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  1. 2019 "Deep" Sleepers

    I'm with @brockpapersizer. For sure, if you have space and believe in Golden there is no risk if it is a deep deep roster to carry him. That said, for every Golden that becomes a "Tommy Pham" late bloomer, there are 100+ other guys with those K rates that become 4-A type players. They have a strong minor league career but do not have any long-term success in the majors. Joey Gallo would seem to be the exception, but I dare say that his draft selection and pedigree made it more tolerable to deal with the K numbers as he ascended the minors. I'm sure if Golden turned into Gallo that would be a nice find for you.
  2. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Baseball America had referenced a couple scouts recent looks at him in the AFL suggesting that Alonso is really struggling against better pitching, especially on sliders and fastballs with inside movement. The concern raised that he could not get around on them and just was not hitting the slider. Also, another scout commented that he is 20 on the 20-80 scale on his defense and has looked really bad. Not what you want to hear.
  3. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    Would the idea be that Profar replaces Didi?
  4. Mallex Smith 2019 Outlook

    As a Pham owner, I'm disappointed that Smith won't be getting on base in front of him.
  5. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Considering their team, proximity to contending for the WS, and abundance of good young arms, I would definitely consider this if I were the Braves.
  6. Clayton Kershaw 2019 Outlook

    My prediction: 170 IP, 14 wins, 3.25 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 172Ks
  7. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Add in that he had 2BBs in yesterday's AS game as well.
  8. 2019 Steamer Projections

    Astudillo stands out at C.
  9. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    Over-Under on Luke Voit getting 450 ABs next year.
  10. Clayton Kershaw 2019 Outlook

    Not a 1st or 2nd round pick anymore, but he does not have to throw heat with the off-speed stuff he has in his arsenal. I won't be reaching for him, but I'd certainly happy to see him available toward the end of the 3rd round.
  11. Toronto Blue Jays 2019 Outlook

    There was some discussion of having Gurriel playing OF. It will be interesting if they had him work on that during the off-season and/or he plays some OF in Spring Training to add to his versatility. I could see them utilizing Gurriel as a Ben Zobrist type next season so they can get his bat in the lineup. There still has not been a decision on Solarte either. Unlikely he will be back, but should be noted. Again, all speculation right now but will be an interesting off-season.
  12. Toronto Blue Jays 2019 Outlook

    Will see what deals, if any, they make. Rowdy Tellez looked great in his debut. I wonder if he will be given an opportunity to make the team?
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Ya, I guess from my end I would defer to the players and how he is seemingly viewed. I did not see any Dodgers rally around him, then failing to hustle on the ball off the wall I'm sure did him no favors. Then there was this little diddy: Again, if guys come out in support of him that he is just 'playing hard' you won't hear a peep from me. That said, the silence is rather deafening. Instead, Yelich's comments would seem to be how he may be viewed by a number of players in the league. A great talent, for sure, but it definitely seems he has some growing up to do.
  14. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    The problem is the totality of the evidence. Obviously if it was a 'one off', like Utley who has played for years and well respected by his peers, he gets the benefit of the doubt. However, when it looks like a fish, and swims like a fish and smells like fish, well you get it. Letting go that bat was truly one of the most immature things I've seen in MLB. You wanna go after the pitcher, that's one thing, but letting go the bat purposely? What if it hit the umpire or someone in the dugout or god forbid an innocent fan? From what I've seen he's just completely immature. There's a difference between playing hard and playing dirty. That attempt to take out Aguiar there's just no place for it in today's game.
  15. Anthony Rizzo 2019 Outlook

    Fairly predictable. Not really a stud, but as mentioned fairly predictable numbers. I would not reach for him, but if he falls you know what you are getting.
  16. Adam Garland Pitcher's List- Top 150

    @garlando really appreciate your efforts on the RW Forum and thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions. Just some insight from you, from a strictly fantasy standpoint. We know that outside of pitchers that catchers seem to be the most risky in terms of their ability to stick and then produce meaningful fantasy stats. Right now, I own both Keibert Ruiz and Ronaldo Hernandez. Hernandez seems to have the better power, whereas Ruiz the better contact and seemingly less power. Ruiz has also performed reasonably well at a higher level, especially given his age. If you could only keep one, 5x5 fantasy league (so no OBP/SLG, etc.), which one would you go with and what is/are the separating factor(s)? Thanks in advance.
  17. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

    His velocity has been consistently down all year. That said, his off-speed stuff is just nasty. Mock his velocity all you want, he still put up pretty impressive numbers. I likewise would not take him in the first 2 rounds, but I would gladly take him again next year.
  18. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    How was Voit defensively at 1B when he played there?
  19. Travis Shaw 2018 Outlook

    Not starting again. Wonder if this is something to expect in 2019? Seems a lot better than starting Perez!
  20. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Any belief that Fry will be given an opportunity? Also wondering if Kelvin Herrera will be signed to be a closer.
  21. 2019 Draft Strategy

    It's still remains difficult to determine 'top tier' closer, because seemingly there is an Edwin Diaz or Blake Treihen that emerges. Outside of Chapman (who was injured), Jansen (both injured then shaky upon returning), Kimbrel and maybe now Diaz, who else fits into that top tier? Beyond the issue with committees, it seems that there is very few (less than a handful) of guys that fit the criteria over the last 3-5 years. And even then, Chapman and Jansen can not be necessarily counted on next year for a whole season.
  22. Rowdy Tellez - 1B Blue Jays

    @brockpapersizer thought he would have too, but unless I'm missing something I did not see any Thread for him either in MiLB or MLB. Figured since he still qualified for MiLB, and my favorite (including yourself) prospect mavens frequent here more often, would seek some insight. What are your thoughts on him for next year and moving forward?
  23. Rowdy Tellez - 1B Blue Jays

    Surprised that Rowdy does not have his own thread. Based on his September performance, I think he has put himself squarely in the conversation for a role on the Jays next season. Smoak has a very cheap club option, which if they do not move him they will no doubt bring him back. It may be though that he would become a trade chip during the year. It is unlikely the Jays are competing next year, and seem to be putting their competitive chips towards 2020 and beyond. So, what do you guys think about Rowdy's fantasy prospects next year?
  24. Luis Severino 2018 Outlook

    I'm sure privately that Rothschild and Boone have an issue with him being late for the warm-up, but I don't think you are going to hear anything else from them. While it's on Severino to get to the game on-time, I was always under the assumption there is someone on staff in the organization that is supposed to account for everyone. It might be too late, but at least right now I don't think they want finger-pointing and this to become a bigger story.
  25. Luke Voit 2018 Outlook

    There has been some discussions, as mentioned, about moving Andujar to 1B. But like someone else mentioned, it is unlikely that Gardner or McCutcheon are brought back, which conceivable opens up more ABs for Voit at either 1B and/or DH. Cashman and Boone will likely discuss, but I think Boone really likes Voit and the energy he brings. Bird could be used as a trade chip to replace Britton (assuming they don't sign him) or for SP depth. At this point, I do not think that Boone would prefer Bird to Voit so if it comes down to "Manager's Decision" I definitely think that Voit has the lead on playing time. Much will depend on what transpires in the off-season. All of this could have no meaning if they go out and sign a Machado. It should be mentioned that Machado's indicated he wants to play SS, so the discussions about signing Machado and sticking him at third does not seem to factor in that he might weigh the money and position options. Signing Harper would not really impact Voit's playing time, imo, provided they don't sign anyone else.