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  1. 2017 Rotoworld Mock Real League

    Shockingly, I only have 1 point.
  2. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Everyone can ignore this, I'm documenting it for myself, because I know it's going to come up next year. Week 7 of the 2017 season, when Amari Cooper went 11/210/2, he was unowned in 3% of Yahoo leagues, and benched in 31%. Amari owner decisions: League 1: 10 Team, PPR, Benched for Tyrell Williams, Randall Cobb, T.Y Hilton. League 2: 12 Team, PPR, Played over Martavis Bryant League 3: 14 Team, .5PPR, Played over JJ Nelson, Taylor Gabriel League 4: 12 Team, STD, Played over Marqise Lee
  3. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Purely to help people with evaluation, in a 1 point PPR, 4pt Passing TD league, I was able to get Lamar Miller for Deshaun Watson (I own Brees) from the guy who lost Rodgers. Best QB on the wire was Wentz (10 team league) and he lost the bid last night. I think Watson is a top 5 QB moving forward, but with the Bye then Seattle, on top of the Rodgers injury, it felt like the perfect time to 'sell high', even if I don't think he's going to crash to earth. Only QBs I'd rather have moving forward would be Brees, Brady, with Dak and Cousins in the same tier as Watson, but I prefer their track records. Good luck.
  4. I'm probably not forcing the issue at 4-1 with 2 RBs who are producing well. AB is AB, but half point PPR. The most intriguing part of the trade, is getting any value at all out of Matt Ryan. That's the only reason I would even entertain the idea. With a 2 flex format, it's a lot harder to justify a 2:1, because you will be forced into starting one of your bench players every week. Doing the trade you mentioned puts you in a position where you are forced to start Moncrief or Collins every week as your 2nd flex, and I don't think that AB vs Gurley can cover the spread of Adams to Moncrief. That's the way I weigh and value a trade. You want to see the whole picture of points per week. Ask yourself, how many points does Adams outscore Moncrief. And then decide, if AB can outscore Gurley by MORE than that amount. If the answer is no, then your weekly output will get lower, despite having a better player. RBs drop like flies, and you don't have the depth to be trading them away. 1 RB injury to either Gordon/Gurley and you're team is really hurting. Trade one of them away, and get the injury bug, and you're team is crippled. Keep the RB depth.
  5. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    That would be me, but it was across multiple threads. A was Desean Jackson, B was Doug Baldwin. Threshold for a Top 12 PPR finish on any given week: ~21 Threshold for a Top 24 PPR finish on any given week: ~14 Threshold for a Top 36 PPR finish on any given week: ~11 By this measure, Baldwin was top 12, four times last year. (26%) By this measure, Baldwin was top 24, three times last year. (20%) By this measure, Baldwin was top 36, two times last year. (13%) By this measure, Baldwin was 37th or worse, six times last year. (40%) ~ Top 12: 20.05+ Top 24: 14.74-20.04 Top 36: 11.73-14.73 Useless: 11.72 and below Baldwin was top 24 by this measure only 5 times(33%), whereas D.Jax was 7 times (50%). Baldwin was useless 6 times(40%) to D.Jax's 7(50%). ~ I guess, I just don't understand what you guys expected from Doug Baldwin. Over the past 2 years he's averaging 114 targets, 86 catches, and 1,098 yards. For 2017 he's currently on pace for 124 targets, 86 catches, and 908 yards. Any coming week, he's going to have a blow up game that will put his yardage right back in line with his averages. He's a rich mans Desean Jackson. He's a boom or bust player, who pads his year end stats, with 3-5 great games a year. Just do what Joshua does. Hide until the good games come, wait for him to outlast, not outproduce, the competition, and then brag about how smart you are, because Baldwin is an elite WR who finishes well after 16 weeks, with absolutely no regard to how he actually impacted your team on a weekly basis in a H2H format. #EasyPeasy
  6. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    You have to be realistic with which teams picked up Watson for week 5. Ryan, Brees, and Cousins owners are the most likely people to own him. (I doubt many were riding the Semien train) Now, first let's remove the rest of the world from the equation, if you were streaming QBs, or just had a crappy one, and picked up Watson... then I don't think you're trying to trade him away. As many have stated he looks good, and is just as good, if not a better QB to ride from here out, or at the very least, a nice half of a committee. But... if you own Brees... you don't want to 'drop' Watson Tuesday night and let someone have him for free, but you also don't want to waste a roster spot on a 2nd QB you're never going to use. Ryan and Cousins aren't as clear cut on value, likely same tier if I'm guessing, but Watson is 'hot' and 'desirable' whereas Cousins and Ryan are not. So assuming you agree they're in the same tier moving forward, trading Watson will likely get you more in return, and the difference between them is negligible. Personally, I would trade whichever one I got the best offer for if I were in that scenario. Long story short, no one wants to hold a 2nd QB if you're already cleared your bye, but you also don't want to let a competing team have him for free. In this scenario, I'm willing to trade him for cheap, just to be rid of something, that realistically adds absolutely no value to my team from here forward. I mentioned to 1 friend that I 'can't drop him, but don't need him.' and he immediately asked how much FAAB I would want for him. I think that's a bit lower value than I'm willing to take this early in the week, but come Saturday night, with no other bites, I might be willing to just take the money, and pick up a handcuff RB. *I just explained this post and asked him what he really would have paid for Watson. He said $10 or less would be an easy yes for him, and that likely he would have gone up to $12-15 FAAB. This is in a $100 budget league, where this team still has $82 remaining, if that helps add any reference. I think that would be an easy no for me, I paid $5 to pick him up last Tuesday for my bye. $25 is where I would give it considerable thought, 40+ would be an instant accept for me, as a Brees owner. If I owned Ryan or Cousins, he would hold a higher value to me, and might be more stubborn. Just my .02 As a Brees owner, I think the question is actually more difficult. Trade Watson for peanuts ORRRRR... do you deal Brees for a higher tier player, and rely on Watson the rest of the way? It really all comes down to getting the best offer possible, and maximizing the points in your starting lineup.
  7. 10/8/17 Chargers @ Giants Game Thread

