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  1. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    It’s hard to compare Whitley and McKenzie... McKenzie is pencil thin and that could cause some issues. I doubt Whitley is anywhere close to as thin as McKenzie.
  2. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Yup...every situation is different. Lewis Brinson should’ve been up a while ago. He’s taken forever to get to the bigs. It ends up being a guessing game and I try not to get too involved in the specifics. I’ll have a general timeframe in mind but that’s it.
  3. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Yeah this is a list of rookies for 2018... That changes things so remember that when looking at this list.
  4. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    I just saw on Twitter that he says he weighs 195 lbs... I’m not sure I like that. It certainly caught me off guard...especially since he’s 6’7”. I think I’d like to see him at 235-240.
  5. top 10 RHP list

    I moved Whitley up to #11 on my list...I thought that was fairly bold but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in the top 10 on a few lists.
  6. top 10 RHP list Pretty interesting to see Whitley as the #2 behind Ohtani...
  7. Andrew McCutchen 2018 Outlook

    Sounds like Kyle Crick is involved 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. Coach George's Off Season Top 100

    I do like him...I think I’ve had him in the back end of my list before. I’m not real big on ranking catchers in general. Trying to deal with prospect catchers is like herding cats. It’s tough. I’ve always liked Carson Kelly...he’s pretty safe, even for a catcher. Obviously, his situation behind Yadi is far from ideal.
  9. Coach George's Off Season Top 100

    Maybe I’m still holding on to the Anderson Espinoza dream. I got sucked into his talent a while ago and I’m just having trouble coping with his injuries. I mean, I’ve talked it out in my head but maybe I should seek counseling in this matter.
  10. Coach George's Off Season Top 100

    Soroka- I think he's the best arm in the Braves system. He is so rock solid and I love the fact that he has a really nice arsenal to go along with elite command. He's got the perfect frame to hold up and stay healthy. He doesn't have a huge K ratio in the minors, but I think that's partially because he's so efficient and isn't a bull in a china shop. I think he's been tremendously underrated all along, but he's convinced me to move him up to #25. I think he's very legit. Robert is dripping with tools. I'm curious to see how he adjusts in the minors. I'd like to see how his plate discipline goes as he moves through the minors. I have very little doubt that he has everything in the tools department to dominate. I really like Robert a lot. Jesus Sanchez seems like a natural hitter to me. His stance is a little upright and strange, but he's still a really toolsy kid. He's a lot bigger than I originally thought but he still is athletic enough to steal enough bags to matter. I think he could be very useful in roto leagues eventually. I could see him hitting 25+ HRs and swiping 15 bags once he eventually make it to the majors. Calhoun has hit everywhere. There's no doubt about that. The obvious concern with him is his body type. Some would call him compact, some might use the word chubby. He's not the prototype but it hard to argue with his production. I think he could prove to be very powerful in a Texas lineup. I have been slow to believe in Calhoun all along so keep that in mind. It's possible that I'm not giving him enough credit for his production. I think Juan Soto is a pure hitter. I'd like to see him stay healthy...another injury plagued year and he's going to get a label. In a points league, I think he could be the guy to own because I think he has a super advanced approach with outstanding tools that will only improve with maturation and experience. Kieboom's plate discipline stands out to me. I love to see such a young, talented player be able to limit his Ks and still get on base at such an impressive clip. I think we will see more power emerge as he advances through the minors. I think he's a little stronger than people give him credit for. He's 6'2 and very athletic at SS. I think he's really an exciting player than could open a lot of eyes this year and fly up lists.
  11. Coach George's Off Season Top 100

