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  1. That would have never worked. Cam couldn’t take all of those hits that Lamar took. He was banged up. It’s a reason why CMC took most of the goaline carries last year as opposed to Cam running it in. Probably going to be like that with CMC next year as well to limit the hits on Cam.
  2. Only backs I would take over Mcafferey are Zeke and Saquon .. THATS IT and I’m not even sure those two are better. They’re all in the same tier to me.
  3. Cam’s health not being 100% works in CMC’s favor. Cam has to check down more instead of throwing the ball downfield with that bum shoulder. Makes Mcafferey even more appealing to own
  4. I would put Mcafferey in the “Superstar” category .. Dude absolutely killed this year and he still doesn’t get his just due smh
  5. Yeah but a top TE can win you your week. Just look at Kelce week 13 at Oakland
  6. Catches: 103 Yards: 1,336 TD: 10 Targets: 150 Obviusly the cream of the crop from the TE position with Mahomes and that offense. How early should he be drafted next year?
  7. This guy is donskies .. Him and Martavis Bryant need to hang together
  8. I need for 40 from CMC while Kamara gets nothing lol
  9. Would you feel comfortable starting him as your RB2 this weekend is the real question? .. The guy has elite talent, but an unpredictable workload. Either way he’s going to send people a lot of people to their fantasy championship this Sunday or be on their DND list for next year
  10. Need 2 out of the bunch .. 1/2 ppr Doug Martin home against Cincy Kenneth Dixon home against Tampa Justin Jackson @ KC Kenyan Drake @ Minny Which 2 should I start??? Thanks in advance
  11. Ekeler extremely doubtful
  12. Extremely doubtful