    Anyone know why OBJ was bawling his eyes out under a towel, with a teammate consoling him a minute ago?
  8. New York Giants 2017 Season Outlook

    Interesting tidbit, despite the fact that the NFL is a game based on yards, the field is actually designed in feet. Therefore all results are in feet: a = 160' b = 360' 300' 327' c = 393.95' 340' 364.06' The solutions for c correspond respectively to the variables of b, where I included the 3 obvious scenarios, but excluded the remaining 8. Not sure how many will follow the above, but it is the proper response.
  9. Chris Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    Let me start off by saying it's not my desire to defend Chris Johnson. But in a standard league... I wouldn't say solid, but depending on league size and settings... Yeah, that's right in the ball park. Perhaps you'd rather have Jay Ajayi, Demarco Murray, Mark Ingram, Tarik Cohen, Joe Nixon, Melvin Gordon, Ty Montgomery, Marshawn Lynch? CJ2K outscored them all this week. Should I throw in Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Brandon Marshall, Amari Cooper, Brandin Cooks, Doug Baldwin, TY Hilton, Demaryius Thomas, Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill, Golden Tate... should I keep going? CJ2K is not a back you want to have to rely on, i get it, I agree, but take a look around. This is the RB landscape. He's a starting RB on an NFL team, and as long as he keeps scoring in the top 36 RBs then he's absolutely in the flex discussion. No matter how ugly it is, this is the reality of the game we play. This happens every single year. This is why zero RB exists. By mid season we all hate our RB options, I might as well have stud WRs, TEs, and QBs. Not cool story bro, I have a 10 team league where I drafted DJ, Zeke, Cook, AP, Forte, Rawls, and Gillislee... There's a strong chance that by tomorrow, I'll have zero RBs worthy of starting for week 5 from my draft. That's the reality of fantasy football and more importantly the reality of the running back landscape. So, yes, CJ2K is absolutely on the radar of 'flex' consideration.
  10. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    It actually makes perfect sense to me and we've seen plenty of teams do this in the past. The issue is not with DAL, it's with fantasy players who have predetermined biases of what a CoP back is suppose to be, or how depth charts work. The way I 'read' this offense is as follows: Alfred Morris is active, because DAL believes he compliments Zeke. He's a 'Change of Pace' back, despite the way fantasy players view him based on his history, of being a 2 down grinder. He is not the replacement to Zeke, he's the guy who offers a 'different look' to Zeke on game day. My understanding is that DMC would be the 'replacement' to Zeke, as they are more similar backs(in regards to how the team/offense would use them). Morris would continue to 'compliment' DMC. The way I see it, DAL doesn't want Zeke and DMC on the field each week, because they are too similar in playstyle. (Again, I'm not comparing their talent or ability on the field, we're discussing their usage and tendencies relevant to the team/offense) This is just my opinion, I have no inside information, nor is it based on any substantial evidence or reports. If I'm picking a DAL RB to back up Zeke, I'm going with DMC. This is very similar to the way I read the David Johnson situation. I said I don't think K.Williams is even worth a waiver, and that CJ2K would be the back I want to own. Sure enough there were a plethora of posts like CGoCP's above. Depth chart this, cut that... I don't care who was active on Sunday, I don't care what the depth chart says. I know what I see, and I know what I know. Granted, they've both been worthless, but the fact remains, CJ2K is the guy who got the job, despite K.Williams depth chart ranking, or Sunday status.
  11. Jordy Nelson 2017 Season Outlook

