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  1. I would not trade Blackmon for Voit and a closer the caliber of Strop. Aim way higher if you decide to move Blackmon. Otherwise maybe try to move injury prone Dahl for a SP if you can get a good enough player.
  2. I would say J. Martinez & play K. Hernandez as your 4th OF until Marte comes back? I wouldn't want to drop Moustakas and his 2B/3B eligibility and McMahon is a tough drop right now too. Martinez is a good guy to start in the short term but he would be my drop of this group.
  3. I am a Cubs fan too and I am worried about him. He does not look right to me. I did however just go back to look at his 2017 numbers and that is still a really valuable player, especially since OBP is a 6th category. Probably needed that reminder. Is he still that guy though? I hope so, but I don't see it right now. His approach does not look right. He is clearly making efforts to take it the other way but that has resulted in a whole lot of pop ups/lazy fly balls. When he does pull the ball it has been grounders or low line drives. He just looks like a mess at the plate to me.
  4. You are talking about a streamer, really. If you think Gio will be reinvigorated by a move back to MIL then I wouldn't worry about exposing Mahle to the wire to take a shot on him.
  5. You are probably right but I think it is worth exploring. I think the perception of Bryant is still fairly high among a lot of people. Still plenty of reasons to think he could turn things around and be a top 3 3B. I don't believe it, but maybe someone does.
  6. I am in the Freeman for Bauer camp if you really want an ace.
  7. 12 team mixed 5 keeper roto 6 x 6 (standard 5 x 5 + OBP & Holds) 1 C, 3 OF, no CI/MI, 2 standard UTIL The Kluber owner is considering dealing. There is also a team that kept 3 top SP and is struggling in the offensive categories and may move Nola or possibly Cole if the deal is good enough. He also has Sale, who I would ask about in case he is panicked. I am maybe looking to get out from under Kris Bryant. At this point I am deeply concerned that he has settled into being a good but not at all elite/special player. The only other 3B eligible player I have is H. Dozier so moving Bryant would be risky but if he puts up the type of numbers I am expecting I am not that scared to part with him. Hoping to capitalize on the name value of Bryant to get an ace caliber SP in return, though not sure Bryant straight would get any of these guys. My SP has been good but there are plenty of question marks (roster below). Paxton & Kershaw are big injury risks, Darvish may be off my roster soon, and Stripling will be back in the pen until another injury pops up. If I could get any of the guys I listed for Bryant and maybe Maeda should I do it? Is anyone worried about any of those SPs I would be inquiring about? C: Contreras 1B: Rizzo 2B: Murphy 3B: Bryant SS: J. Polanco OF: Bellinger, Conforto, McCutchen UTIL: D. Santana, G. Polanco Bench: H. Dozier IL: T. Turner, A. Meadows SP: Paxton, Kershaw, Darvish, Musgrove, Boyd, Maeda, Stripling IR: J. Nelson RP: Yates, Doolittle, Parker, Strop, Pressly, Buttrey, T. Rogers
  8. His one hit yesterday was a HR. Hard to say for certain when he'll be back but I am confident enough that it will be in the next few days that I dropped Kolten Wong (my only 2B eligible player) to grab Gregory Polanco before anyone else does. Murphy had a full spring training of 19 games and 59 PA and has been out less than a month. Shouldn't be long at all considering his playing time/results over the weekend.
  9. If you can get him for that I would do it. No guarantees with him of course but I would roll the dice if you can get him that cheap.
  10. 12 team mixed roto 6 x 6 (standard 5 x 5 + OBP and Holds)–no CI/MI, 1 C, 2 UTIL Segura likely won't be out long and not sure Kingery will get time in the OF with Herrera now banged up but PHI is headed to CO and Kingery should be in the lineup for that series. Kingery is only SS eligible in ESPN but I can use him there and at UTIL (T. Turner is on the IL and I am currently using Polanco, who is doing pretty well). Peraza is off to a terrible start and is starting to lose playing time but SHOULD hit for a solid AVG and get 20+ SBs. He is also 2B eligible, which helps his value as a bench player for me. I feel like Peraza is worth waiting on considering Kingery is probably not long for an everyday role, but I am not sure. I wish I had someone else I could drop but not sure I have anyone else I am willing to part with.
  11. Is your league going to let that stand? I would accept immediately but expect pushback from your leaguemates and possibly the commissioner.
  12. 12 team mixed roto. I have taken a hard look at my roster and don't think I really have anyone I am willing to drop for him right now. D. Murphy will be placed on the IL later today so a spot will open up. If Kennedy hasn't been added by then I may grab him. I have K. Yates and S. Doolittle as closers and P. Strop should get some SVs if he can round into form. Probably wouldn't hurt to add a guy who can chip in with SVs.
  13. You think he takes hold of that closer job in KC? Or at least is strongly in the mix? Seriously thinking of adding him because SP-eligible guys have a bit of extra value if they get SVs since they can be used in a SP slot on days when I have no starters going. Holds is a 6th pitching category so if he can occasionally produce something in both categories on days where SP is otherwise a dead slot he could add some value.
  14. Smoak is someone I have as a bench player that I can use in one of my 2 UTIL slots (roto league with no CI/MI slots, just 2 generic UTIL). OBP is a 6th category so he has slightly more value in this league than a 5 x 5 but not a probably not a ton of upside. There are a few players on the wire I have considered dropping him for. Would you do it for any of these guys or nah? Which one? Josh Bell J. Bauers T. White
  15. I have a claim in for him but he was just dropped yesterday AM and is set to come off of waivers early AM Monday. I think he will get claimed and I won't get him as I have waiver priority 12 of 12. I am going to leave the claim in just in case, but I will be surprised if no one else claims him. Kela and Stammen process early tomorrow AM and I have a claim on both (with the same player so I will only get one of them, depending on if others have claims on them). Right now I have Kela as my 1st priority and Stammen as my 2nd but wondering if I should change that. Most sources have Kela as the higher rated player but I don't know that he is going to get more Holds and also with Yates as my closer Stammen would be some injury insurance.