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  1. Parrothead saying he went for more than Machado blew my mind.
  2. No. The fact that he is taken where he is gives little margin for profit, and a big chance at a bust. I have him as a no cost keeper. I hope he's the real deal. But I never would have imagined he would be so costly
  3. This might be one of the greatest hype trains ever.
  4. I wound up drafting both Hampson and McMahon. Always bet on black. And red.
  5. Whenever I see his name I think it's "Brassiere". Any chance his nickname is Cups?
  6. Bud Black announced that they have convinced Mark Ellis to come out of retirement to quote: "block the hell out of Hampson and McMahon".
  7. What range would you guys draft him at? Or maybe easier, what other pitchers will be drafted around him?
  8. No love for Trouts Powerball win today? I think it's great for baseball. Hopefully the Angels put a real team around him sometime before 2030. But I'm guessing the 2030 roster will be the same guys as this year
  9. 90 for Voit though, right?
  10. Bader is good for 15 HR so O'Neill has some work to do
  11. Who would you draft first in a keeper league? 5x5 h2h with OBP.
  12. I like the pitching. Lots of potential upside in the lineup, but it seems risky. Any speed? It doesn't look like it. But I really don't see any glaring flaws, player-wise. I like Moncada to finally breakout. I like conforto and Domingo too. I hope voit is the real deal, since I'm keeping him. Thanks for posting your team and what picks they cost. I play in a similar league.
  13. I don't think I can click on a link that follows the phrase "pop up dongs".
  14. So you're saying there's a chance...
  15. I'm more interested in the odds of him winning everyday SS
  16. You don't want north korea getting access to your fantasy baseball advice.
  17. Chris Davis approaches replacement value
  18. Maybe prime Adam Jones as possible best case comp?
  19. Think so? I figured last year was because they didn't have any true closer type (Neris being the closest thing)
  20. Is it wrong to be really high on Jose Alvarado? I could see 30+ saves with a 3 ERA and 11k/9. I think he could be a top 10 closer for cheap.