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  1. @Packdog... I'll be playing the part of rabbit Week 1:
  2. Is a Top 24 finish a great season? 2015 stats: 829 yards and 6 TDs... this is not great to me... barely 50 yards a game.
  3. So he looked like a rookie?
  4. Anyone already sick of talking about 'Zeke Elliott's suspension? I know I am and it's all just getting started...
  5. You mean this guy?
  6. I'm grabbing Alf before McFadden... just my two cents.
  7. It is an interesting case because no crime has been committed in the eyes of the law. The NFL has the right to protect its shield and 'Zeke is going to be hung out to dry while the media pecks away at him for the rest of his career. He can also kiss sponsorship money goodbye... With the suspension, the media is going to be hellbent on getting the confirmed evidence, so we'll find out in due time.
  8. 6 games for multiple incidents...
  9. For this season... Vereen Turbin Charles Sims Rex Burkhead Joe Williams DeAndre Washington
  10. I agree to some extent... they did sign Murray to some guaranteed money before they drafted Cook. They can also move, very comfortably, away from Murray after this season. Murray will get carries because someone on the roster other than Cook has to. The same GM drafted Cook and the coach wants to win games by fielding the best talent. Ultimately, at this point, Murray has to get on (and stay on) the field just to earn the short end work of the committee. A predictable early season RBBC, then talent takes over. Murray comes with pass blocking skills, so he does have that going for him, but he still needs to learn the offense. He's also a foot injury guy coming off another foot injury... Oh, did I forget to say he stinks?
  11. Murray stinks. Barely 4.0 behind a great line... not going to improve behind Minnesota's line. Nice that he was able to fall forward for a bunch of scores last year (9 of 12 under 4 yards or less), but that's not really talent... that's the line opening holes.
  12. Hope you are right, but elevating to fantasy relevant (in anything other than deep leagues) feels like a stretch... I do agree that the slot would a good spot for him as a player, but his fantasy upside would be limited to "consistently inconsistent", imo... If Lat Murray is healthy, I cannot see McKinnon netting more than 3-4 carries a game along with just 2-3 targets.
  13. If the Jets are Josh Gordon's only way back in to the NFL, he may as well just go back to smoking grass...
  14. Curious to see what the Dolphins do... A playoff caliber team in need of a QB (assuming Tannehill did the ACL)... Kaep and Cutler are the only legit options, unless they "believe" in Matt Moore...