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  1. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm starting him. Not because I'm confident, but also not because I don't have better options. (I do) I'm starting him, because it's going to be the most fun I can have this week, and he's an absolute wild card. He could literally be ANYthing, and I'm just going to enjoy the show, regardless of how it turns out. When I lose money at the casino, I make sure I enjoy every bet. I don't expect to win 100% and I won't regret losing. My mind set with Josh Gordon this week is no different. I'm prepared to go broke, or hit the jackpot. The rush of the gamble, will come long before I find out the result. It's just a game people, try to enjoy it.
  2. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    Will you also quote all the people who started Morris for the last 3 weeks and lost because of how terrible he was, then finally gave up, benched (or dropped) him, and will lose again because of it this week? Morris was only started in 29% of leagues and he's only owned in 68%. 1 win doesn't make up for 3 losses. Tonight was a nice game for Morris. But it sure as hell wasn't worth 12 weeks of a wasted roster spot. More importantly, can you actually depend on that workload again next week, or was this all game script of WAS sleep walking for the first half, and the DAL DST TD return? Sure, it was better than 10 weeks of a wasted roster spot for nothing (DMC), but being the lesser loser, doesn't actually make you a winner. Hell, the argument could even be made that DMC was more valuable to someones Win/Loss column than Morris, because at max he was started 1 week, and didn't cost you any more games. How many games did Morris cost people, and how many people even got to benefit from tonight's game? Well... 29% obviously, lol. Not an argument I would waste my time debating by any means, but from a logistics point of view, Morris is still at a net negative on his actual effect on someone's season in my opinion. Perhaps the next 2 weeks can change that. I despise handcuffing.
  3. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Rough translation:
  4. Jay Ajayi 2017 Season Outlook

    They were blowing teams out before they traded for Ajayi, so your logic is inherently flawed.
  5. Jay Ajayi 2017 Season Outlook

    @Gohawks carrying over from the Dez thread: How many carries you get, doesn't mean much if your QB is a bum holding the offense hostage. Even so, I think your memory is a little hazy on the subject. He only played 7 games with MIA, and only has over 13 carries in 4 of them. Of those 4 games where he 'got the ball more' he rushed for 130, 122, 77, and 51. That's an average of 95 a game or 1,520 rushing yards over a full season. Let me rephrase, in games where Ajayi gets at least 14 carries, he's pacing 1,520 rushing yards. In games where he gets 13 or less carries, he's pacing 819 rushing yards. When he got the ball he was productive, when he didn't he was a bum, but you can't tell me he 'got the ball and was a bum'. In the games he got the ball, he was doing just fine. Not spectacular by any means and definitely much worse in games he didn't get the ball (3 games in which Miami scored 6 points COMBINED) But were you aware, that even after his horrible start, and even after the trade, and despite being in a committee, despite 3 games with single digit carries, that Jay Ajayi is STILL on pace to rush for over 1,000 yards this year? A feat that only 8 other RBs in the entire game are currently on pace to do? I understand Jay Ajayi has been a disappointment, but a large part of that is biased against his price. When you ignore what round you picked him, relative to the field, it's not as egregious. It's his TDs (well TD, lol) that have really crippled him this year. The 2 byes don't help either. But when you have ZERO carries inside the 5 yard line, and only 5 inside the 10... It's hard for me to look at those stats and say it's Ajayi's fault. I know your line of thinking will be the majority next season, and I understand the frustration, but I would have no issue investing in Ajayi next year, if he's the lead back of a team. Nothing I saw this year, made me doubt him as a player, only Miami as an organization and Cutler as a QB. PHI blatantly said they were going to use him in a committee, that Blount was their RB, so I don't hold anything against them.
  6. 2017 League Settings Central

    Fractional points for kickers. a 50 yard field goal, and a 59 yard field goal shouldn't be worth the same.
  7. Dez Bryant 2017 Season Outlook

    A lot (but not all) of the Ajayi hype (myself included) was pre-Cutler and pre-trade. I don't fault anyone for believing in Ajayi. Those were 2 unpredictable wrenches thrown into his season, that drastically altered the outcome of his fantasy production, that none of us could have possibly accounted for. I won't be holding that against anyone. CMC is currently a top 10 back, I'd say that was a good call on his part. (Top 4 was a stretch, but w/e)
  8. Dez Bryant 2017 Season Outlook

    Face it boys, Dez has sucked this year. Maybe it's equally Dak's fault, but that's what part of the claim was originally based on, that Dak can't do what Romo did. Dak sucks, Dez sucks, the Cowboys suck. Baldwin also sucks, he's only ahead of Dez by 16 points as of today. Hilton sucks, Amari sucks, Jordy sucks... basically, if you drafted a WR in the 2nd round not named Cooks, it sucks. (#TeamGronk) Take it easy on josh, after DJ going down, with his poster boys Baldwin and Hilton struggling all season, and then watching his idol get benched for Geno Smith, I can only assume he's going through some tough times right now. As for Dez... he's sucked, but he's still kind of a borderline flex in my opinion (12 team PPR) Currently sitting behind Cooks and Keenan on my roster it's Dez vs... best options on the wire are currently CP84, Inman, and Maclin. He's bad, but he ain't THAT bad. CP84 is tempting... maybe take the ultimate gamble and play Josh Gordon over Dez this weekend for the giggles, virtually locked into the playoffs already anyways, so might as well have some fun with it. Dez has been bouncing back and forth between 6-8 point weeks, and 13-16 point weeks. He lacks the upside he once had, but his floor has actually been tolerable, although not desirable and obviously not acceptable given his price, but... too late for that now. If you have the names on your bench that justify benching Dez, I wouldn't hesitate to do it. If Woods was healthy, I'd have him out of my IR spot and into that flex spot over Dez in a heartbeat. It's crunch time, name value has faded and production is all that matters. Most still posting here are in a make or break part of their season, and you have to do what you have to do. Good luck!
  9. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    a 30 point ceiling from every position on your team will gross you at least 270 points.... use logic please.
  10. Jarvis Landry 2017 Season Outlook

