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  1. Personally I’d rather see him start the year in a league that doesn’t neuter his power like the FSL does. No justification to start him in High-A considering his average and OPS would have both led the league had he qualified.
  2. And he homered in his first AB tonight. While not necessarily good players, this league has a lot of former MLB players in it so it’s still basically men versus an 18 year old kid.
  3. He is playing in the Dominican Winter League so will be interesting to track his progress there.
  4. Disappointing end to the season but it’s just the start for the Rays. Won 96 games despite all kinds of injuries and they have an extremely young core that’s only going to get better. Once Franco is up in a year or so, this is going to be a team that is routinely challenging in the AL East and winning 100 games a year. Extremely bright future.
  5. Glasnow should scare you. Tampa is going to maximize his potential now that he’s away from the Pirates and is potential his through the roof.
  6. They also lost Meadows and Brandon Lowe from their lineup for a good amount of time. This team has such a bright future with their current team and all the talent in the minors it’s scary. Wait until they get Wander up there, who is probably the best shortstop prospect since A-Rod. So much current talent and talent in the minors for this franchise.
  7. He also hit an absolute bomb of a homer the other day as well. Just sayin’.
  8. Shane Baz. Excited to see him in the AFL.
  9. HR #27. Even with that awful slump for about a month, he is still OPSing .899 and would have been a lock for 35 plus dingers without the injury. Still can’t believe the Pirates gave up him, Glasnow, AND Baz for Archer.
  10. Crazy time in general for South American talent. Soto, Acuna, Vlad Jr., and then you have Wander in the minors who looks like he is going to be incredible, too. Back to Soto, though. Dude is incredible and is what every Nats fan thought that overrated clown Harper would be.
  11. By the way, if he had qualified with enough ABs in either league, he would have led both the Midwest League and the FSL in OPS and been second in the Midwest league in average and first in the FSL in average all while sporting a 56/35 BB/K ratio. In case you didn’t need anymore evidence to how special this kid is. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of HRs honestly, he showed plenty of pop in the Appy league last season but the Midwest league and FSL are both pitcher friendly leagues. Once he gets to AAA and the majors with that juices baseball all those doubles are going to turn into homers.
  12. If he starts next season in AA as he should and continues to rake I can’t see any scenario in which he isn’t on the big club in 2021. The new Rays front office is much more aggressive with players than the previous.
  13. Batting .335 with an .874 OPS now. Went 5-5 last night.
  14. Homered already, dude is good. This is a legitimate 30 plus HR bat that the Rays continue to yank around for reasons unknown.