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  1. Just stumbled across some of your older posts, it is a shame that you are unable to continue your posting as from reading your old stuff, you were truly an honest, well informed and well read voice in the crowd.

  2. A great mind. Glad to have met your acquaintance.

  3. One of the few posters left on this site that I respect. Sure, there's others that know their stuff, but there's a fine line between shoving facts down someone's throat and successfully having a peaceful transaction of idea. TM, you excel at the latter.

  4. Yes. And pitchers with repeatable mechanics are typically the strongest and/or most consistent. So, I'm not talking about cats who wildly alter their arm-slots, ie dropping down side-arm. I guess I failed to phrase what I want to express adequately, KVNNN See- That's what I never kenned: It has always appeared TO ME that some pitchers vary their delivery between the top of their arc through their delivery. The arm action looks different to me and not simply the grips. All these years as I have tracked the ball in the hand have I simply imagined course deviation or does the angle change during the follow through?
  5. Is the arm slot the same it's just delivered with a different intensity?
  6. Barely mentioned here but: Anyone take a good look at Chris Narveson last year? Much improved pitches, better mix. And was that a Cutter or a Slider? To my eye I can not tell, even by arm slot let alone grip. I know that's lame to admit but I own my flaws- and try as I might can't get anyone to buy them. I thought it was a Slider and others concur but an analyst I respect swears it's a Cutter that breaks like a Slider.
  7. I agree. Where has he gone? I hope he and his family are okay.

  8. Missing TitaniumMan's insight this season. Rotoworld forums MVP.

  9. Old Deep Purple: In Rock Fireball Machine Head Made In Japan Great (now "classic") hard rock band of the 70s who, with this Mark II lineup, just burned out by non-stop recording and touring for a 3 1/2 year period and ended up hating each other in record time. Never forgive this band for running their relationships into the ground: With the dismissal of Gillan they introduced the world to David Coverdale, whose later band Whitesnake helped contribute to the ruination of rock until "Grunge" came around and washed the mousse out of rock's hair.
  10. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

  11. Some might think that "gender not set" and "age unknown" and "birthday" unknown simply indicate that RotoRaysfan didn't fill in those fields in his profile. But the truth is...HE'S A ROBOT!!!

  12. Perfect grammar, perfect avatar and nearly perfect advice. This man knows his stuff when it comes to the game of football and is hands down one of the forums bests...give respect where respect is due. TM is a man among boys...

  13. Just another underrated Mod!