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  1. Sorry for the delay guys...had stuff this morning and then have 2 simultaneous drafts going on and thought I had traded this it possible to have too many leagues. Third Round 29. stankyleg - Kenbrell Thompkins WR NE 30. Abusement Park - Zach Ertz TE PHI 31. Ink Inc. - Josh Boyce NEP WR 32. El Iguanodon - Quinton Patton WR 33. Pack Attack - Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah DE 34. FFCollusion - Andre Ellington - RB - Ari (Dropping J. Arenas) 35. Young Guns - Marquess Wilson WR CHI 36. Ink Inc. (via Kyzer) - Marquise Goodwin WR BUF 37. Sasquatch Hunters! - Arthur Brown - LB BAL 38. AHERNSHOTME2 - Alec Ogletree-LB-STL 39. Chalupa Batman - Kenjon Barner RB CAR (via PM) 40. Soulcrusher - Ace Sanders WR JAX 41. Harbaugh Warriors-OTC 42. Lil Bishes
  2. be patient here guys I have a couple deals working... plus I have soccer practice and a dentist appointment this morning
  3. 2.08 is VERY available....RB,WR,TE, backup QB in that order
  4. Second Round: 15. stankyleg - Geno Smith QB NYJ 16. Abusement Park - Keenan Allen, WR, SD 17. Ink Inc. Tyler Eifert, TE, CIN 18. FFCollusion (from El Iguanodon) - Denard Robinson, OW, BlaineGabbertSucksTown, FL (Dropping Kevin Walter) 19. Pack Attack - Mike Gillislee RB MIA 20. FFCollusion - R. Woods WR Buf (Dropping R. Lewis) 21. Young Guns - Markus Wheaton - WR PIT 22. Pack Attack (from Kyzer) - Stedman Bailey - WR STL 23. Sasquatch Hunters! - Terrance Williams - WR DAL 24. AHERNSHOTME2 - Travis Kelce TE KC 25. Chalupa Batman - Justin Hunter WR TEN (via PM) 26. Soulcrusher - Da'Rick Rogers - WR- BUF 27. Harbaugh Warriors-OTC and PM'ed 28. Lil Bishes
  5. Do you know the team name you took over for?
  6. 1. Shock - LaMichael James RB SF 2. Motorcity (via sya) - Terrell Owens WR SEA 3. K.Heart - Jonathan Dwyer, RB PITT 4. Wink (via Sr. Dick Grande) - Robert Turbin -- BEAST MODE II 5. Motorcity (via TexasAD via sya) - Buffalo D/ST 6. KTown - Seattle D/ST 7. Idaho - Nick Toon WR NO 8. Let's Go ARod - Brandon Weeden QB CLE 9. Motorcity - Dwayne Allen TE IND 10. Winky - The New York Football Giants Defense 11. Benji - Braylon Edwards WR SEA 12. Motorcity (via El Chingon) OTC Not sure who Motorcity is...if somebody could either PM him or let me know what his screen name is
  7. still looking to acquire a FA pick within the next few picks....hit me up
  8. Looking for a FA pick near the top...can offer any or all of these guys and also have 2013 2nd and 3rd round rookie picks I can deal McKnight B. Gibson Damian. Williams
  9. Not able to copy and paste or pm the next guy, but i want Kendall Wright
  10. The Mod was already here once guys.....let's put on our big boy pants and play football....I'm down with booting the next person that speaks of any of this crap again!
  11. Your 2013 1st Round rookie pick is gonna be 11th overall at best.
  12. My 2013 1st round rookie pick would be available for a WR....I can add Crabtree,Ridley,McKnight and Ringer to get something done.
  13. this beats the heck out of watching the closing ceremonies
  14. I sent you a new PM Responded and Gore trade sent to you Gore and your 2013 28th rounder for my 2013 29th rounder accepted
  15. Can any of the co-commissioners add Gore to my team?