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  1. I would definitely make that trade if I were you.
  2. Would not consider dropping Ekeler. I put in a claim to drop my K so I can try and work out some sort of trade tomorrow, assuming the guy with the #1 claim is not paying attention & I get Mixon, so I don't have to drop a quality player.
  3. I would go with Ekeler. LAC offensive line is beat up and there is a good chance Rivers checks down to Ekeler a lot again this week.
  4. Definitely do it. Giving up Kittle for a run-of-the-mill TE is tough but you have a chance to get Barkley. You have to take it.
  5. 1) I think I may roll the dice on Gordon there with only .25 PPR 2) Evans
  6. Mixon was dropped in my league. I know that CIN OL/team in general is a mess but dropping Mixon is silly, IMO. I have the #2 waiver priority and don't need him but how can I not claim him (odds are I will get him as the guy with the #1 claim is 1–4 and not very engaged right now)? I guess it has to be C. Sutton or Diggs? Those are not players that should be dropped in a 12 team PPR but neither is Mixon. Does anyone think I should just pass? Roster below. 12 Team 2 keeper 1.0 PPR Record: 4-1 Start: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DST QB: Murray, Goff RB: Cook, Chubb, Gordon, Ekeler WR: Julio, Edelman, Lockett, Sutton TE: Walker K: WGAS DST: streaming IR: –
  7. Have had a text conversation with another owner about me sending M. Gordon, Ekeler, & Lockett for Godwin, Ertz, & Brieda. I feel like it is probably an overpay on my part but might make my roster better overall. Thins my RB depth but we have 1 starting RB slot & 2 Flex so Brieda is an OK 3rd RB in that format (play Chubb & a WR at the Flex) & I upgrade TE by a lot & WR by a little. Gordon/Ekeler feels like a heavy price though. Thoughts? 12 team PPR keeper league Record: 4–1 QB: Murray, Goff WR: Julio, Edelman, Lockett, Sutton RB: Cooks, Chubb, Gordon, Ekeler TE: Walker DST: streaming. K: WGAS
  8. For all intents and purposes he is out of it this season (1–4 and not a great roster, plus he traditionally starts losing interest in the season when he gets off to a bad start–we have been in the same keeper league since 2001). I offered it. Probably pretty unlikely that he accepts but it is worth a shot.
  9. Not sure if the Barkley owner will go for it but this would be a no-brainer offer offer on my part, right? Am going to try to sell it that he is getting a likely top 10 RB in Gordon and a startable PPR RB2/Flex in Ekeler. Also that Gordon can be kept for a 5th round pick next season while Barkley will cost a 1st. 12 team 1.0 PPR keeper league QB: Goff, Murray RB: Cook, Chubb, Gordon, Ekeler WR: Julio, Edelman, Lockett, Sutton TE: Walker K: WGAS DST: streaming
  10. I got a text from someone exploring a trade for M. Gordon. He offered T. Hill & Juju for either Gordon & Ekeler or Gordon and J.Goff. I would be much more likely to move Gordon & Goff and hang onto Ekeler but I am not sure the trade makes much sense for me as I have plenty of good WR options. My main concern is that Gordon is no more than a RB2 going forward as Ekeler will get plenty of snaps as the pass-catching RB. Also Hill is great but can be boom/bust and Juju is going to be unreliable with the PIT QB situation. Roster below. Thoughts? 12 team keeper PPR league. Record is 3–1 (this week's game comes down to MNF)–roster is pretty standard except that we only have 1 staring RB slot and 2 Flex QB: K. Murray, J. Goff RB: D. Cook, N. Chubb, M. Gordon, A. Ekeler WR: J. Jones, J. Edelman, T. Lockett, S. Diggs, C. Sutton TE: D. Walker K: WGAS DST: streaming
  11. The 12 team league is a little goofy in that we only have 1 starting RB slot but 2 Flex (1 QB, 2 WR, etc). So RBs are devalued a bit but a top RB is still a hell of a player to put in one of the Flex spots. Keepers have not officially been declared but in talking with people in the league I am almost certain Hopkins, Adams, OBJ, Juju, M. Thomas, and T. Hill are being kept. Also I won the league last year so I don't pick until #12, though there will be some who lose their 1st rounder to a keeper. If I keep Julio I will pick at #13 and then not again until the end of 3rd/beginning of 4th turn.
  12. That has been my mindset for the 10 teamer based on pure value. Really tempted to keep OBJ instead of Mahomes though, value be damned. I can still get a good QB in a 10 team league. Not as good as Mahomes, but good. Not sure what will be available to me at WR by the time I pick. Tough call. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. Relevant info about the keeper structure: drafted players are kept at last year's draft round cost for one year and then consensus preseason rank for subsequent seasons; any player who was undrafted the previous season can be kept for an 8th round pick for one season (and then for consensus preseason rank going forward). 12 team PPR league–choose 2: Julio (1st), Mixon (3rd), Chubb (11th) 10 team PPR league–choose 3: OBJ (1st), A. Cooper (3rd), K. Allen (5th), Mahomes (8th), J. Conner (8th), Chubb (12th)
  14. Thanks for the feedback. The roster crunch is in that I am holding both Hiura and Luzardo. Both are currently giving me nothing but Luzardo is reportedly getting called up right after the All Star Break and I can't throw that kind of SP upside back at this point. The biggest reason I am reluctant to part with Hiura is because of the potential trade value. For instance, if one or both of my closers get traded IRL and are no longer closers (K. Yates & S. Doolittle are my two main guys), Hiura is the type of chip that may entice a team that is out of contention to trade a closer to me. Or maybe he is good enough that I have to keep him (or he could just be OK, but all signs point to potential stud at the position). I just feel like Hiura is the one that could make me kick myself for dropping as he could easily get called up by the weekend and start raking immediately. I am not really afraid of dropping Darvish and him returning to 2013 form, but the past month he has been pretty close to 2017 Darvish, which is a very useful SP. I am starting to lean towards ditching Newcomb and forfeiting some Holds. Probably not the wisest of the three choices but probably the one I can live with the most. Besides, I currently have 11 points in Holds and have Pressly, Buttrey, and Britton as fixtures in my lineup. I am not ignoring your suggestion though Darin because it probably does make the most sense. I am just trying to work it out in real time as I am typing. Thank you for acting as a fantasy therapist and getting me to really dig into this! Also #firstplaceproblems