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  1. Augustin is definitely not Orlando's PG for the future but he's their best option now. Shelvin Mack stole some of Augustin's thunder last year, but Grant sucks so I am not worried about him.
  2. Was able to scoop him off waivers in my 20 team league and yall have me excited. Is he for sure starting tonight?
  3. Alex Len Outlook 2018-19

    Only negative I see is the guy is somewhat injury prone. Hopefully the new opportunity and surroundings will encourage him to play through bumps and bruises that would’ve put him on the bench in Phoenix.
  4. Waiver Wire Season Savers 2018-2019

    From what I hear, Z. Collins still appears too weak to play with the big boys just yet. Plus Portland still prefers Meyers Leonard over him for some reason.
  5. Appreciate the invite, but really only looking for categories.
  6. Kfiftyk@yahoo.com would be ok with expanding to 14-16 teams as well if there’s enough interest.
  7. Looking for a $$ 9cat/H2H draft on espn tonight at 9:00 PM eastern. Snake or auction is fine. Message me on here or email me at kfiftyk@yahoo.com
  8. Waiver Wire Season Savers 2018-2019

    Keep in mind that I am in 20 team leagues - but the players that I targeted were - Ennis, Len, Noel, Ed Davis, Avery Bradley and Forbes. I feel like they could all be steals for what I need them to do in 9cat.
  9. All inquiries have been answered. Still 2 spots left!
  10. Cool, just sent you a message. Only 1 or 2 spots left guys!
  11. 20 teams with a few spots left. Snake draft with standard roster sizes + 2 IR spots. Shoot me a message or email me at kfiftyk@yahoo.com if interested.