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  1. Any idea why he only played 21mins last night? Foul trouble was not the issue...
  2. So, Nuggets at full strenght. Will he still produce or is the ride over? At least today, they should ease G.Harris back?
  3. Can anybody tell us more about his stock potential (does he have it?)?
  4. VanVleet plays againts Philly and Morris against LAC. I need 3s and steals. Thanks.
  5. Started to block shots more consistently and even hit 3pointers in two straights games. This can be huge for his value.
  6. What are his projected block numbers if he gets around 30 mins? Seems to have potential as seen so far when he got big minutes and in college.
  7. Anything to see here or is this just a short term situation until Matthews returns?
  8. Anbody have an insight on why he is shooting almost no 3 pointers in his regular NBA games? Becuase looking at his stats of summer league and g-league (which are so good btw) he was hitting them with good %.
  9. So, what to do with Tyreke? On the one hand hand this man is a proven fantasy stud but is not producing at all so far. Do you think he will turn it around or most importantly, will his minutes and usage eventuall increase? It's getting realy hard to hold him in a 12-team H2H league..
  10. We know he has the talent but according to majority of the posters, minutes are the problem. However, rw just posted this quote from Doc. Does doc usually keep his word or is there still a high probability that his minutes will flip flop? Quote: In addition to Boban, coach Doc Rivers said we’re going to see a lot of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander going forward. “Shai’s gonna play a lot,” Rivers said. “Shai’s a good basketball player. I don’t think we should be surprised if he plays a lot of minutes.” He played 28 minutes in the opener, scoring an efficient 11 points with two rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block. He was a stud at the Summer League and I think he’s the best point guard in his class, and it’s pretty cool that Rivers is willing to use him alongside Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams. There will be some bumps along the way, but his outlook is only going to improve.
  11. Any idead who could turn out to be a steals specialist from the wire this year when given the opportunity?
  12. The most annoying thing has to be the very obvious Isiah Thomas d***riding.
  13. Just laughed at the latest O'Quinn update, calling him nothing but a shot blocking specialist. They sure were singing a different tune at the begining of the season/preseason.