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  1. Anyone who drafts Jordan Cameron should be ignored on Rotoworld forever.
  2. No one's ever going to argue with drafting a Hall of Famer for value!
  3. Meet last year's league champion: P.S. You let him go for 10 rounds before you grabbed him, too... just sayin'
  4. Maybe the Jags are looking for an Offensive Lineman.
  5. I had a whole draft strategy around securing Josh Brown... that's out the window now.
  6. I was thinking, "Same old Jets"
  7. Colts, Raiders, Eagles, & Washington could also use running backs...
  8. Wow. Sorry, but you couldn't be any more wrong. Cam threw 35 TDs to a mixed bag of: Greg Olsen, Ted Ginn, Jericho Cotchery, Devin Funchess, Corey Brown, Mike Tolbert, and Ed Dickson... not exactly murderers row. Not only that... he ran for 600 yards and scored 10 more on the ground. If Cam Newton is just "good", then there are no great QBs. I like what I have seen from Dak Prescott, but let's not get carried away... two pre-season quarters is not exactly a Superbowl run. I'm not even sure he's taken a hit yet.
  9. ... and ears, hopefully.
  10. Apologies if I missed the part of the thread with the details on this league, but what are the details? What kind of league scoring are we talking about? (Standard, 1/2 PPR, PPR, IDP) How many teams? What is the roster size? Snake Draft or Auction? League Fees & Payouts? Open for almost everything, but no interest in IDP, anything less than 12 teams, have a strong preference of auction over snake, & rosters sizes at or above 20. Open to $$$.
  11. Ironcocks made the first move of the year...
  12. Had to be disappointed with just $9. I saw a guy drop a load on "Adrian Peterson"... "Going Once, Going Twice", then someone jumps in for another buck... two guys walked it all the way up to $63. Pure comedy.
  13. He'd be the first QB to 5500, as well.
  14. Going against the grain here... but I actually like Hyde this season. Injury is still a potential issue, but his workload situation is tremendous. Would certainly like to see him surrounded with better talent, but building a rushing attack is doable for any NFL team. What works against Hyde, to me, is that the division is loaded with stud defenses.