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  1. Thanks for the invite! Looks i was too late. I'm working stupid amounts of hours right anyway, so I would have been a bad contributor. I look forward to seeing the results!
  2. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    We should,lock this thread until March, when actual action seems I could see Machado being on their radar, but I don't know if they want to go big just yet. Plus i dont know if Rick Renteria is a strong enough manager to handle him the way he needs to be. I think Manny ends up a Yankee. He can be Boones problem.
  3. Who You Be Keepin? 5x5 roto OBP and QS

    Thank you guys for your replies!
  4. Dodgers @ Brewers Game 6 Thread

    Glad I bought a mega billions ticket. Maybe I'll win $2!
  5. Dodgers @ Brewers Game 6 Thread

    Oh yeah I forgot the could retract the roof haha. Brewers 4 runs in the first already
  6. To much for Kershaw ?

    In a vacuum I like getting Kershaw. He's on the downside but should still be a fantasy ace for 3-4 years at least. With the way the game is changing its hard to find high quality starter's. However I agree with the above poster as far as what your roster looks like after.
  7. Supposed to be delightful 40ish degrees and damp at Miller Park. Ryu facing Miley. The key question, will Wade face more than one batter this game? Any prop bets on that? Anyway, I think the Brewers defend home field today and the bats asplode for 7 runs, forcing a game 7 that the Dodgers will win, for the right to get pounded by Boston.
  8. 10/16 Gamethreads

    Hey he's not Johnny Hustle. Or Johnny Smartguy either.
  9. 10/16 Gamethreads

    Roberto Osuna sure likes hitting people. Wait...
  10. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Marlins it is!
  11. Who You Be Keepin? 5x5 roto OBP and QS

    One bump. I might trade Severino because I feel I could get the best value for him. My picks before I posted the original post were: Snell, sevi, Buehler, A Reyes Merrifield, Chapman, nimmo, mondesi, and muncy. However with Muncy it would depend on what the Dodgers do in the off-season. F Reyes is pretty intriguing from a power perspective. Anyway, thanks for any other insights! Whir.
  12. 10/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I can't believe that he not only hit a homer off of Kershaw, but it was a friggin blast. Dodgers almost came back in what was a poorly executed game for them. Brewers made them pay for any mistake they made. Curious that Counsell pulled gio after two, and used Hader for the 5th-7th innings when up by 4. Jeffress pitched too. He better hope Miley can give him 6 innings because he torched then hell out of that reliever oil.
  13. Robbie Ray 2018 Outlook

    I mean, he does have SOME control. He typically gets the ball to the catcher. If he had no control he'd be whizzing fastballs all over the field, into the stands, straight up in the air....so give him a little credit.
  14. Aaron Boone - Yankees Manager

    I'm going to refer to a fantasy managerial mistake as "making a Booner".
  15. Which 6 for next year?

    XB, JD, Bellinger, Kershaw, then two of Stras/Morton/Bauer. I lean Strasburg and Bauer