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  1. I think Beer gets a big knock on some lists because he’s a horrible defender no matter what position he plays. In my world, I don’t care if he fields like Smalls. I think he’s easily a top 50 prospect...and probably more like 25ish. I’m a big fan of Beer...and beer!
  2. Probably because his pitch arsenal and frame give him tremendous upside. I’ve watched him pitch and I can’t help but think that the poor performance has to be injury related.
  3. Law is smart but he’s a pompous jerk that goes out of his way to belittle people and start arguments on Twitter. He’s near the top of my fight club list. He’s always pushing his flaming liberal political agenda...I say this and I’m pretty liberal myself. He’s just super annoying and condescending about it. His prospect knowledge is pretty strong but he literally does it for a living. I read a lot of his material but there are times when he makes himself hard to take. He does do the “what I got wrong” thing but even when he does that, it lacks humility and just comes off as his typical pompous routine.
  4. Eli Morgan is off to a great start in A+ ball. 1.29 ERA - 0.61 WHIP and 37 Ks in only 28 innings. The body isn’t great but it looks like he could be someone to keep an eye on. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. I think he has 20 HR pop in his bat. I really like Hoerner. He's underrated and should be a fast riser on lists really soon. His hit tool is special and he's got enough power and speed to matter.
  6. I couldn’t help but notice that Mauricio started Friday and Saturday with the big league Mets in ST games. That says a lot about how they view the 17 year old.
  7. I literally checked to make sure today wasn’t April 1st... #kickintheballs
  8. I’m not 100% sure about his struggles being injury related but it is certainly an interesting correlation. I think he’s a guy that could return some value with a cheap investment though. The odds of him ever being the Jake Arrieta of old are slim. I do think he can bounce back if he’s healthy. He’s always been a workout warrior...he takes care of his body.
  9. Well he did have a 1.17 and a 1.13 WHIP in April and May last year...pre-injury.
  10. I think Lester and Arrieta are about the same guy fantasy wise. Lester seems to be carrying a little more perceived value but it’s definitely pretty close. I have them as my 6th and 7th SPs in my main league and I’m pretty comfortable with that setup. These guys have the potential to throw a bunch of innings and that’s important in the current baseball landscape.
  11. The main thing I like about Arrieta is the price. He’s going undrafted in some my main league. I scooped him up for free. I wouldn’t advocate taking him super early but I do think he’s a top 50 SP with a solid track record. He was pretty good in April last year and then had a dominant May (0.90 ERA) before getting hurt in June. It looks like the knee injury derailed him last year.
  12. Good point on Nola. He actually looked pretty good in ST until his most recent start.
  13. So the fact that Jake Arrieta doesn’t have a thread says a whole lot to me. I think people are writing him off entitlely too early. He could be the Opening Day starter for one of the best teams in the NL. He pitched with a knee injury last year and is now healthy. His spring stats aren’t great but does anyone care about that? I’m a buyer on Arrieta. I think his price is so low now that there’s basically no risk. Anyone else think there’s something to see here?
  14. Keston Hiura NL ROY Cutch goes 20-20 Yu Darvish NL Cy Young Amed Rosario goes 15-30...Top 5 SS Francisco Mejia is the #2 catcher behind Realmuto Franmil hits 30 HRs and bats over .285 Acuna 40-40