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  1. Hes been ridiculously hot since I posted this o.o
  2. I'm not starting Hendricks til I see better velo
  3. A satisfactory start.
  4. Stud.
  5. Fair enough, but I think Peralta could easily be in the same fringe tier.
  6. Where do you rank Christian Yelich?
  7. Fair in terms of management and you dont' know what a team will do, but he has a 43.8% Hard%, a nearly identical Contact rate, Batted ball profile (LD/FB/GB and Spray), and a .200 BABIP. I will openly admit that I haven't been able to watch him enough, but his Fangraphs SCREAMS that his bad numbers are a fluke right now. His Whiff% is down from 2015 at 9.2% and his Z-Contact is at 90%. I have a hard time believing the strikeouts for one even remotely sustain, and he's not a .200 BABIP hitter.
  8. I think he could be closer to an OF2 by years end.
  9. Still really unconcerned.
  10. Yeah I didn't see that. Like I said I've been busy. No clue, I'd give a 70+% chance that the manager has to give a comment on it so I'd listen to that .
  11. I have no idea, I just saw that that happened, but it wasn't a save situation. Idk, the manager would have to be legitimately worried because I feel like he should have at least SOME leash. But nothing to know until we see another save situaiton probably.
  12. Reasonably, any day that Story goes 0-4 w/o a K should still be seen as a positive.
  13. I run him out every day yes. I don't knwo if the fact that Finnegan got bounced early meant they wanted to use Iglesias early but then again they used Lorenzen in the multiple inning role in that Finnegan game when he got the win less then a week ago so I have no actual clue.
  14. 10.6% BB% 8.5% K% .341 BA (w. a reasonably .314 BABIP) 3 HR And people asked why he was ranked so high because...
  15. I could go a bit deeper but not at this point. But basically he's got the contact skills and at this point the BABIP profile to justify it. 2015 he hit over .280. It's not really much of a stretch to me. 7.5% BB% so whatever that does in OBP