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  1. Take that Impreza.
  2. The biggest difference is Fournette has forgotten more about being a RB than Gerhart ever knew. Gerhart was touted by suckers. He was never a player.
  3. Wait, please tell me you aren't comparing Fournette to Gerhart.
  4. Gobbled him up wherever I can. Not expecting a ton this year, but I look for him to eat next year.
  5. 1200 yards, 7-10 TDs, 35 catches, 250 yards
  6. I was actually talking about those judging him negatively. I'm pointing specifically at anyone who points to his lack of success against Alabama
  7. I'm planning to steer clear of all Giants RBs. That backfield smells like a dumpster fire.
  8. Im sorry, but lighting it up in the first preseason game against the third string doesn't make you for real. Maybe he ends up a great QB, maybe not, but basing future success or failure on preseason games is a losing proposition.
  9. Judge a guy off his first preseason game. PT Barnum was so right.
  10. Given some of the insipid, clueless takes given on this forum about the value of kickers both real and in fantasy I'd say it's worth talking about.
  11. Thats called thinning the herd.
  12. Any QBs. I love to see people spend money on QBs.
  13. Christian McCaffrey Brandin Cooks Matt Ryan Pierre Garcon Matt Forte