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  1. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    They nailed it between 15-20 seconds, "he's the total package, it's just size". That's the only knock, the success rate of starters under 6'0 is just almost non-existent in the modern era. Pedro and Lincecum have been the exception to the rule.
  2. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    He's listed at 5'10 and it's hard to know how 'updated' that is. I agree with you guys, there have been very few pitchers in the modern era, not named Tim Lincecum or Pedro Martinez, that have found a lot of success as a starting pitcher that are under 6 feet.
  3. Patrick Wisdom 2019 Outlook

    Worth a late round flier, imo, if there is no platoon even more so.
  4. Corbin Burnes 2019 Outlook

    Not sure: Per RotoWire News: General Manager David Stearns said Burnes will enter the 2019 season as a starter, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. (10/23/2018)
  5. Thoughts on him making the Brewers rotation and expectations of him this year and long-term.
  6. Tyler White 2019 Outlook

    Bazinga! I actually laughed out loud at that one nice one @ST. STEVEN On White, like other guys have already mentioned he will have some real sneaky value if they don't go out and get another bat. If there is anything behind the Edwin rumors and that they were pursuing Cruz until he signed with the Twins, then it does not seem the 'Stros are all that comfortable with having him as a full-time player.
  7. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Gents - Albeit a really good discussion on the Mets-M's trade and corresponding WAR value, this is a thread for Jeff McNeil. Given the recent trades and signings by the Mets, my outlook for McNeil has unfortunately soured. Obviously there are injuries and he could absolutely rake which would force the team's hand, but as it stands I do not see a path to regular playing time. Perhaps he will be used as a trade-chip in another deal for a starter or to strengthen them elsewhere.
  8. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Seems like they intend to play him across the INF. Whatever value his bat adds would seem to be off-set by his likely below average defense if he does not have the arm/range at 3rd and has never played 1B. My hope was that Voit would be provided every opportunity to play 1B full-time, but figured Bird would still be in the mix. The signings of Tulo and now DJ have complicated that scenario.
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Ya, not sure I get this signing at all other than signing him to ride the pine or try and/or they try and play him at SS. My understanding though is that he does not have the range for SS, which is why he has played 2B.
  10. new prospect list- Prospects1500

    I'm not sure why they wouldn't if he is considered one of the top prospects by scouts and talent evaluators. What difference does it make if he is 'years away'? The point of the list is to identify the top prospects, regardless of proximity to their respective MLB teams. If proximity was the only consideration, the lists would mostly be composed of AA and AAA guys. There is inherent risk, I agree, with putting such a young player very high on the list, but again age and proximity is not the determining factor. If his talent, at least from respected scouts and evaluators, believe he should be ranked highly then that's where he should be. See Griffey Jr., Ken for further information about young kids and prospect rankings. If I recall he really was a young kid debuting in short season and with his showing began his meteoric rise and he was ranked by Baseball America quite high afterwards. The rest is history. Again, the ranking is based on his perceived talent and ability even if it takes 3 more years to get to the show.
  11. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Herrera signs with the White Sox. Wonder if he or Colome will close or they will just have a closer by committee based on matchups?
  12. 2019 Sleepers

    I think a lot of Villar's value will be tied to the philosophy of the new Manager and where he hits in the lineup. I am hoping the new Manager will take a 'green light' policy and have him hitting in the top 3 in the lineup. That said, if for some reason he has a slow start or K's again far too frequently he might hit at the bottom of the lineup and that would significantly reduce his value. Likewise, if there is some analytics program emphasized where they don't let him run as Buck was willing to do after the trade, it would also significantly reduce his value. My perspective remains that he could be a top 5 SS but there are still remain a lot of unknowns.
  13. Willians Astudillo 2019 Outlook

    Also, further to the above according to BP he also finished 30th out of 117 in pitch framing (2 behind Castro) and was decent throwing out runners. Not sure if he was catching in the winter league, but would be interesting to see hear any progress in that regard. Likely have to see how things look in ST before having a better sense of playing time. I'm in agreement with @brockpapersizer that he's likely to have more value in daily versus weekly leagues. Also in agreement with @jbj that he has top 10, if not higher upside, if things break right for him.
  14. Willians Astudillo 2019 Outlook

    Read the FG article. Nice to see that he hit for some power given the league is not overly homer friendly. Of course the pitching down there is not great, still good to see the hard contact. Could be a top 5 fantasy catcher if he can get 400+ ABs and hit in the top 5 of the Twins lineup. Seems unlikely to hit in top 5, but his ability to make contact and not strike out would seem to support his inclusion there.
  15. Jasrado Chisholm SS ARI

    FYI - ranked #1 in the DBacks system by BA. As we mentioned, needs to cut down on the K's which they deemed 'concerning' and improve against LHP. That said, they believe he has 20-20 upside if it breaks right.