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  1. Will this guy be a factor in this offense or is he a year or two away?
  2. Yep. And the fact that the Chargers can win without Gordon with two capable backs in Eker and Jackson. The cowboys offense runs through Zeke. Jerry will cave if the cowboys start off 0-2. Gordon’s coming back in week 10
  3. Drake (foot) "appeared explosive and sharp in his cuts as he ran through drills" during his return to practice Monday, Joe Schad of The Palm Beach Post reports. Analysis: The running back had missed two weeks worth of action with a foot injury that led to him donning a walking boot, but his return to practice Monday gets him right back into the team's starting Week 1 running back equation. At this stage, we'd expect Drake to head a timeshare with Kalen Ballage, an arrangement in which Drake likely would see more touches than his counterpart, but one in which Ballage would presumably be the team's goal-line back.
  4. Aikman said both passes were on Fitzpatrick and Williams was open .. I think I’ll trust the hall of famer’s opinion. He had Ramsey beat by 2 yards .. The throw was terrible .. to the sideline on the wrong shoulder
  5. What are talking about he’s looked good. It’s Fitzpatrick who has looked like a** .. Preston burned Ramsey by 3 steps. It should’ve been a TD but the pass was horrible .. the first pass was thrown to sidelines.
  6. Thoughts on him? Rosen seems to have good chemistry with him. Eager to see how he responds in tomorrow’s preseason game after a couple of drops last week
  7. Definitely. JJ’s vision and running style is very similar to Marcus Allen. He’s a better RB than Ekeler. Ek will still get work but I think it’ll be a 60/40 split in Jackson’s favor with Jackson getting all the goal line work
  8. Justin Jackson for me and it’s not even close. I think JJ’s going to ball out this year. Ekeler is a 3rd down back