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  1. All I know is that the power is legit. Dude’s last two homers have been absolute bombs. Legit 25 to 30 HR power for sure.
  2. Yeah my point was not to say he is the right handed Randy Johnson, just that the Pirates gave up on him completely too early because they have a dumb organizational wide approach and didn’t know how to harness Cole and Glasnow’s ability. 6’8 pitchers who can touch 100 mph with movement and a plus plus devastating curveball don’t grow on trees. Glasnow has a combination of frame + raw stuff that comes around maybe once every 10 years and the Pirates gave up on him before his 25th birthday. This guy could win multiple and multiple Cy Young’s if he reaches his potential, his ceiling is that high.
  3. Glasnow was 24 at the time of the trade, that is way way waaaay too early to give up on a prospect with his upside. Randy Johnson is the most dominant pitcher I've had the pleasure of ever seeing (Pedro is up there, too) and Glasnow is similar to him in a lot of ways. Super tall, lanky, trouble with is release point, but just incredible pure stuff. Except unlike Johnson, his wipeout pitch is a curve instead of a slider. Also like Johnson, he really needs only two pitches to dominate. You just don't give up on players like that this early. His upside was entirely too high and too good to just give him away. Randy didn't come into his own until he was nearly 30. Between Snell and Glasnow, Tampa has their dominating 1-2 punch of the future for years to come.
  4. Tampa's scouting is incredible and Pittsburgh is a poorly ran organization. These dudes gave up Glasnow, Meadows, AND a former first round pick Shane Baz, who also has a big ceiling, for friggin' Chris Archer. Might go down as one of the best trades in recent memory.
  5. He'll probably finish the season with around 700+ yards receiving and a health # of TDs, he's just too good of an athlete not to. The fact that he is a complete TE as well and can block means he's going to get plenty of snaps. Maybe not a #1 TE this season, but he is going to be amazing for a long time.
  6. Brate isn't even really a factor in this offense now. Howard is the most complete TE to come into the league since Gronk, man. The dude is a freak athlete. He stonewalled Cam Jordan all week last week as a blocker and then takes a pass 75 yards to the house today. Get him while you still can, folks. Tampa's receiving corps is legit scary.
  7. Easily. Dude is OPSing nearly .1100 in an advanced league for his.age with a 27/14 BB/K ratio at 17. Kid just turned.17 in March, it's absolutely insane what he is doing.
  8. Might be having the most impressive season for a 17 year old in history. Seriously.
  9. The incredible thing is how little he strikes out, especially compared to Vlad, Jr.
  10. Hit HR #9 yesterday. Now slashing .370/.434/.620 with a 23/14 BB/K ratio at Princeton. This dude just turned 17 in March, need you be reminded. Stud.
  11. Every now and then this one special prospect comes along and you just know right away he's going to be incredible even in his brief amount of time in the minors. Dude is a true "Wander"kind. BB/K ratio is now 22/14 and this dude is a young 17, turned 17 in March of this year. Freaking stud, man.
  12. Don’t forget future stud 2B Vidal Brujan who looks like a future lead off hitter with his speed and contact skills. Wander Franco is beyond special and probably the best hitting prospect the Rays have ever had. Josh Hamilton without the coke addiction and lost years would have made a claim for that. Brigt days ahead in the Bay.
  13. The most impressive thing has got to be that he has more walks than strikeouts and that he has a very low K rate. One of the lowest in the minors in fact. All at 17 in a league far above his age on average.
  14. I think Jones is the most explosive runner in the entire draft, don’t see him busting at all. Think Jamal Charles 2.0. Bucs got a steal.