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  1. In general, I want nothing to do with the Kyrie headache. That being said though, it probably hinges on what kind of pick you can get back. I think Collins's upside this season is a little overstated until we see defensive stats. Still, I think I'd be happy with Collins and a solid pick.
  2. Bumping this, as intended. WHIR is ya want it.
  3. The knee tweak thing is worrisome, but I'd still take the big swing with Mitchell Robinson. Only one of the three with the potential to genuinely swing a league.
  4. H2H Auction ($200) / Standard 9-CAT / 14 roster spots Well hello there, fantasy hoops junkies. I look forward to bumping this when the season starts closing in, but I'm all jacked up about hoops since free agency began so I'm just gonna drop it here now, get it out of my brain, and let it marinate. We went auction last year to great fanfare. Keeping up to seven players per team. I've got eight I like, nine who I could see being desirable as far as a trade package might go. Anyone got early thoughts? Options as follow, above the line are my presumptive seven to this point: $42 Paul George $27 Rudy Gobert $18 Donovan Mitchell $5 Danilo Gallinari $2 Buddy Hield $1 Mitchell Robinson $1 Malcolm Brogdon $96 TOTAL ------------------------------- $3 Miles Bridges $5 Thomas Bryant I might be overrating Miles Bridges, but right now I'm inclined to bump him to a keeper. Lots of opportunity, finished strong, CHEAP, and I'd get him at the price for another year after this. Thinking about packaging Gallo + 1 and turning them into an improved keeper. Gallo + Donovan Mitchell could probably fetch a swell return and open up some cap. Gallo was a huge WW pickup for me last season, and he'll eat if he sticks in OKC, but I think I think making good on him as a cheap trade asset is a smart move versus expecting another (relatively) healthy season. Donovan Mitchell, while a delight to own, is also the most expendable mid-range salary on my roster. Gotta give something to get something, y'know? I've looked at making offers for big-salary keepers ($61 Curry, $64 KAT) and a tier below but on a cheap contract (Vucevic for $9). Also, if anyone has been considering switching over to auction league, keeper or not .. good lord, pull the trigger. Find new friends if you have to.
  5. Four for four and the move I made. Looked at two-for-ones but our playoffs are nearly locked up and no one's gonna bite on Millsap as a keeper. Thanks folks.
  6. I don't see a clear drop for a guy struggling to stay healthy and losing ground to a deep roster every time he goes down. I only kept him after he came back because I had a guy like Kleber to lose, and a first-round bye locked up. But it was close. Harris and Siakam will be fine. Leave the headache for someone else.
  7. Dropping Plumlee is definitely an option with Millsap back in action, though I can see maybe want to stick it out a bit longer until Millsap's ankle doesn't flare up again. Kawhi, Beal, Vuc, and Holiday is a pretty stellar four to keep in a 20-teamer already. But yes, as far as guys not likely to be kept, something like Middleton/Kuzma would your most valuable package that doesn't deplete your PG depth to zilch. I'd be looking for a studly-ish PG or big man on a team struggling with depth, you seem pretty flush with SFs. If you're ranking okay in blocks already maybe poke around Lauri Markkanen? Really though, suggesting specific players in a vacuum will only help so much not knowing the team constructions and records.
  8. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make this call until after the break. Used up both add/drops on Mitchell Robinson and Beverley already (again, assumed Denver would hold Millsap and Harris out through All-Star), and we have a league rule about getting guys off the IR the day after they make their return to action. Is .. is Millsap my drop at this point in the season? I know the playoff schedule is money, but good lord the dude has been brutal, and that Denver team is loaded. I'm probably just being too optimistic on the outlooks for Kleber/Beverley/Robinson, but needed to have some sense talked into me. WHIR if ya need it.
  9. Hey Rotofolks, My league switched formats and held it's first auction and .. I do not feel great about my team. Though I'm happy to report that the auction draft went over gangbusters, everyone had way more fun, and we're never going back. Anyways! 10-team H2H 9-Cat, one win. Roster, in buy order: Donny Mitchel: $18 (keeper price) Gary Harris: $9 (keeper price) Paul George: $42 Chris Paul: $36 Rudy Gobert: $27 Khris Middleton: $27 Paul Millsap: $11 Josh Jackson: $6 Buddy Hield: $2 Serge Ibaka: $4 DeAndre Jordan: $11 Darren Collison: $4 Mitchell Robinson: $1 Danilo Gallinari: (waiver) I didn't intend on bidding up CP3 and ending up with him. Not a bad price, but I didn't support his stat profile, overspent on wings, and wasted some money on Josh Jackson. Ended up with a team of good players at okay prices, some contradictory build options. My first instinct was to flip CP3+DJ for a PG whose value isn't as tied up in assists (they're tough to chase and I don't have any strengths to sacrifice) and a middle-tier PF, punt assists and pull out of the FT% hole. Either that or just move CP3, double-punt assists and FTs and cross my fingers on points. Anybody seeing anything I'm not? WHIR if ya got it.
  10. This year will be my first auction draft, so I'm far from a strategy expert. As far a durability goes though, you're sturdiest, least-DNP-inclined targets are going to be Harden, Towns, Giannis, Jokic, and Lillard. AD is on the cusp, one more season of 75+ games and we can probably drop the "injury prone" concerns. And his upside is worth gambling on it this season. As far as going big on top-tier guys and having a weird, fun romp of a season, if I were doing that I'd be punting at least one category to help me pare down my options and plan. If you're really planning to fill in with uber-cheap late-in-the-draft or waiver guys, I think you're going to find more serviceable guards and wings. Early draft results certainly seem to have the useful or buzzy big guys disappearing earlier and earlier. Genuine assist guys will get over-priced too. Easier to find threes and points late. Maybe punt assists and go double-big and then round the top three out with an elite scorer/shooter/steals guy. If you're gonna do it, do it and spend the money on AD, maybe Giannis, and hope you can still land like a Paul George or Kyrie. Might be worth a gamble on trying to get Kawhi for a discount too, still have some money in your coffers as the draft goes on.
  11. Mm, the "you're overthinking this, dude" theory. That is a concern. This is a good point, though. The way our auction is going to work, I don't have to announce in advance. I basically have two "screw off" cards I can use to end the bidding on any two of those players and take them for the price listed. So I can see where their price moves and play it at least a bit by ear.
  12. With the looming possible caveat of a Butler trade, no less.
  13. Okay, need to finalize my picks for our (first!) auction in a couple weeks. I can keep any two from the list below. Donovan Mitchell is the no-brainer, and while I was previously locked in on Gary Harris or Josh Richardson, I'd forgotten that I'd ended the season with Jarrett Allen on my roster. His hype is real (especially on Rotoworld), but his average auction price creeping up is nudging his price here upward. There's also couple of solidly-priced "you know what you're getting" guys (Capela and Gordon), but I'm thinking I'd rather have the lottery tickets for two years. Whoever I keep, I get at the price below for two years before they go into "restricted free agency". Standard $200 starting stacks. Who ya got?
  14. Oooooh I should've found that. Thanks you, sir! Knew I could kind on a kindly hoops junkie in these forums.
  15. Any chance someone stashed a batch of 17/18 final auction price averages from a site or two? For the life of me, I can't find them anywhere, and I figure this is the likeliest place to find a hoops nut who keeps records of things like that.