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  1. 1 spot left for 12 teams, 3 for 14 teams. Hit me if interested folks.
  2. If you can help recruit then anything is possible. The roster would have to be trimmed down a little.
  3. 12 Team Payout: 1st $1,800 2nd $1,000 3rd $500 4th $300 14 Team Payout: 1st $2,100 2nd $1,200 3rd $600 4th $300 Draft Time may be a little later
  4. Bumping... Thx for those who shown interest overnight. Let's have some fun and win some money as well. Anymore interested?
  5. Mitch is going to have a huge 2nd half. One of those players you want to buy low in the 1st half of the season if you missed out on him during the draft. Knicks are deep and he's not going to get the minutes early on while the Knicks have this delusion of contending. 2nd half however those vets and their team friendly contracts are getting shipped or benched. He should still see 20-24 mins. In preseason he also seems out of shape. I know he was going through knee soreness during the Olympic tryouts so we haven't been watching the best conditioned Mitch as of yet. Meanwhile you can say that about most players but definitely Mitch.
  6. I think it's important to communicate if we're talking auction or snake. Second is the league size. Being balance in a 20 team league can take you along way, however in a shallow league you're maybe toasted. Being elite in certain stats is an easier accomplishment in auction. Whereas in snake, I don't know how you guys do it without reaching for players. ------- $300 Y! H2H Auction 1st Place Prize $1,800-2,100 Draft Oct 20th 1 hour, 5 min estimated draft PM if interested
  7. Yahoo $300 Buy-in (Leaguesafe) 12-14 Teams Draft October 20th, 11 am EST 10 second nomination, 20 seconds bid time. Draft estimated 1 hr, 5 minutes total Daily-Tomorrow 12 Team Payout: 1st $1,800 2nd $1,000 3rd $500 4th $300 14 Team Payout: 1st $2,100 2nd $1,200 3rd $600 4th $300
  8. You can punt Ast or 3s with Greek. If punting 3s, then pair him with a 2nd round stud in Jimmy Butler. Butler help maintain your teams TOs, while also compensating for Greeks high volume of shooting 75-77 percent at the line.
  9. Make it 14 team and add me in. You could make up for time by lowering nominations from 30 seconds to 15. I'll put money that I'll finish top 3-5 on BBM.
  10. Chuckaway ain't bricking anything tonight. It's either nothing but net or it's gets blocked. I think they blocked 4 shots of his in the 3rd alone.
  11. Ramona Shelburne: As I said a little while ago on the Jump, source tells me that Brook Lopez wants to stay with the Lakers the rest of the year. There’s still time for that to change, but if it holds, teams hoping he’d be available after a buyout will be disappointed.
  12. What players gets 100% of a buyout? That's only when a player is waived. Huge difference. You just made a case to exactly why he'll ask for a buy-out but misrepresented him. Yes he's only getting 12-20 mins per game and as an all-star looking for another pay day. All those variables are exactly why his reps would be wise to approach Magic for a buyout because as it stands now his value has plummet. Getting 12-20 minutes on a team making a playoff run is one thing, but on one of the worst team in the league this year does absolutely nothing but sabotage his stock.