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  1. A nice blow-up opening day start for Fiers. The more poor performances by the rotation the sooner we will hopefully see Luzardo. All hail Jesus Lizard!
  2. TD - Mostly read Eric Cross at Fantrax, really enjoy his fantasy take, Prospects Live, Ralph's take at Razzball (what is free content), ImaginaryBrickwall, @garlando does a really good job at Pitcher's List, and also read BP's fantasy take in their write-ups for their Top 10's.
  3. I agree, they are likely both not around for too much longer. I really like both, but I don't feel they are heavily vested in 'fantasy' so their spin and rankings I still weigh but not as much as some others.
  4. Ya, barring an injury Murphy is the opening day 1B over Reynolds.
  5. Good question. I guess it depends on how many players you can hold onto and who else may be available. Why it may be premature to drop him in a very deep league, if there some pop-up guys that are (or become) available I would not just keep holding for the sake of holding. Again, depends on the league and ability to protect guys. From my end, I usually treat my prospects as trade chips so we know with the injury most other owners will be down on him and there is little to no trade value for him, imo, right now which is also what lends to my analysis.
  6. Has been pretty silent from the Rox this late in the Spring. Do we think there is a 75% chance that he makes the roster and gets a nearly everyday role?
  7. 2 Hrs off of Verlander opens my eyes. I'm buying shares of him where I can. Like those mentioned above, I don't see a path to the Nats in '19, at least before September, but if he goes down to AA and starts raking and there is an injury then he may make the case for his debut. In any event, he's looked real good this Spring and his bat should play at 2B/3B should Turner remain healthy and block him there.
  8. I'm sure there will be an X-ray but likely just a bad bruise.
  9. Any chance Voit gets a sniff of the OF? Would be great if he could also add OF eligibility in Yahoo or leagues that only require 5 starts 10 appearances.
  10. Pulling for you BP, that was a GREAT idea to lock in on those odds. No risk, no reward!
  11. He will definitely move up lists this year if he starts tearing it up at High A.
  12. Taylor Ward if he breaks camp with the Angels. This could also go in the MLB portion since I'm not sure he still qualifies for MiLB.
  13. I've been a big fan of his, but the criticisms remain over his defense and also that he will have trouble against better MLB pitching (ie. struggle against good off-speed pitches). Like any good player, he will need to make adjustments as teams realize he can crush a fastball and expect pitchers to adjust.
  14. Then we don't disagree. That's the whole point of my post. You don't have a kid, that you are high on, sit on the bench and not give him any real opportunity to play. I would think this is especially true, if like you said, they were contending for the playoffs.
  15. His track record at the major league level? If you followed this thread last season, you will know that McMahon was provided limited opportunity beyond a spot start here or there or the occasional late inning substitution or pinch-hitting at-bat. Certainly not a good way to allow the kid to acclimatize to MLB pitching and gain any confidence or consistency. It was completely the opposite way to handle a young kid, imo. They should have just let him get more experience and everyday ABs in AAA if that's how they intended to use him.