    I figured I'd throw out my opinion before all the big lists come out... Each of my lists is independent. So, I don't pull up my older lists and work off of that. I'm sure that you can go back and call me out and say you had Player A higher than Player B on your last list. I'm sure there are plenty of those types of things. Things change quick in the prospect world. I take a lot of things into consideration when making a list. It's important to find a balance between stats vs tools. A guy like Corbin Burnes had a huge year statistically, but can't really match the tools of Jason Groome. I've always been a sucker for upside...especially when chasing prospects. If you're gonna spend time developing a player you might as well shoot for the moon. 1- Ronald Acuna 2- Shohei Ohtani 3- Vlad Guerrero Jr. 4- Victor Robles 5- Eloy Jimenez 6- Michael Kopech 7- Gleyber Torres 8- Brendan Rodgers 9- Walker Buehler 10- Luis Robert 11- Forrest Whitley 12- Nick Senzel 13- Kyle Tucker 14- Brent Honeywell 15- Mitch Keller 16- Alex Reyes 17- Fernando Tatis Jr. 18- Bo Bichette 19- Francisco Mejia 20- Lewis Brinson 21- Royce Lewis 22- Triston McKenzie 23- Jason Groome 24- Juan Soto 25- Mike Soroka 26- Estevan Florial 27- Austin Meadows 28- Mackenzie Gore 29- Sixto Sanchez 30- Kolby Allard 31- Franklin Perez 32- Taylor Trammell 33- Jesus Sanchez 34- Anderson Espinoza 35- Luis Gohara 36- Alec Hansen 37- Hunter Greene 38- Austin Hays 39- Matt Manning 40- Dominic Smith 41- Blake Rutherford 42- Cal Quantrill 43- Leody Tavares 44- AJ Puk 45- Willie Calhoun 46- Michel Baez 47- Kyle Wright 48- Keston Hiura 49- Jorge Mateo 50- Adrian Morejon 51- Corbin Burnes 52- Alex Verdugo 53- Willy Adames 54- Jack Flaherty 55- Kyle Lewis 56- Dylan Cease 57- Tyler Mahle 58- Jon Duplantier 59- Scott Kingery 60- Anthony Alford 61- Ian Anderson 62- Brandon Woodruff 63- Ryan McMahon 64- Yordan Alvarez 65- Carson Kelly 66- Yadier Alvarez 67- Luis Urias 68- Nick Gordon 69- Colton Welker 70- Brendan McKay 71- Mickey Moniak 72- Chance Sisco 73- Alex Faedo 74- Beau Burrows 75- Michael Chavis 76- Jake Bauers 77- Kevin Maitan 78- Chance Adams 79- Riley Pint 80- Jesus Luzardo 81- Miguel Andujar 82- Jose Siri 83- Corey Ray 84- Jorge Guzman 85- Braxton Garrett 86- JB Bukauskas 87- Pavin Smith 88- Joey Wentz 89- Carter Kieboom 90- Fernando Romero 91- Wander Javier 92- Heliot Ramos 93- Stephen Gonsalves 94- Jeren Kendall 95- Jhailyn Ortiz 96- Mitchell White 97- Adbert Alzolay 98- Sandy Alcantara 99- Justus Sheffield 100- Nate Pearson
  12. Which prospects are you higher on than most people, and why?

    From the videos I've seen, he sure looks a lot like Gio. Honestly, it was uncanny how much he reminded me of Gio. I definitely really like Luzardo. Now is the time to buy on him because I have a strong feeling that he's going to balloon very quickly. I feel like the industry is a little late to the Luzardo show.
  13. Acuna's Trade Value

    I'll give you an example... I just traded for Acuna in my keeper 9 league. We can keep someone forever, but we keep 9. I was a little short on my overall 9 so I was willing to trade a stud to add more keeper depth. I got: Acuna, Bregman, Devers and Springer I gave: Arenado Every league is different, but the fact that I can keep Acuna for the rest of his career made him extremely attractive. In all honesty, I value Acuna pretty close to Springer in that league. It might be crazy but I think Acuna has that type of potential. Springer will be the better player in 2018, but I think Acuna could pass him after that.
  14. Which prospects are you higher on than most people, and why?

    I've been hanging on to the Touki Tousaint dream for a while now... He's young and super inconsistent but he has top tier "stuff." Statistically, he was pretty bad early last year and then seemed to settle down a little bit. I think he has tremendous upside but sometimes gets overlooked in a really crowded Atlanta system. Maybe this will be the make or break year for Touki. He definitely has a plus-plus name!
  15. Braxton Garrett - SP MIA

    He had Tommy John surgery back in June. I'd say that was pretty bad break for him overall. Hopefully he can get healthy and return to his former potential.