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  1. This sums up pretty much everything that needs to be said for anybody who thinks it is semi-rational to complain about Moustakas. He's hitting 300 in June... what three week stretch was he terrible in?
  2. I think Jedd's a buy for sure. I really like what he's done thus far in 2017 to try and relax his slider issue, and while it's hard to know whether he can sustain it, I consider these results encourage able, keying in on the bottom line. 2016 Slider Swing% 2017 Slider Swing% The difference in overall numbers: In 2016, Gyorko chased 70 Sliders outside the zone low out of 162 Sliders thrown in this area (43.2%) In 2017, Gyorko has chased 23 Sliders outside the zone low out of 97 Sliders thrown in this area (23.7%) If you reference my post on the first page of this thread I believe, I feel that this was his biggest issue coming into the season. If he can maintain improvement to any extent I believe it will help Gyorko maintain BA while he has his power.
  3. He really should be a keeper in a ton of formats anyway
  4. Eh scapegoat is kinda underselling how hard he brought it on himself. Wrong or right he should have kept his mouth shut.
  5. Right but that's league specific. I said that earlier. I agree in a league specific context for a QS league. I just don't agree in a judgment of consistency as a pitcher.
  6. And I guess then the point that I take as hard to accept is that he "just so happened" to do anything. Like I get the point of saying it and I understand that I'm probably being too semantical (and bitchy) on the point, but whatever the floor as shown to be this year I really feel like he really earned that 2016, even if I believe similarly he's owned his 2017 to date.
  7. So then you do prefer a 6 IP 3 ER 4.50 ERA line to a 5.2 IP 2 ER line? Just curious.
  8. But that's my point; by splitting hairs over what is and is not a consistent outing we've changed his, let's say, consistency rating, from borderline 80% to 60%. That's the entire point I'm trying to make is that by using the official distinction and splitting hairs between a 5.2 IP 2 ER start and a 6 IP 3 ER start you've effectively made Carrasco seem far less consistent than at least I personally believe he has been thus far this season. I have no anger or rage in debating this, I simply disagree and think Carrasco is a borderline top-5 starter for me probably Ros, and should be safely in my top 10.
  9. Everything else = Ks? I don't know what else you showed. There's a pretty massive difference between 27 HRs in 97 Games and 24 Hrs in 151 Games, no? That's I guess my point. Comparing Story to other flukes doens't make sense to me. If 2016 was a fluke, it's the greatest fluke of all time, bar none, and by an extreme measure, and it is pointless to try to use historical contexts because all historical contexts pale in comparison. I was a huge young Cubs fan during Soto's Rookie year, and I remember it pretty vivdly. He wasn't Trevor Story. I've been trying to find historical samples (and havne't found one, which doesn't mean there isn't one, but I haven't found one) of any player to produce at... say... a .530 SLG and just never do it again or not be a big league caliber player. The closest I've found is like a Brady Anderson who had one bizarre power spike but he still hit decent power and was a big league regular.
  10. That's fair, and I have no counter argument really as I'm just now getting to the pitchers I didn't rank in the top 70 (i.e. the three I mentioned) now in terms of my midseason evals, so I don't know for certain that I wouldn't agree at the end, but I'd wager I will prefer Carrasco because just the level of domination he possesses on his secondary arsenal is just superior, and I think for a guy who had a sub-3.00 ERA coming into the last start we may be making a little too much over one bad day at the ballpark.
  11. But I guess my point is still that, you're using the "exact" cut-off for QS's to judge your consistency metric. Personally, I wouldn't do that directly. To me, (I suppose unless you're in a QS league, in which case we're talking about catering to league settings and not a judgement of the player overall,), the difference between 5.1 IP and 2 ER, 5.2 IP and 2 ER, 6 IP and 3 ER, and 6.1 IP and 4 ER are all relatively negligible. I don't even consider a 6+ inning start with 4 runs a "blow-up" or a "loss of consistency," just simply another version of a start that you almost got a QS. The difference in the way that the sample is being presented is that, I see those four stat lines as negligilbe, but only one is a QS, and the other three Carrasco has had. Carrasco has only had a line of 6.1 IP 4 ER once, and he's only surpassed 4 ERs 3 Times. 3 Bad Starts in 15 to me is right at that 80% consistency rate that you're asking for. It's just not using "QS" as the defining metric for consistency because "QS" is a static metric.
  12. You consider Alex Wood, Ervin Santana and Luis Severino better options? Any elaboration, as all of those seeem highly farfetched to me considering what Carrasco has done between his career and htis season
  13. You're saying the same thing though just through a different lens. The idea behind looking at his average is that it shows that he does have that power, and has shown it before. Geovany Soto and Hinske never were as good as Story, and that's what's fruitful to point out in that sample.
  14. I was honestly sad they didn't cut Montero after the WS. Anthony Rizzo's 100% right, he's been a selfish player for a while now.
  15. Good. He's been such an asshat since he got replaced. He takes being a little *B* on the baseball field to a whole new level.