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  1. working on it. since it was within an hour of draft, it's making me cancel then put in the new users and then start the draft
  2. sorry, the way that it had refreshed on my screen, I hadn't seen yours until I had sent the other 2. I'll give them 5 minutes to pay and then the spot is yours if they don't.
  3. ok I just sent the leaguesafe invite. I'm going to add you as a second owner to one team and then delete the first owner once you pay.
  4. you aren't deleted. you're signed up under team bui in league 1 short of a bakers dozen
  5. invites are sent. league will be full if everyone would join. I'll keep sending new invites to others until its full and then we'll have to pay right before draft
  6. Payments are coming in. I just sent out a payment link through the league email. Some of you making it really hard on me by not providing an email. Since the screen name on here and in the league and many dropped or didn't join. Please let me know if you still need an invite.
  7. I'm driving home right now. by that time, I hope to have everyone's email address to send the league safe stuff. everyone will have it a half hour before draft. I'll push it back if necessary.
  8. we'll make sure to get everyone paid. I don't put up with guys who try to skip on that.
  9. ok we are finally full. if you are in and joined, please email me you email address you'd like me to use for league safe.