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  1. Is he Justin Turner? If so, when will the Mets trade him away?
  2. Yeah great post. Could be a very late draftee that could be a regular starter in leagues that start 4-5 SP. I like.
  3. That would be really really really shocking. Really
  4. Nerd Alert: I ran z-scores for all hitters that had 300 plate apperances. When I normalized all scores for 600 PA (i.e. basically what a players value was per PA x 600), Air Yordan was #5 between Acuna and tatis. We use OBP though, and I cut the list off at about 215 players just because the guys after that weren't really viable at all this season. The only true knock on him is that he will at least start next year as utility/DH only in most leagues.
  5. I think the Astros bounce back today and the bats wake up. I'll say Houston 7 - NYY 4. Paxton makes it through 4 innings. Verlander is excellent and most of the Yankees runs will be in "garbage time" late when they are down 5-6 runs. Jeff Bagwell will be shown in the stands eating 14 hotdogs between the 4th and 5th inning.
  6. Gardner would have negative 3 homers
  7. Yeah Lynn was the first name on the list that made me do a double take. I need to look at his underlying metrics closer, but his history makes me think that was just a random great year.
  8. We should call this the "Greg Bird Anonymous Thread" Just say No, kids
  9. Yeah I mean power is cheap but he could hit 50 next year, with solid runs and rbi
  10. Pretty good decision by the twins to put some random reliever as their game 2 starter in a game that was pretty much must-win.
  11. Puig is no longer on the reds so hopefully he can't be a bad influence on The Punisher. Same state tho. If MLB keeps their superballs into next season, I'm all in.
  12. Final Line in 2019- Counting Stats: 29 starts, 176 2/3 IP 14-9, 17 QS, 228 K, 57 BB, 131 hits, 24 HR Rate Stats and Sabermagic: 3.41 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 11.6 K/9 32.3% K, 8.3% BB, 3.44/3.67/3.57 (FIP/xFIP/SIERA) Conclusion: From penny stock to Pimp Man Thanks Luc, here's to many more!!
  13. See 2 posts above mine that you quoted. I'm just being a jacka**. I think Hundo will bring great draft profits in 2020.
  14. Playing better than Chapman, but also has 1b and OF eligibility (currently). But yeah I'm totally going to grab Caneldario AND Candelario ahead of him. Possibly Ty France too.
  15. If yelich had not gotten hurt the brewers may have been a little more cautious and kept him out longer. That being said, I would be surprised if he got thrown into full playing time. For those of you considering him for next week, I would just look for updates on various brewers websites today and before games start tomorrow, to get an idea of what his usage may be.
  16. Which thumb? Edit: left thumb. Like to miss rest of regular season. Horrible news for the Cubs.
  17. At this time in the fantasy season, and especially with closers, it's"what have you done for me lately?"
  18. I think Rowan Wick will be the guy, even though saying his name 5 times fast sounds like youre barking
  19. maybe Maddon makes his decisions based on fantasy baseball trends.
  20. I don't know wtf is happening but I like it
  21. I think he tweaked his back last week. so they might give him some extra rest here and there.
  22. yeah in h2h playoffs I don't know if he's worth the risk.