    I don't think you know what goose egg means.
  12. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 4

    Jared Cook. Please remember, if I'm posting in this thread, it's not to repeat someone mentioned in the first 4 pages, nor to give you an obvious 'duh' name, or to help your 8 or 10 team league, or even a 12 team league with your grandma. This is for leagues like mine, where he's not even available, because someone picked him last week. I'm intentionally digging deep. If you're anyone other than a Gronk or Ertz owner, he's at least worth consideration. Amari can't catch, Seth Roberts shouldn't be a top 10 Red Zone targeted WR again, CP84 is still fighting for scraps, and Crabtree can't catch them all. 6'5, 254, athletic freak who runs (well ran) a 4.4 40 time. 10.6, 6.5, 14.3 points over the first 3 weeks. Currently the 10th best TE in the game and only 40% owned. Fool me once, something, fool me twice, something... but no one ever fools me 8 times!
  13. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    What is the socially acceptable time frame to quote the people who scoffed at me for ranking him too highly? Week 6?
  14. Cordarrelle Patterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Entirely based on snap counts in my opinion. I like CP84, but unless he takes over the majority of WR3 snaps (Over Seth) then he can't be trusted. Week 1, he got 22 snaps (33%) vs Cooper's 61(Leader: 92%) and Roberts' 55 (83%) Week 2, he got 27 snaps (47%) vs Cooper's 48 (Leader: 84%) and Roberts' 34 (60%) He's trending the right direction, and obviously you hope to own him before the 'obvious take over', but it's likely going to take time, might never fully happen, and even if it does, he's still going to be the 4th option on his team, behind Crab, Amari, and Lynch. As I stated initially, his appeal is most likely isolated to return yardage leagues, where he currently has 111 such yards. In order for him to be valuable beyond those leagues, would greatly rely on his TD upside, given his potential Red Zone usage. This was founded on the fact that Seth Roberts was top 10 in the league (among WRs) for Red Zone targets last year, with 20 such targets. On that note, CP84 is currently tied for 2nd with Crabtree, and Roberts for Red Zone Targets (2). Amari leads the WRs with 5. Worth monitoring, but even in a 20:1 return yardage league, I've left him on the wire, but obviously he's being monitored. Lockett should already be owned, but McKinnon, and Deonte Thompson should be on your radar, and depending on John Ross' injury, keep your eye on Alex Erickson. McKinnon is the most interesting, given he plays the RB position and how terrible the landscape is this season. Just my .02.
  15. Bilal Powell 2017 Season Outlook

    What do you mean? His usage is actually up 29% this year compared to last.