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  1. The age card is played out, neither Barkley nor Zeke have ever handled the ball as much as Bell in a season. And I'm not talking 6 years ago when he was 21, I'm talking literally the last time he was on a football field which, newsflash people, was just a year ago. The memory span of this forum blows my mind. For perspective, in 2018 Barkely was the #1 RB in PPR. He carried the ball 261 times, and caught it 91 times, for a total of 352 touches. In 2016 Bell, carried the ball 261 times, and caught it 75 times, for a total of 336 touches... in just 12 games. For perspective, in 2018 Zeke lead the league in touches. He carried the ball 304 times, and caught it 77 times, for a total of 381 touches. In 2017 Bell carried the ball 321 times, and caught it 85 times, for a total of 405 touches, in only 15 games. Will he be as good as he was in Pit? Probably not. Will he be as fantasy productive as Zeke/Barkley? Probably not. But don't come at me with some ignorant 'can he handle the load' bull ish. Le'Veon just turned 27 years old 2 weeks ago, which in case you forgot, is the statistical prime of RB's career. Even at 27 years of age, try to remember that Bell has only played 4 more NFL games than the 24 year old Todd Gurley. Hell he's only played in 20 more NFL games than Zeke, which is a single season and a quarter, despite being 4 years older. Anyone trying to play the age or workload card against Bell, simply doesn't have a clue. It's too damn early in the year to have to teach people how to count, AFK another month.
  2. I'll welcome the discount. Jets suck, who cares. Crow was averaging 4.46YPC behind the Jets line, and a TD every other week before he went to I.R. last year. The Jets just signed Osemele at LG, Bell won't come off the field like Crow, he's twice(if not more) the back that Crow is, will see significantly more carries, and game flow won't matter because Bell is one of the premier pass catching backs in the game. The offense will run through him in every faucet, similar to Barkley w/o Odell and Zeke w/o Cooper in 2018 on 2 teams that were equally as trash.
  3. People should finally be out of excuses to discredit Cooks' production... right?
  4. You mean like Drew Brees scoring 8 points in week 4? Or 8 points in week 8? You mean like Matt Ryan scoring 9 points in week 1? Or 14 points in week 5? You mean like Big Ben scoring 12 points in week 1? Or 14 points in week 4? You mean like Andrew Luck scoring 13 points in week 2? Or 13 points in week 3? Or maybe you feel more comfortable with big names like Aaron Rodgers who's 9th overall? Or Tom Brady who's 14th overall and hasn't broke 16 points in 3 weeks, including an 8 point outing in week 3? Cam's Current low of the season is 15.7. Patrick Mahomess low of the season is 17.8. Yes, at some point Cam will have a bad game. Just like every other QB in the entire world. At what point can we just admit people are making up excuses to dislike Cam? Such a cop out for people who want to pretend watching the games makes them smarter. You do realize that stats are the direct result of what happened in the game, right? Yes, in a perfect world people would use stats AND watch the game. This forum refuses to believe people can do both, you have to be one or the other for some reason. My point was that there's nothing you can see on the field, that supports your opinion. Cam has always overthrown receivers 10 yards over their heads. Watching him do that on Sunday didn't change anything for me. He's completing more passes than he ever has, so he's clearing doing it less often these days, even though he still does it. You can't say he's not running as often (other than the last 2 weeks) because he's on pace for 123 attempts, when his career average is 118. So you tell me. What do you think you see that doesn't correlate to his stat line? You made 2 claims so far: "His passes are rarely on target" Highest completion percent of his entire career, by 7%. (7th highest completion rate in the league (min 100 attempts) and 4th highest among top 12 QBs) "A lot of near INT" Lowest INT rate of his entire career. Could a few of them go the other way because of what you saw on the field? Sure. But guess what, those same near INT happened every other year too. More importantly even if those 'near INT' turn into real INT, he's currently so far under his average, all it would do is bring him back to average and you still couldn't make the argument he's being careless with the ball. Cam can throw an extra INT every single week for the rest of the season, and he'll end the year at his career average. Please, let me know what you see on the field that makes you 'concerned' about Cam Newton as a real life QB *relative to his career thus far* OR as a fantasy QB, and we can discuss it if you like. His Oline, protection, and unnecessary hits are 100% valid concerns. His potential injuries he's nursing are legit concerns. That terrible throw on the 2 point conversion... is just who Cam is. The more concerning issue with that play... is that at the goal line, for 2 pt conversion, with the game on the line... they called a normal pass play instead of any RPO, Play Fake, roll out etc. That leads me to believe they were really trying not to put Cam in more danger.
  5. A person who had 4 pages of people telling them how much of an idiot they were, how they had no credibility, didn't know what they were talking about, were insulted, and then got reported and multiple posts deleted by a mod simply for trying to convey an alternate opinion to the sheep. Getting a call right means very little to me, until an entire mass of people go out of there way to call me names for having that opinion. If we have different opinions and I was right and you were wrong, you won't see me quote it or mention it, because I don't care. But if you spend multiple pages belittling me for my opinion, and I was DEAD ON... you deserve to hear about it.
