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  1. I agree and think this will help the team in real life, but seriously limit both players in fantasy.
  2. I can't see that happening.
  3. Agree. I just laugh when I see people ranking McCaffrey above him. His floor is 1400 total yards and 7 TDs. McCaffrey won't sniff that.
  4. Yes, Fournette can catch. Amazing how many have so little clue about this. Did these people even watch how atrocious the QB play at LSU was the last few years? Is he gonna be Bell or DJ in the receiving dept? No, probably not, but he will catch 30 to 40 balls. He's by no means a two down back.
  5. First ballot HOF. If you can't see it, you know zero about football.
  6. You have chosen wisely.
  7. He'll never sniff those numbers, especially on the rushing side.
  8. For QBs!! Do you even follow football?
  9. QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs are skill position players. Try to keep up.
  10. Rings are only used to measure QBs.
  11. Youre embarrassing yourself.
  12. They were a run first team because they had a young QB and a bunch of mediocre WRs, and to many mouths to feed is laughable.
  13. Well Cook sucked against Louisville and NC State this year and those two teams probably didn't have a defensive player on their teams that could start for Bama.
  14. The fact they used the #5 pick and a third rounder on WRs tells you all you need to know about Mathews.
  15. You honestly think a team would use a high 2nd round pick with his baggage and expected backlash to only play him 20 or 30 percent of the time? Hill just became last years Darren McFadden.