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  1. Possibly because i picked him up for that Sunday game on my side. Ghastly outcome, with more turnovers than anything else, in about 16 minutes. I've not had the best of luck picking up hot free agents, they turn to dust once on my side. Sorry 'bout that :(
  2. I hate it in a blowout game when your young player (Malik Beasley) has the junk time taken away from him because Denver in this case put on the 3rd tier benchies who probably only get on the court once in a blue moon. Yes, i am 4-3-2, with level pegging on boards and steals.....Belinelli vs Gay to come.
  3. Still going strong, and have picked up team-mate Bagley too. Loved their games today and even for Sacramento themselves, after two narrow losses to powerful DEnver and GSW, an away win today was no mean feat. Buddy has been brilliant this season to own, and you have to think with Fox, Buddy and Bagley in the side, they have a lot to look forward to in the future.
  4. Playing a bloke who has both Hassan and Drummond...yesterday DRummond was 12 of 14 from the field and 3 of 3 from the Whiteside 11 of 12 from the field and a mind-blowing 6 of 7 from the line! No paint protection against those blokes... Lucky he has Westy to bring his F/T% back to reality. You'd probably have more chance seeing Elvis himself dribbling the ball and dunking over Whiteside standing on Drummond's shoulders than seeing those two hit 9 of 10 from the line
  5. Probably one of the worst triple doubles ever. A genuine 3-cat only line with zero 1-1-1's and heaps of turns, and cruddy percentages. But he's still a superstar and i'm glad to have him on my roster
  6. Gotta just give more love to Buddy, another 7 treys and great percentages at good volume. If he was around 10 years ago doing this he'd have been hailed as about the biggest trey-bombing star in the league. In any case he's behind only superstars Harden, Curry and Klay in average of treys per game, and he was a nice low pick around the 10th round for me. Brilliant player for me this season, and surely for numerous other fantasy coaches.
  7. It's Sunday in Oz, but geebuz, Harrell really doesn't like hitting free throws on the weekends. It's strange, as he's not like a DAJ (in the old days) or a hoWARd who would regularly get roughly half of them, he's either very good or downright atrocious. That's what makes these 1 of 5's, 0 of 5, or 1 of 6's rather annoying. More than a few times a lead in F/T% going into the weekend has been demolished by his F/T shooting. But he's been overall very good aside from this.
  8. Been watching sports since the late 70's, and indeed Oubre's line by game's end was pretty handy bar the 4 of 14 from the field. But at the time of the comment inexplicably he had not much action whilst sieves who happen to hit some buckets were dominating the time on court. I'd like to think that given his relative youth, the Knicks might consider Oubre a future part of the franchise.
  9. I guess i've never bothered to ask exactly what the concept of a team rebound is. But of course it's listed as an adjunct to the box scores after every game. Would these be defined as a situation for example if the ball from a shot say bounces over/off the rim or backboard and lands out of play, and the defending team regains possession without someone actually hauling in a board? Or would it be just cases when a bunch of hands grab at a rebound and they can't determine who got it, only giving it to the side who looks to have more purchase? All i know is that today i was hoping that Oubre got more than 4 boards, and he managed to do that with seconds left in the game. BUt if someone can explain the concept of a team rebound i'd be most appreciative.
  10. Gnash..Hit his first shot and has missed the next six. But not getting a hell of a lot of minutes, and a couple of players are a huge minus so far in the game. Josh Jackson so far -22, Bender -15. Hope he's on the court for much of the last Q.
  11. Second time i've picked him up, only again for his minutes to be somewhat stymied.....just 10 minutes nearing 3/4 time? Defensive sieves Hardaway and Trey Burke are leading the scoring...and it seems whatever guard in N.Y i've picked up, including Burke himself a couple of months ago when he went on a heater, it's a bit like musical chairs. MIght move on i think from this particular side for a source of fantasy players.
  12. My stats show just 7.55 minutes. Did he get ejected?
  13. In one sense i did well, i traded Dipo and DeRozan for Klay and Tobias, throwing in DMC to sweeten the deal, and Dipo now is injured. But am i the only Zizic owner who picked him up and am marvelling how he managed to have a single turnover in 8 games, yet cough up 5 for me today in his debut, and also manage a .333 from the line when he'd been shooting basically 5 of 6 or better? Typical of me, players join my side and they develop butter fingers with the ball and pretend they are peak DAJ or Drummond from the line.
  14. Geez....i'm up against him this week and his 23 pts 4 treys, 2 boards, 3 dishes and a steal at good percentages are pretty good for 'drop city' calls. Perhaps that's why he's doing so well though, he's against my side this week!
  15. Maybe one teensy weensy block between Harrell, Oubre and T.J.Warren? Nah.. Oh well a 5-4 win instead is better than a loss.