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  1. Jorge Guzman P Yankees

    I think Guzman might just be really good and underrated... I don't see him as a bigger risk than any of the other prospects in his tier. I think he's really talented, but gets overlooked a little bit because he has a boring name. If his name was Abendigo El Camino he'd be all over everyone's radar. I really think that happens. Franklin Perez is another guy like that...he's way better than people realize but has a boring name. I think the move to Miami gives him a better shot to stick as a SP.
  2. 2018 Draft Day MUST HAVES and BARGAINS

    I think Austin Hays could provide some sneaky good value in deeper leagues. I don't love the upside but I feel like he will be dirt cheap and should definitely outproduce his price. A .285 - 24 HR - 8 steal season isn't out of the question.
  3. Favorite Player to own and why

    I've had Miggy in a keeper league since 2006... It's going to be hard to say goodbye this year, but maybe I can pick him back up in the draft.
  4. Which prospects are you higher on than most people, and why?

    He's young and has top shelf stuff. His curve made me fell in love with him but he has great velocity and athleticism as well. I know the stats haven't been elite but I'm definitely not throwing in the towel on Touki. I really hope he has a big year in 2018. I'm rooting for him.
  5. Baseball America 2018 Top 100

    Clearly, they are a racist group. ...just kidding!
  6. Baseball America 2018 Top 100

    I think that a lot of people could have soured on him because he was banged up quite a bit. His final line was much better than I realized after he got off to a bit of a bumpy start. To be clear, I really like White a whole lot. I've gotten the sense that many "experts" are down on him and I don't think that's valid. I didn't expect him to make many lists...partially because of the injury issues and because I thought he faltered more than he actually had. I had him at 96, but I was probably too low on him. I'm curious to see how other lists treat him.
  7. Baseball America 2018 Top 100

    This list has a lot in common with my list. A few observations... - Whitley, Kopech, Keller, Honey and Buehler are all really good and can ranked almost interchangeably - Tatis Jr and Bichette are ranked higher than anticipated...although I really like both guys - Austin Hays is kind of all over the place in rankings. I think he's solid, but not spectacular and he's got a high floor and a low ceiling. He's MLB ready. -Royce Lewis is the highest ranked player from the 2017 MLB draft. I think he's really good and maybe underrated after being -Soroka at 27 is as high as I have seen him ranked, except on my list -Estevan Florial has flown up the charts about everywhere -Luis Robert at 58...maybe they have a problem with Cubans -Mitchell White at 69...they are still holding on to the dream...for good cause -Wander Javier makes his first official appearance on a major list
  8. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    It’s hard to compare Whitley and McKenzie... McKenzie is pencil thin and that could cause some issues. I doubt Whitley is anywhere close to as thin as McKenzie.
  9. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Yup...every situation is different. Lewis Brinson should’ve been up a while ago. He’s taken forever to get to the bigs. It ends up being a guessing game and I try not to get too involved in the specifics. I’ll have a general timeframe in mind but that’s it.
  10. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Yeah this is a list of rookies for 2018... That changes things so remember that when looking at this list.
  11. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    I just saw on Twitter that he says he weighs 195 lbs... I’m not sure I like that. It certainly caught me off guard...especially since he’s 6’7”. I think I’d like to see him at 235-240.
  12. top 10 RHP list

    I moved Whitley up to #11 on my list...I thought that was fairly bold but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in the top 10 on a few lists.
  13. top 10 RHP list Pretty interesting to see Whitley as the #2 behind Ohtani...
  14. Andrew McCutchen 2018 Outlook

    Sounds like Kyle Crick is involved 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. Coach George's Off Season Top 100

    I do like him...I think I’ve had him in the back end of my list before. I’m not real big on ranking catchers in general. Trying to deal with prospect catchers is like herding cats. It’s tough. I’ve always liked Carson Kelly...he’s pretty safe, even for a catcher. Obviously, his situation behind Yadi is far from ideal.