    It's laughable really. He finished 11th overall in 2015 (16.8PPG), 13th overall in 2016 (14.6PPG), and is currently 7th overall in 2017 (15.8PPG). He gets no respect, but I enjoy exploiting that against my opponents each passing year.
  11. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    As much as I've supported Hyde, floors are not what usually win you playoff games.
  12. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    6 weeks later, very little has changed. Currently on pace for 128 targets, 84 catches, and 1,015 yards. 2017 after week 12 (11 games): 88 targets, 58 catches, 698 yards, 4 TDs, 151 fantasy points. 2016 after week 12 (11 games): 78 targets, 61 catches, 767 yards, 5 TDs, 167 fantasy points. 2015 after week 12 (11 games): 64 targets, 50 catches, 684 yards, 6 TDs, 154 fantasy points. In 2015 he had 9 games of 62 yards or less. In 2016 he had 9 games of 62 yards or less. In 2017 he's had 6 games of 62 yards or less so far, which would put him on pace for... wait for it... 9 games. If you want to bench Doug Baldwin, I guess I understand, although you risk missing out on his next blow up game. I just want to make it clear, he's not under performing by any means. This is the exact type of yearly, and weekly production you predictably should have expected from Doug Baldwin. If you give up on him when he has his 2 for 25 game, then you're going to miss out on his 10 for 105 game. If you can't tolerate his week to week volatility, then why did you draft him?
  13. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    You isolated the last 5 weeks to try and make your point about Gronk, so I used the exact same time frame to make my counter-point. I don't know why that's hard to follow for you, but the bottom line is that over the past 5 weeks, Kamara has outscored Gurley by ~30 points. If you want to flip flop to 'season long' points, then Gronk is currently 2nd, and you're still going to get flak. If your only intent was to say 'wish I drafted Gurley' then that post belongs in the Gurley thread. Because in the Gronk thread, you don't get to pick a single player and say 'what if'. Because as I explained at length, and you glossed over, Gronk's value relies not only in his potential upside that could rival Gurley's at any point, but in his reliability that helped you avoid the opposite end of the spectrum. If you want to discuss opportunity cost, then you don't get to look at just 1 side of the coin. Would you trade Gronk for Gurley? Sure, fine. But what about Amari Cooper? Jordan Howard? OBJ, DJ, Crow, Hilton, Pryor, Aaron Rodgers, Jordy, D.Murray, Dez, Freeman... So yeah, when you cherry pick a single player and say 'what if' while ignoring the other 90% of the field that Gronk's reliable and predictable production helped you avoid, then that's not a fair assessment of his true value to owners.
  14. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Two parts. To the top part, I offer you context. If you were to go to the Todd Gurley thread and saw someone who owned him posting about how he wasn't worth their 2nd round pick because they could have just gotten Kamara way cheaper... what would you think of them? Because that's who you are in this thread. Addition context, M.Gordon is 19th among RBs over the past 5 weeks, and Fournette is 37th, so I'm not sure you're making a very compelling case. To the bottom part... do we really have to have this same exact discussion every single year? You all are free to draft any way you desire. To me Gronk's value doesn't necessarily lie in some magical guarantee to be the #1 TE in the league every year, his value lies in the minuscule window of 'possible outcomes'. I weigh this very heavily when I draft players, personally. Gronk has one of the smallest list of 'potential outcomes' in the league in my opinion. If he's health he's a top 2 TE... or he gets hurt. That's it. There has never been another scenario for Gronk. Gronk entered the league in 2010. Over the next 6 years from 2011 to 2016, Gronk has been a top 2 TE in PPG (Assuming Tom Brady is throwing him the football). It's 2017 and guess where he is; currently the #2 TE in the game. Sure, the past 5 weeks haven't been exciting by any means, and his TD totals are down on the year, but he's doing exactly what he does. Top 2 at his position, with no random scenario's involved. So, yes... he was worth my late 2nd round pick. His predictability greatly influences his value, in my personal opinion. Perhaps not yours. Was looking for my quote above, and found this on the way. Just a friendly reminder to everyone, predicting injuries is a fools errand.
  15. Latavius Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    A top 15 RB in back to back seasons. I'm not a fan of Murray, I think he is pedestrian, but can not and will not pretend he hasn't been productive as a fantasy back in his career as a starter. You don't have to be good at real football, to be valuable in fantasy football.