  6. Jordan Howard: 10 Games, 155 Carries, 523 Rushing Yards, 5 TDs, 17 targets, 13 receptions, 100 Rec yards, 105.3 fantasy points, 10.5 PPG. Isaiah Crowell: 10 games, 114 Carries, 552 Rushing Yards, 6 TDs, 18 targets, 13 receptions, 111 Rec yards, 115.3 fantasy points, 11.5 PPG. Howard is currently on pace for: 248 carries, 3.4 YPC, for a total of 1000 total yards, with 8 TDs, 21 catches, for a grand total of 168 PPR Fantasy Points. Finally. I was starting to worry you were the next HenrysCleats. Congratulations and welcome to enlightenment.
  7. We must be playing different games. Unless you own Patrick Mahomes you aren't even considering benching Cam Newton. Cam Newton is currently having the 3rd best fantasy year of his entire career... A career in which he's been a top 4 QB 5 times out of his 7 seasons in the NFL. Spoiler alert, this is his 8th season and guess what... still a top 4 QB. How do you guys even manage to set your lineups weekly if you have doubts about Cam Newton? I can't imagine the pain and suffering you must go through when trying to pick a flex player on a heavy bye week, if you're this nervous about starting a perennial top 4 QB. Cam Newton is currently averaging 23.1 Points per game in Yahoo default. Last year Cam Newton was the #2 QB overall... while averaging 19.6 PPG. In that same year Russell Wilson was the #1 QB overall... while averaging 22.2 PPG. Cam Newton's MVP season, his career high, and best fantasy season he's ever had... was 24.9 PPG. Cam Newton is on pace for a career high in attempts, completions, completion percentage, career LOW in INT, 2nd highest passing yardage total, 2nd highest passing TDs, 2nd highest total TDs, while still maintaining his career average in rushing attempts and slight dip (51yds) in rushing yardage. I'm sorry, but if you are analyzing Cam Newton's season and you aren't 'comfortable' with it, then your analysis isn't worth jack.
  8. Just want to reinforce this, they mentioned it on Sunday night's game. Brady is only being rushed 12% of the time, the lowest rate in the NFL in nearly 2 decades if I recall the stat correctly.
  9. Just a friendly reminder, that everyone loves to forget... In 2016, once Dez Bryant returned from injury in week 8, from that point forward (Weeks 8-16, 9 Weeks total), Dez Bryant was a top 5 WR in PPR scoring. (4th in Standard) In their playoff game, week 18, he dropped 9/132/2 on the Packers. In 2017 he was 'bad' I get it. But please remember, bad for Dez Bryant, was still a top 24 finish on the season. He's older, yes. He's past his prime, sure. He's won't be the #1 on the Saints, true. If you don't think he's worth a WW add tonight, you're entitled to your opinion. For anyone who values my opinion, I'm bidding on him in every league, for the reasons stated above. Write this man off for dead, because he was only a WR1 for half of 2016, and only a WR2 for 2017, be my guest. Dez Bryant averaged 52 yards per game in 2017. Only 26 WRs are currently averaging more than 52 YPG this season. Here's a list of WRs averaging less and their current ownership percentages as of today: Josh Gordon (95%) TY Hilton (97%) Calvin Ridley (85%) Sammy Watkins (94%) Devin Funchess (90%) Tyler Lockett (83%) Demaryius Thomas (94%) Larry Fitzgerald (76%) Amari Cooper (92%) Doug Baldwin (86%) For the record, Tre'Quan Smith, the current NO #2, is 28% owned. A better outlook on Dez Bryant, is likely how you would value Jimmy Graham if he were to return to the Saints. (as a WR) If signed, I would value him in the WR3 range, but rank him in the WR4 range, with the understanding you likely can't start him until week 12, meaning a max of a 5 week run to the ship. Best case scenario, they don't sign him until tomorrow, after waivers process. If he doesn't get signed, back to the WW. I'm not holding my breath, but I am more than willing to take a shot in the dark.
  10. You put the ball on the ground, you get benched. I don't think this was indicative of his usage on a normal basis. His lack of usage at the goal line has lost him RB1 consideration, but 15 touches on the Saints offense is still an RB2. 6th round pick, less exciting, but still a good investment overall, and still starting as my flex player moving forward. Also worth considering, the Rams front 7 aren't where you would even expect Ingram to pound the ball up the middle, or at least not to have a lot of success trying anyways. I don't think it was a fluke that getting Kamara into space was a much more efficient way to move the ball against a defense this stout.
  11. 2013: 135 Pages 2014: 172 Pages 2014 2.0: 100 Pages 2014 3.0: 218 Pages 2015: 20 Pages 2016: 99 Pages 2017: 139 Pages 2018: 242 Pages Total: 1,125 Pages Total Fantasy Points: 636.8 That means for every page of Josh Gordon Outlook, he scores .57 fantasy points. There is only one logical conclusion... If this thread hits 768 pages, Josh Gordon will be the #1 WR overall this year. You guys know what to do!
  12. Antonio Callaway Duke Johnson I'm not here for the obvious call outs. These two have sucked for 8 straight weeks, so why pick them up? Coaching changes. If you're looking at your wire and don't see anyone interesting, these are nice speculative adds, that you'll get for free while everyone else is chasing last weeks points. Pick them/one up, throw them on the bench, and see if a new HC/OC makes any drastic changes to this offense, their roles, and their fantasy value.