daily lineup changes - preferably on ESPN, Yahoo or CBS. Would consider other sites, but have played on most and prefer the ease of the sites I listed. - Must be a dynasty league where a majority of the players are kept, if not them all. Flexible with what statistics are used for scoring, I have played in traditional 5X5 leagues and also in 10x10 leagues. If you have any leagues that you think I would make a good addition, email me at lo0neytoon@yahoo.com (the 0 before the n is a zero). Thanks!
  2. interested if available. Lo0neytoon@yahoo.com. Thanks
  3. Preferences: 10-12 teams, $100-150 buy in Yahoo or ESPN flexible on PPR/non-PPR, but prefer non-PPR dynasty or redraft NO IDP. If you have an opening, email me at lo0neytoon@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  4. what pick does this team have in the rookie draft? If it is first I would probably be interested in the team. Thanks, Howard - lo0neytoon@yahoo.com