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  1. Schebler. Kemp’s role hasn’t changed. He’ll play some v LHP primarily and Puig may shift to CF at times especially at home.
  2. Yeah LeBron James receding hairline the last decade was really a sign of his sharp decline as a basketball player 🙄. I don’t think having a bit of a grizzled look changes my opinion too much.
  3. Why would you think that? Probably my two favorite pitchers versus ADP in the top 20. If I can’t nab an Ace, Clevinger+Wheeler is my favorite way to start a staff
  4. IMO, Cutch is the rare player who’s draft day value is currently far more representative of a floor than a ceiling. Even when he gets pushed up. This is a top 100 player, and a no-brainer to me 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Big difference between a starter and a reliever. Tbh I could write out a more specific post but I’m on my phone and the essential fact of the matter is I don’t care what his K/9 is and I don’t care what his xFIP was. I’m aware of them and I’m aware of how he achieved them and what they could mean. But I’ve also seen him pitch a fair amount and unless he’s added a new wrinkle I’m not too interested in buying. Agree to disagree.
  6. A little late to be a response to the pitty party, but people talking about Laureano like this guy didn’t strike out near 30% last year. There’s significant swing-and-miss. There’s BA risk. And that’s coming from someone who reached like hell for Laureano in a start-up dynasty. He might hit .240. But he might also have a .315-.330 OBP even with a low BA and he also might go somewhere around 40-50 HR+SB. Theres risk in the profile. There’s also oodles of upside. The latter is why you reach for him if you like him.
  7. CSB: I was bothered by the fact this thread was initially titled 2018-2019 because baseball season doesn’t overlap years, and was really glad to see someone fixed it.
  8. Honestly outside of the 10 SBs id argue you oversold the boldness compared to a lot of calls in this thread. That’s just a solid rational bold prediction for a former perennial first round player. At least for a few years.
  9. I mean a lot can change. I hear you on Lowrie being an incumbent. But he also spent his early Mets time hurt and he has a .320 hitter to deal with. Wouldn’t be the most shocking thing for McNeil to spend a good chunk of his games at 1-2 even if it doesn’t happen right away.
  10. He does most everything you want to see. The only thing he never did was throw strikes, and now it seems he does. He’ll miss a ton of bats on sliders and change and his good Velo from left side will play up on a riser and, with help from Marlins Park, keep the ball in the stadium.
  11. Tbf, the last time AJ Preller spent a boat load of money in an offseason he brought in Myers, Upton, Kemp, Kimbrel, and Shields.... and only Myers made it through more than a single season with the team. Everyone else was allowed to walk or traded away.
  12. Depends on league context. If he makes the OD Roster he's one of my favorite picks after the top 250-300 right now, in his current context. I think he can find a way to PT, PT is muddled for a great number of OF5's in 12-15 Team leagues, and he's an interesting enough skill-set to see if he can be this year's Mallex Smith. I think the raw tools are there, and the line-up is better.
  13. If Senzel comes up near right away I think it really will be Winker / Senzel / Puig far more dayas than not.
  14. You're listing every player that they've given minor league, off-the-street, nothing contracts as your primary competition for a post-300 ADP player. If you have actual competition, please list it. The primary 1B, a prospect who hasn't proven anythign returning from shoulder injury, and a probably minimum contract do not make a strong argument for why I should be worried Allen won't get PT moving forward. Why? Allen hit for average and took walks at 25-26. He probably has a hell of a lot better glove than Joyce. Why is it definitive that Joyce benefits a real team more than Allen? I'd rather play the 26 yo with a good glove and see if he can make it a wash on the offensive side.