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  1. Wei Yin Chen: 5 IP, 3 Hs, 2 Solo HRs, 6 Ks, 0 BBs, 2 ER
  2. I was assuming the Ks were kept players with the value being where they were kept
  3. Maybe on Friday. I'm gonna be heller busy coming up here.
  4. I do consider both parts, my simply point is that unsustainable suggests to me a level of impossibility or at least irrepeatability.. that it HAS to be luck, whereas I think it could be partially luck, but I think it's a lot of skill too, and I'm not completely confident either way.
  5. And the flaw would obviously be that a coin flip is purely chance and the argument is that skill is limiting chance, which is why a coin flip is unsustainable but I won't consider a baseball players skills to be unsustainable if I find the skills to be legitimate.
  6. He reminds me of a different version of Jeff Samardzija but the version that threw FB/Slider/Splitter and leans more heavily on the Splitter. Haven't seen Guerra pitch much but Samardzija's problem was always confidence in the Splitter and it's ability to give up a lot of homers or spike way in front of the plate, and Guerra throws it at about 21%. I think he'll get solid Ks, and limit the damage enough to be a decent contributor. No reason to think his arm will be held back at 31 years old. One interesting factoid: His slider got a lot of groundballs. His profile (4SFB/Slider/Splitter) in general seems to lean flyballs but his Slider got a very high GB% up at 60%, so if that's not just a flash in the pan but a skill, the ability to keep his GB% at league average or above will be very important to his games particularly in his home Miller Park.
  7. Man you completely misrepresented his injuries in the first post... why are you clinging to this idea that he's injury prone when he's had one injury on three years? Now he has a foot sprain... yeah that sucks but it doesn't make the first post about a troubling trend more accurate
  8. Meh, grass is always greener.
  9. Even at an essentially zero price.
  10. Maybe wrong thread but I don't view Anderson as a don't touch at his ADP. Always had a strong GB rate, perfect situation, and dirt cheap. In the right size league drafting both and hoping for a combined 200 innings sounds worthwhile
  11. They've been talking about using both Anderson and Monty and been talking Anderson up a lot. I want it to be Mo ty and think he'd be better in the role right now but there's some serious doubt as to that actually happening right now.
  12. Not the point at all. The point is simply I do not think he's a .280 hitter right now and think .250 is a much more reasonable expectation
  13. I think .280-.300 is incredibly bold given his contact profile. Jose Peraza he is not.
  14. In fairness, the other side of this argument grew up five minutes from Notre Dame campus. Just saying.
  15. Sure I think that's the argument for Hos tho, lineup slot and counting stats. His BA/Power/Speed combo is incredibly underwhelming for a guy ranked in the top I believe 85 in ESPN draft rooms.