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  1. Until the Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook thread. Get healthy, get out of Cleveland, and then get on with the business of a Half of Fame career. It can still happen!
  2. So close.... yet, so far.... Oh well... everyone that has him in a redraft has an easy cut...
  3. Grabbed Miami in my suicide pool... bragging about the "lay-up". Cleveland looking like they are going to knock down Miami...
  4. Had to be facing the Stafford to Marvin Jones hook-up combo today....
  5. Great talent, couldn't really stay healthy in college and also got stuck behind Derrick Henry. Certainly worthy of his draft round, if healthy, but it remains to be seen if he can be immediately effective in the NFL (even against the Browns). This opportunity to play/start is earned, but also a result of Ajayi's quick fall out of favor in Miami.
  6. Just under the standings it says: Depending on how your team finishes, you may be eligible to enter one of our free post-season contests. Contest eligibility is based on current standings and is finalized at the conclusion of the fantasy playoffs. Learn More Champion of Champions ($40,000 grand prize) Silver Cup ($5,000 grand prize) Bronze Cup ($1,000 grand prize) Plastic Cup ($100 grand prize)
  7. Taking Edelmen out of my PPR line-up tonight. I think Houston is going to pound the middle of the pocket and spend all day in Brissett's face. The "Edelman at QB" scenario has appeal, but that's more of a longshot and how effective would he really be beyond gadget plays? Granted, I am fortunate to have other reasonable options. Edelman's ceiling is limited tonight (really do not see the Pats scoring much through the air) and his floor is zero - even in PPR. Hate to be a naysayer, but I'm just not feeling it for Edelman tonight. Brissett is a true rookie, so I see a run heavy approach with Gronk/Bennett (big targets) getting most of the passing looks. Having said that, it might be a sneaky night for James White to operate as "checkdown Charlie".
  8. Not looking to stir it up, buuuut Mark Ingram was a pro-bowl RB last season and the score was 7-3 at the half. Zeke was the consensus top RB coming out of college and runs behind the best line football... Also, Dallas was up 3-0 after the first and up 16-13 after 3 quarters. Just saying I do not agree with you assessment of the Giant defense being lightweights.
  9. Quick question: Why do you think the Cowboys & Saints abandoned the run?
  10. In Plod We Trust!
  11. Luck getting looked at and stretched out on the sideline.
  12. Amazed that Bortles can't get the ball to his guys...