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  1. Unfortunately, there is no chance that Mixon will be there for you at #2. I see a few teams in your league that, quite honestly, should have already swapped out their guy for Mixon.
  2. Depends. How many teams in the league, how deep are the rosters, what do the starting line-ups consist of, etc...? Also, are the rookie picks placed into a taxi squad (most likely) or do you have to make cuts to add the new players? This is a fairly deep NFL draft, so the #7 overall with 3 2nd rounders is pretty tempting, especially if you need help everywhere on your roster. Having said that, in one of my dynasty leagues, the guy who finished last last year drafted 'Zeke at #1 overall and went to the bowl this season. Sometimes one guy is all you need. If your team needs help everywhere, this is probably the right move... Just start building your team to be competitive for a year or two down the road rather than try to win this season. It is a dynasty league and this deal cements your "farm team", so to speak. I'd try to package a couple of those 2nd rounders into a 1st rounder next season If you can, wait until after the NFL draft to make a decision on that offer, see where the rookies end up, do a few rookie mocks and see what you end up with.
  3. You got a young QB who has shown the capability to win 13 games and wins the NFC East in his rookie season. You got an old 36 QB with a healthy salary cap (24.5MM) number who is prone to injury and coming off a back surgery and has only won one playoff game in his career. I agree Romo was a good QB, and he may even have a season or two left in him, and maybe he even gets a raw deal here, but as Dallas GM I recognize it is already Prescott's team and his time to shine. Romo is 19MM in dead money if they cut him, but they can at least take the extra 5.5 and plug it in to the defense somewhere. I understand a loyalty argument for Romo, but the "what have you done for me lately" argument handily wins the Dallas QB story... simple as that.
  4. The kid's a player, but it's all about the QB for the Jets.
  5. In no particular order, I see these guys as more or less bellcows: Le'Veon Bell(cow) David Johnson 'Zeke Elliott Lesean McCoy Todd Gurley Melvin Gordon DeMarco Murray (I know Henry is there, but Tenn used Murray as a bellcow) Frank Gore Carlos Hyde Adrian Peterson (when/if healthy) Lamar Miller
  6. Is it really a phenomenon? Mediocre sucks. Giant fans won't accommodate mediocre... most fans won't accept their team being in the bottom 1/3 of anything. I don't know about you, but I want my team making the Superbowl every year or at least have a legit shot at it. Any glaring weakness that a (my) team has and that goes untended for a couple seasons is trash. I put this on Reese... but he addressed the defense last off season, so he earns another pass. The Giants went 11-5 behind that sh*t line and a strong defense. Outside of Seattle being in their piss poor division, did any of the teams ranked lower than the Giants reach 10 wins. Did any make the playoffs? 6 of the Top 10 OLines made the playoffs. Eli is not elite, but he did keep the Giants relevant and in the mix even with a bottom third OLine. He got sacked only 22 times last season despite a bottom 1/3 line. Think about where that OLine ranking would be had Eli taken the 50+ sacks he would have taken had he not thrown the ball into the dirt all the time. While I did not love seeing that, I do understand it was self-preservation. Did you watch any Giant games?
  7. No Oline, worthless TEs, no consistency from the RBs, and a rookie #2 WR. The offense is basically Manning to Beckham. Yeah, let's put it on Manning.
  8. Really going out on a limb there...
  9. Whitworth would be a tremendous short-term solution and is definitely what we need (along with every other team), but he is 35 and would come at premium dollars coming off his pro-bowl campaign... Perhaps Matt Kalil? Assuming the hip is ok, he'll come in a few million cheaper per year and offers long-term upside at just 27. Parker showed enough, to me, to be worthy of being the lead back of a committee... not sure I would use a Day 1/2 draft pick on a RB when there are a glut of veteran RBs to choose from... Parker & Vereen is a reasonable 1-2, but a banger would be nice... DWill or Blount are proven guys and wouldn't crush the cap. I'd rather Reese throw Day 1/2 darts at OL, LB and maybe another DLineman (if they let JPP walk). JPP is great, but a superstar contract will be needed and that may be a luxury we cannot yet afford... No doubting that JPP is stellar, but he misses a lot of games and his contract can shore up a number of other positions. Spags has enough talent on the roster to scheme well. Totally agree that they have to sign Hankins.
  10. Either way, it would still be "super"...
  11. On offense: OL early & often please... I want a house built around Manning on passing downs next season. Then pick up Doug Martin to pair with Parker in the backfield. Lastly, If there is one to be had, please find us a big bodied WR that is capable of seeing the field. Alshon would be a great choice if he wasn't always hurt and didn't cost $11+ Also, time to start prospecting for Manning's replacement... PLEASE do not let the Giants fall to the zone where Ryan Fitzpatrick or worse the Brock Oswelier caliber starters "make sense"... puke.
  12. Thanks Victor... you put excitement back into our WR corp and you are a fan fave!
  13. Did something happen to Marshall and/or Enunwa (not to mention Peake)?
  14. The Green Bay RB position offers nice fantasy potential... real nice. Lacy; however, is just not reliable. Coming in 30 pounds over demonstrates a lack of willingness to be the best... indicates, to me, more of a content demeanor. There is certainly a difference between the guys that stay motivated to stay in shape year-round vs. the guys that think they can get to where they need to be in camp... give me the guys that don't need the push. If a guy is not naturally inclined to work hard, pushing him might work for a season or two, but I don't think I've ever seen a skill position eater come back and have a great career after a tough, weight battle infused camp. I suppose some would point to Le'Veon Bell, but he lost his weight in the off-season and showed up ready to roll. In the same context, I am curious to see what happens with Karlos Williams in Pittsburgh. All the P90x stories were a good read, but I wonder what actually does he do for an encore... and, at this point, should we even care. My opinion can change depending on how Lacy shows up to camp, but for now, I can't put him higher than RB3 or Flex on my board. If someone sees it different, then they'll get him. My two cents.