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  1. Been a Josh Gordon truther for years... Held him in all my dynasty leagues waiting for a return... He got back on the field last year, and he was ok... not bad, but nothing special. After this round of disappointment, I am finally over the obsession. I wish him the best in his recovery and I actually hope he gets to ball again. Having said that, no longer holding a spot to invest in the upside in leagues less than 25 man rosters.
  2. Sometimes aholes are just aholes. If he's proven guilty, he needs to be behind bars... I hear they love little guys that abuse children in prisons...
  3. The key catch-phrase is, " He's really been turning heads in camp"... 😎
  4. This should really be the Tyreek Hill 2020 Outlook thread.
  5. If I was Cleveland, I'd hold on to Duke. Hunt's not back until Week 9 and he'll probably need a couple weeks to shake off the rust. Duke has trade value, but he also has value to Cleveland... If the trade Duke, what does Cleveland do for a COP/3rd down back until Hunt is ready?
  6. I am onboard with any kind of discount Hunt creates for Chubb. You got to win games to get to the playoffs and Chubb will certainly win you some weeks early. Sure his value may decline down the stretch, but it might not... no one knows. If Chubb is balling and the Browns are winning, they aren't just going to sit him to see the new toy. Hunt may give Chubb a breather for a game or two, which may work out well, but he won't push him out of the 1/2 down role.
  7. Love the Saffold signing... great move by Tennessee.... Tannehill's ability to hand off is underrated.
  8. What's nice is we'll actually get to see what Hyde can do when not faced with 8 in the box over and over and over again. He's got more juice than people give him credit for, but just hasn't been in situation where RBs are set up for success. Past couple seasons were the Bortles/Kessler Jags, the Tyrod Taylor Browns and the CJ Beathard 49ers. Now he's got Mahomes and pals stretching the defenses in every which way. Happy for Hyde... Williams is a nice player, but such a small sample size... I think there is a real possibility that Hyde outshines Williams significantly.
  9. Not sure what the offer would have to be... I think the Giants would need more than the #2 pick to move OBJ and I doubt the 49ers would move that pick. With the improvements to the line and the losses on defense, the Giants may just be all in on offense at this point...
  10. Of course Hyde only caught 59 balls in 2017. What they signed was an aging 1/2 down RB with some receiving skills. Hyde is past his prime, but he's been the feature back on teams with no other useful players on offense. Rip his ypc all day, but look a little deeper into those team constructs. I actually like the signing for the Chiefs and for Hyde's value... He escapes the pool of the worthless and now has cuff value with upside. I'll still give Williams the nod, but not by much.
  11. A lot of people are thinking the Giants would move OBJ +#6 for SF's #2 + something. Wish they would offer what that "something" could be. Can't see the Giants moving OBJ and giving up their #6 just to move up 4 spots... Agree they need their QB, but this isn't the deal to get it done. OBJ + their 2nd for SF's 1st would be better aligned or they get a more realistic deal elsewhere or they just keep him. Wouldn't mind drafting Haskins and seeing if they could still make it work with OBJ... At this point, it feels like a longshot...
  12. JuJu can already beat tough match-ups and has already faced them. Not saying he won't get closed down here and there, but it's not like he isn't already receiving significant defensive consideration. Sometimes those CB1s are better suited to cover JuJu than AB. Just saying the uptick in volume for JuJu will benefit him more than the increased attention will hurt him.
  13. AB going to Tennessee would not be a good thing for Tennessee... Mariota still has a chance to turn it around, but if it turns out that he's JAG, AB will implode there, as well. AB would be bad for the young guys. AB needs to go to a winning team with an established, capable, and confident QB at the helm.
  14. It is remarkable to me how the Giants line has been so bad for so long.