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  1. w00t. I won't get Mike Trout but I'll get one of the better players.
  2. My dude pacing like 28 HRs 100 Rs and 100 RBIs... “ah Lawd! He the most overrated playah on the planet!”
  3. Someone in a group chat threw out the statement that he's doing what you expected/hoped Correa/Seager to do, but is actually doing it instead of flailing. I definitely agree his SB numbers haven't been encouraging, especially the lack of any attempts really at all. And Cruz/Rosario are good hitters so it does make sense to a large extent. plus with 22 XBHs, he's skipping First Base enough as it is. But he is also athletic and seems to have a good concept of pitch usage when he's at the plate, so I think he has the right tools to be a good base stealer. Still 25 yo. Definitely bleak-er outlook in the category, but I think he can hit a 10 SB pace with 6-7ish ROS. But he's also at 10+% BB%, sub-14% K%, and a .305 ISO. When you consider the way he uses the whole field and has been smashing the ball, his .337 (before today) or even .362 BABIPs (after today) aren't all that crazy. I mean it's hard to make the argument that polanco hasn't been one of the best players in baseball so far this season. 9th in WAR, 10th in wRC+, 10th in OPS prior to today. His OPS raised from .995 to 1.061 today. Now hitting .344. Add to that the twins are top 5 right now in stats like wOBA and wRC+ as a team. His Counting stats are doing better and better. He's up to about a 100/80 Pace. Not to mention the fact that 25 HRs is light compared to pace. I dont' necessarily believe he keeps pace, but he's pacing 30+, and he's pretty legit in the cold weather of Minnesota. And Summer is coming.
  4. Polanco 4/4. When he’s on he’s really on
  5. I've been trying to think of a comp all day. Usually I can do comps pretty well but I'm blanking pretty hard. Good lefty velo. Slider+Change. Slider+Change probably the two best pitches. Change probably the best. I do like the Liriano comp thrown out. I think it makes a good deal of sense. He looks similarly nasty when he's on. He's been on all year.
  6. Is he? Mets very LH heavy probably will have some sharp platoon splits this year... are the nationals that much better than the second best offense in most other divisions? He misses cupcakes by virtue of being on a last place team. But otherwise I don’t think it’s that bad.
  7. You got me excited. Until he's called up the mods won't allow this thread in the big-league section of teh forum. Good mention tho. Potentially a low-upside type but I'm a dynasty owner who'd appreciate the innings boost.
  8. His career whiff% on 4SFBs is egregious and so are his numbers against off-speed pitches (not-breaking, but specifically Changes). Neither of these things have changed in the early season. His overall whiff% is really high makes me think he's going to strike out 30%+ anyway, but he's a curiously good breaking ball hitter early on. Teams will figure that out. If he can't touch 23% of 4SFBs I think he'll fall apart at the seams. His career nubmers on 4SFBs aren't even bad in terms of BA/SLG, but his K total is and I think the Whiff/Ks will win out in the long run. Still only 180-200 PAs career so those are the numbers that matter to me. And again, small samples, but his problems in this regard pre-2019 are still absolutely prevalent. I consider problems for Whiff% (4SFB) at like 10%. 15% starts scaring me bad. He sat at like 23-24% prior to this year at 22% this year. EGREGIOUS. And on his career he has a sub-.100 BA on changes with 1 BB 1 1B 1 2B in I think 23? ABs. I don't know when it happens, but I think when scouting reports get good on this guy they will demolish him into a fine powder and send him to Japan al-a Christian Villanueva. I'm being a little extreme and hope I'm wrong but that's what I see. If I'm a scout working for a team and see walker right now I'm screaming to talk to the Catcher and make sure he knows how to call this guy.
  9. Better contact on fastballs, convince me he's competent on off-speed, and when I go through his video and see his HRs I need to see fewer meat balls. I missed his first Double today. The second was just a horrid pitch. I've seen quite a few of his HRs on just dead-center not-that-fast pitches. He can beat mistakes. I think he's going to get pitched to better and with a more directed scouting report and it will crush him if not soon, before long. Unless he changes some things or shows improvements he hasn't so far this year, to my eye.
  10. I mean that's how breakouts go in April. Last year in April Villanueva hit .321 with 8 HRs. In May he hit .170 with 7 HRs. In November he moved his career to the Nippon Professional League (Japan). Some guys you believe in some guys you don't. Some guys you're also wrong on. But Walker's not a guy I believe in right now.
  11. Right now I'm leaning towards Walker being a Christian Villanueva / Matt Davidson type moreso.
  12. Just wanted to jump back on this. Because the reason I made the echo joke is because I feel like it's an empty room. Like it's the same as the Jose Ramirez situation... where people think they're on the same page because they see a player a bit better than Simmons. "Yeah I agree he's a nice little player." But I don't think he's a nice little player. I think he's going to approach like... barely under Lindor potentially in the next couple years. Dude has it all as a hitter and is really starting to figure it out.
  13. I’m just resounding my own echo
  14. Yup Ben palmer has many of the same thoughts I’ve seen him talk about him a few times. Dude is en fuego
  15. Jorge Polanco is pretty good at baseball.
  16. I disagree. I don't think you can survive as an MLB SP with a breaking ball alone. It's a good breaking ball. But with no Off-Speed pitch and a fastball that gets killed, I don't think Nick Pivetta has what it takes to survive.
  17. Nick Pivetta isn't Jose Altuve, bub. Not by a long shot. Look he's free, and can have Ks. So he's got upside. But I didn't believe he was a sub-4 ERA guy before the season and I certainly don't now that he's been demoted in the first month.
  18. I'm starting to get on board with the @ChicksDigTheOPS theory that "Jorge Polanco" must just be a boring name. So many Jorges. A few Polancos. "Jose Ramirez" was the same way.
  19. Completely agreed. I think I might've overrated his ability to get a dozen SBs too with this line-up. It just turns with OBP too much. But if he gets to 25-30 HRs and 120+ Rs... at his draft price? Who cares. .250-.270 BA is good... .360-.400 OBP is fantastic.
  20. Yeah like... WHAT? Were you forced to pay 2014 prices or something? .381 OBP / .471 SLG / .852 OPS. And even if you're in a BA league, his current .253 BA easily plays with his pace of (by my estimations) 27 HRs and 128 Rs. 60 RBIs not be the best as a L-O in the NL, but if you get 27 and 128 out of McCutchen you got a hell of a bargain. If you're in an OBP league he's been one of the best values of the season. If he gets a few SBs, all the better.
  21. Aguilar could turn it around. I also think he's closer to getting Pivetta'd than people think.
  22. Kepler (L) Polanco (S batting L) Cruz Rosario (L) is one of the most low-key difficult starts for a RH Pitcher. That's a lot of quality bats, quality contact, and (sans potentially Rosario) quality eyes mostly coming at you from the Oppo-Handed side. Plus they have guys with interesting but not complete skill sets like Astudillo, Buxton, and Schoop, who also all help counterbalance v. LHP. I've changed tune on one team since the start of the year and I think the Twins win the Central. Offense is real and SPs aren't "great," but they're also in many cases clearly not bad. Bullpen (love Rogers) also has some back-end talent and depth if Parker, Hildy, and May keep playing up.