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  1. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    Pretty sure you mean 166 homers.
  2. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    I'm confused by the first two lines. How is he a .300 hitter and not a .330 hitter? He's at .324 and .329 the last two years. That's quite a bit better than .300.
  3. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    They gave eddie lacy a shot. Let's not pretend that that should be a knock on them as an organization. Because he signed a one year contract? They draft a lot of backs in their system, and then often let talented ones go that almost always get picked up by other organizations.
  4. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    a player who was picked up thru a numerous teams and played well at times throughout his career? Sure. no ones ever said that Michael is not talented.
  5. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    They seem to be a team where players crop up all the time on other rosters. Spencer Ware, Christine Michael, Alex Collins are a few recent names of Seahawks drafted playerss who carve out roles else where.
  6. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    I mean... what was that reason? To me, Seahawks have been pretty damn excellent at hand selecting their RB talent over the past.... decade?
  7. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    ...I mean... I guess anything could work out.
  8. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah I was coming here to post this. With the Sunday night question I'm adding Paul Richardson in leagues where I can because I believe if he plays against the Colts he's got a pretty good floor without Doug and a TD or 2 for a decent ceiling.
  9. 2017 WR Rankings

    I can understand ranking Dez 20th. I don't think he's boom or bust though. Dez is looking primed to score 12-14 TDs. I'm honestly still thinking he could do 16. He's an errand Dak throw away from having one in each game against three of the hardest matchups in football. I think Dez gets pretty much a TD a game, which gives him a far greater Floor than most WRs.
  10. Mitchell Trubisky 2017 Season Outlook

    LIterally, yes. Now, in result? Maybe maybe not. But we've had two terrible games this year and we can't pretend that in both games Glennon didn't tank the game. Mediocre gets you no where, but you can go 4-12 and lose games like Week 1 vs. the Falcons and pull a random win out of the hat like the Steelers and feel good about the season. What's not going to feel good as a fan is when Glennon looks like an utter ******** moron in "primetime" (loosely) against the Packers on the road, or what happened in the Buccaneers game. I mean recap what happened in those games? Glennon had I think 3 or 4 turnovers in the first half of each. I mean he literally lost the game immediately. If Trubisky could even run the offense like you're suggesting and be no better at all, if he can make better reads to avoid the INT numbers of Glennon it's worth it as a fan. And as the #2 pick with the starter sitting at 5 INTs and 6.0 YPA thru 4 games? And it's more than the INTs. (Let's not even mention Glennon messing up the snap count and literally punting the ball into the linebackers in the second drive of yesterdays game). Glennon has been getting strip sacked a ton. Shoutout to the dude above who mentioned it first, but that's what Trubisky adds to the team that they do not have right now: Mobility in the pocket. Specifically the ability to extend the play. I've watched Mike Glennon play for four games now. The dude is just TERRIBLE and sensing pressure, and even if he could sense it he does not move, and he does not move quick. He is a freaking statue. It's the clear reason for having so many fumbles, he's not sensing the guy who's about to hit him. Trubisky on the other hand even the preseason they worked on moving the pocket, and he's mobile enough to move out of the pocket and extend the plays. Extending the plays is far more likely to cause there to be any semblance of a passing game. Play action/moving pocket would be far more dangerous with a Trubisky lead offense. Kendall Wright and Markus Wheaton may not be very talented, but they're more likely to succeed playing playground football. Wheaton at the least should be used to that style with BB. And listen, they're not great, but Wheaton can run deep routes, and Kendall can run underneath routes, and at this point I just don't think Glennon's going to take shots and I think the defense knows it. He's playing like Brock. I think Trubs is more likely to try it. Also just the fact that Trubisky could move the pocket and move to the outside could help to spread the defense as well. Again. I'm not saying he's like Deshaun Watson even, but Trubisky is just incredibly more mobile than Glennon, who is a literal statue. It'll make the O-Line look better, it should give the WRs more time, it has a chance to spread the defense with a "mobile" QB, and literally nothing should be worse, because Glennon isn't doing ANYTHING difficult. And if he can furthermore limit the turnovers from what Trubisky is doing right now and hold the ball a bit longer, it's going to make the defense play better. Because the defense has played REALLY well this year. They've just gotten worn down with short fields and low TOP from the offense so having to play a lot of plays.
  11. Our 2017 Team MVP's

    So... nothing? Im assuming they made more picks
  12. Mitchell Trubisky 2017 Season Outlook

    That's literally just wrong in so many ways. The O-Line is not bad. It was ranked top 5 by PFF. The defense is also not bad. It's been pretty damn good this season other than in games where there's been a ton of turnovers and they've been on the field a ton. The WR talent is lacking a bit, but this is a fine situation to succeed in. It's very similar to what Dak had last year when he started his career with TWill and Beasley as his top two receiving options.
  13. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    This is a perfect situation no? I mean I expect them to beat the colts. CC will be great in games they're winning and controlling.
  14. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2017 Season Outlook

    "only." I don't get that "only." I ranked him as an RB2 for the time Woodhead was out. When I typed it up, West was healthy, and I said I expected somewhere between 6-10 carries a game and I was hoping for 5 receptions a game. He got 8 and 5. 8 and 5 in any form of half or full point PPR is going to be a startable RB2 FAR more often than not. Obviously the game didn't go great, but that's RB2 valuable for sure. That's like Theo Riddick + 100 carries.
  15. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    i.e. even with injuries fat eddie won't be active.