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  1. Jose Berrios 2018 Outlook

    Wow nothing about tonight?!? a Win with 8ip & 9ks deserves mention! Especially since he allowed 2 Runs early but continued to battle and keep his team in it until they finally pulled ahead in the 8th. Its gutsy starts like this that give me the most encouragement! Plus its his 2nd straight gem!
  2. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    ....just about ready for SOTOworld to explode. FTFY.
  3. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    Ok that makes me feel better... My keeper league also counts Hits & OPS too so Cesar was a stud in this league. However Castellanos should put up good Hit & OPS numbers as well... Only time will tell but I already had Baez/Lowrie at 2b so logistically this move made sense.... But Cesar is red hot, so if anyone else out there is willing to sell him, now's the time! He looks like Jose Altuve-lite right now!
  4. How does everyone feel about Cesar Hernandez? He's redhot right now so I just hopefully "sold him high" & swapped him straightup in a Keeper league for Nick Castellanos. I already have Javier Baez & Jed Lowrie at 2b and I have Joey Gallo playing 3b but Wil Myers out so I've been starting bums at 1b so this move allows me to put Gallo at 1b & have a good 3b. I tried shipping him Lowrie but he wouldn't bite. But I'm beginning to think I already lost on this swap lol bc our league counts Hits + OPS, plus Cesar only costs an 18th Round pick and Castellanos a 13th so Cesar commands a better keeper value too... He accepted it 2 days ago before this tear but I'm already getting cold feet! LMK your opinions! WHIR!
  5. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    How does everyone feel about Cesar Hernandez? He's redhot right now so I just swapped him straightup in a Keeper league for Nick Castellanos, man I hope I'm doing this right! Lol, but he's on pace to destroy his previous best in Runs, HR, and SB so I hope I'm actually "Selling High" even though he appears to be a breakout candidate, it feels like he puts up a Hit & Run to go with a HR or SB almost every single game... I need ur wisdom on this guy?
  6. Joey Gallo 2018 Outlook

    Man he really needed tonights 3-for-5, 3-rbi effort. Especially the 3 hits!
  7. Brandon Nimmo 2018 Outlook

    Nimmo's FREE! So with Juan Lagares out for the season, where are we projecting Brandon Nimmo assuming he's at the top of the NYM's lineup? Any player comparison?
  8. Andrew Heaney 2018 Outlook

    how does one achieve the "professional baseball fan" status? i consider myself a huge fan but apparently I'm simply amateur status... with that said I'm buying Heaney stock wherever I can.
  9. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    2 HRs in his last 4 games after only 1 HR in his first 23 games... maybe the start of a little something? I still own him in a deep 14-team Keeper league for incredible value so my fingers are crossed! ... But I'm not sure if I could've held onto him in a Redraft though. Right now he's a watch and see in a redraft league imho
  10. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    his 'breakout' happened last year, to improve upon those numbers would be taking the next step to super-stardom. teams already acknowledge him as a franchise caliber player so the only 'significant thing' that needs to happen is him staying healthy in 2018. you sound like someone with sour grapes rather than genuine insight
  11. Mark Trumbo 2017 Outlook

    Just when he appears to be "breaking out", he blows again! He's DEFINITELY NOT gonna match his Power-#s, but he could still put up respectable 30-100 #'s, especially in my OPS league. He's always been streaky so MAYBE he's got a "hot-streak left in him, we shall see!
  12. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    Guy's he ain't THAT great lately... just 'better' than he's been, and he's been MISERABLE! ...But Addison Russell will definitely 'breakout' eventually.... hopefully soon, but I'll be drafting his a** late every single season until he breaks out. His Keeper Value will be AMAZING the later and later he Falls!!! EDIT: Removed CSB
  13. Derek Fisher 2017 Outlook

    Aoki blows big-time! D.Fish is a NO-BRAINER 'hold' in my Keeper League! Let's go Houston, send down Aoki's punkass or deal D.Fish to a team where he'll get Playing time, but I agree with one of the above posters. I REALLY like him in this Houston lineup, they'll let him use all his 5-tools to the fullest, Steal whenever he wants, Run for that extra-base when the opportunity presents itself... they'll let "him be him" & THAT'S where I want this kid!!!
  14. Derek Fisher 2017 Outlook

    I doubt D.Fish ran on his on, but MAYBE... If Springer hits a ball to the Gap, he's Scoring & if he's safe - RISP! NEVER smart making the last out on a Steal with a Power-Hitter up, but I'd be SHOCKED if he made that call, we simply don't know. but they did know he was gonna run there or was "LIKELY" to Run.... a Hitv& Run would've made MUCH MORE sense!
  15. Julio Teheran 2017 Outlook

    So is this guy a buy-low or not? His Home/Road splits are actually INSANE! I kno ATLANTA made changes to their stadium's dimensions this off-season, is it possible he just needs to adjust?? -Once again, he got SHELLACKED @ HOME Last-night for 9 Earned Runs in 3ip! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Listen to these Splits..... @ Home: He's 1-4, in 24.0 innings Pitched, he's been HORRIFIC with an ERA= 10.50 (amassing 28-Earned Runs in Only 24ip) & a GROSS 2.00 whip. -Strangely, his K/BB Ratio aren't that different Home -OR- Road: His Home's 18/13 compared to his Road's 18/10, but look at his other DOMINANT Road #'s.... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Road: He's 2-0 & in 25.1 innings Pitched, he's DOMINATED w/ an ERA= 0.71 (Only 2-ER TOTAL) & a STERLING 1.07 whip !!! -I just don't get it !?! His K/BB Ratio's similar, but he's allowed DOUBLE the Hits, but 26-more ER's & the stat that stands out the Most is his 8-Homeruns alloed @ Home Vs. the 0-Homeruns on the Road. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ -So for the time being, should he just be a Road-Starter, until the Brave's Ace turns it around?? Those SICK Road #'s make me think he's NOT headed for a BAD-Season, he's just stumbling at home.... is he a GOOD BUY while his overall Stats look horrendous??? .... but after 'savvy-oners' give him a 2nd glance - There's PLENTY of Light at the end of his.