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  1. It's tough to have an opinion on what you are saying until you define what the other upgrade is. You want to give me Hilton & an RB1 upgrade (Le'Veon Bell, DJ, etc...) for Julio, sure I'm in. You want to give me Hilton and an RB3 upgrade (Gore, Crowell), I am not so sure.
  2. While being respectful for the careers many of these players have had, they all suck now for various reasons: Some for their play, some for their age, some for their contracts, some for the bad press/baggage they'll bring along with them, etc...
  3. Jones has more talent than Kelley, so the possibility exists. The challenge is the fumbling... being a healthy scratch for 8 games is a serious indicator of "no confidence". He can flash in practice, but ultimately he fumbled the job away... Mack Brown may actually have late/last round flyer value.
  4. "I'd love to hear some examples on the other side" My initial thought was the Packers: 2014 Packers: Randall Cobb: 91-1287-12 Jordy Nelson: 98-1519-13 2015 Packers (Nelson hurt): Randall Cobb: 79-829-6 Garcon did better when DJax started playing for the Redskins... There are nuances to all of this, but if people are down on Beckham, that's great for guys like me that anticipate more of the same. Cool Story Bro moment: It's kind of like when I got David Johnson at 11 last year... people trying too hard to be right...
  5. If memory serves, Murray had an exceptionally long recovery period for a foot issue upon his entering the league. He sat out the 2013 season and only logged 82 carries in 2014. He arrived in 2015 with 266 carries, but had a late 2016 season toe injury that limited him down the stretch last season and he logged a total of 195 carries. Coming off this ankle surgery (bone spurs), he will miss the Vikings off-season program and will enter the pre-season playing catch-up. Not horrible for a RB, but worth noting as he will need to establish chemistry with his new line and he will not be getting the reps to do so while rehabbing. They guaranteed Murray a lot of money, so he'll certainly get his chance(s). I believe Murray will start this season limited and my guess is the Vikings start McKinnon early. If/when he falters in the lead role, Murray will see an uptick in usage... TBD if he can capitalize. Curious to see if the Vikings draft a young pup or grab another FA at some point.
  6. I don't think anyone would fault you for choosing one or the other in the scenario... it's all preference... I tend to like the bigs over the smalls... (which makes Evans interesting for me, as well) Julio could be #1WR off the board or #3... no argument would be coming from anyone on taking Jones over Beckham. I think we got 3 top line RBs and 3 top shelf WRs in this upcoming draft... draft positions interchangeable based on scoring/preference. For me, a top shelf ranking is more a function of a player's floor versus a player's ceiling.
  7. Seems like there are a couple trains of thought on Beckham. Anyone that is disappointed in getting a guy like Beckham is overthinking... 2016: 101-1367-10 - Victor Cruz and rookie Sterling Shepard were his #2/3 running mates. 2015: 97-1450-13 - Shane Vereen and Reuben Randle were his #2/3 running mates. 2014: 91-1305-12 - Reuben Randle and Larry Donnell were his #2/3 running mates. Yes, this looks like a rapid decline... I love having Marshall on the team... from both a real football perspective/Giants fan and on the fantasy impact for OBJ's 2017 campaign. Defenses actually have to cover Marshall AND Shepard which translates to fewer double teams and defenses favoring OBJ's side. If the Giants shore up the line and can establish the run, Beckham is going to blow the doors off single coverage when he gets it. Odell Beckham has sick open field skills and he is going to have much more open field this season with the Marshall on the roster. Marshall will also help move the chains... extending drives and creating more chances. Will he get 100 receptions? Maybe, maybe not. Will he get 150 targets? Maybe, maybe not. Will he get a higher percentage of quality looks? Absolutely. Beckham has ten (10) 50+ yard touchdowns in his three years (35 overall). That is not flukey like a RB that lucks out with goal line opportunities 20 times a season... The big play is something OBJ brings to the table every week. The Giants offense is not designed to feed Marshall... it is designed to feed Beckham. What's not to like?
  8. Was it Gase or someone in the front office that had the man-crush on Foster? If it was Gase, then I completely agree with and promote the sarcasm above. If it was the front office, I'll give him a pass due to having his hands tied.
  9. Blount would be an interesting add for the Giants... kinda like that idea...
  10. Your #3s above twists what I said into a definitive and you are twisting people's commentary to serve your argument. The question I responded to was where would Marshall's get all his targets from... nothing about Beckham. I said let's start with Cruz and Tye's 142 targets and then finished with a commentary explaining that there are plenty of other targets in this offense to go around. None of this related to OBJ. My opinion offers that Marshall's targets will be limited to 120 (which would still put him in the Top 20). Scroll up, it's all still there.
  11. Ok, let's connect the dots... He has a $55K incentive to "get to 255"... that's most likely not in place for him to lose 1-2 pounds. He played at 265 last season and has had an ankle surgery which, most likely, limits ability to condition. He has had weight issues his entire career. Why would you think he's anything less?
  12. My two cents: Lacy's weight and current injury recovery: *He was 267 pounds when he visited Seattle and secured his contract. *That's 267 pounds coming off a surgery where he had screws, wires, and a plate inserted into his ankle (two torn ligaments). A bad ankle and having to lose 22 pounds to get to game weight is a difficult combination for any person... He does have excess flab, so maybe he can just sweat it all out with significant conditioning work in the pool. Next, the move to Seattle: *He enters a crowded backfield with Rawls & Prosise already on board. *Rawls is a fan favorite and he is good, so I truly doubt he gets relegated to the bench. *Prosise is the 3rd down back and he is good, so I expect Lacy to only marginally contribute in the receiving game. *Rawls & Prosise are better than Starks & Montgomery... put two and two together here. Overall, I question the commitment of players that are closer to eating their way out of the league than striving to become a Pro-bowler. (ie. Karlos Williams, etc) At best, Lacy gets lion's share of a committee in Seattle... Given that, how high can his ceiling really be? We've all already seen his floor for the past two seasons. Green Bay let him go, leaving them with only sub-standard rushers on their roster, so that is a low endorsement. I do not see a significant turnaround for him... He may be fantasy roster-worthy, but he's not going to be someone whose performance I'd want to depend on by using an early pick.
  13. This made me chuckle.
  14. 72 Victor Cruz 70 Will Tye We can start there... I won't nitpick and research every marginal player's targets... Marshall will get his share of those, as well. At the end of the season, I don't see Marshall getting more than 120 targets. 120 targets would put him in the Top 20 most targeted WRs in 2016. I do not see Beckham getting targeted any less unless the Giants are simply winning games handily... (that never f'ing happens).