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  1. I agree with you on the mock drafts, but randomizing a n hour before the draft is brutal if you ask me. Give me a few days knowing where I'm drafting.
  2. If at any point in your draft you are thinking about this guy you should probably try a new hobby.
  3. Garbage QBs, WRs that scare nobody. I'm stacking the box and daring them to beat me. 31 year old RB who's rushing and receiving stats are on a three year down turn. I'd stay away.
  4. Yes. It's not about sewing up the job. Neither will get the full load for the Jets. Two mediocre RBs splittîng time on the worst team in the league. I'll pass.
  5. Not the only difference, as you'll see in their stats at seasons end, that and the fact that Howard won't be splitting time with a better RB on his own team.
  6. I guess some people have a different definition of elite. For me an elite player gets draft consideration in the first round. In all the hundreds of thousands of fantasy leagues around the world, nobody is drafting Baldwin in the first round.
  7. My choice would be Pryor. I think he has a really nice year playing with an actual NFL QB, although I don't think there will be a huge difference between the two.
  8. In standard I'm putting a lot more emphasis on RBs early. I want to come out of the first three rounds with no less than two RBs if possible.
  9. Two out of three will.
  10. Exactly. If a guy is considered elite there will always be an argument where he should go among other elite players. Like there's an argument who should go first, second, and third amongst DJ, Bell and Zeke at RB. Nobody makes that argument for Baldwin against AB, ODB, and Julio. There's isn't a league in the country where he will be picked before any of those three.
  11. Keep riding that train,....please.
  12. Collins will never be more than a journeyman.
  13. Well, it's obvious the Bulls, Blazers, and Pistons have NO idea what they're doing.
  14. Agreed. I think we should shoot for a mid July start to the draft.