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  1. I do think they'll get him 100 overall yards today, but I do not think he will reach the 1000/1000 club. 159 yards receiving is a stretch, even for Johnson.
  2. Wink: My second season in the league and my second 5th place finish... not horrible, but not where I was set up to go. This season had a better feel, finishing 1st in total points scored, just needed a different path through the playoff (with Too Bad dropping 180 on me in the first round). Draft: I zagged at this year's draft... while everyone was (zigging) testing their version of a "no RB theory", I found myself eschewing that trend and grabbed RBs early and often and got some great values. David Johnson at 11 (end 1st), Carlos Hyde at 35 (end 3rd), Jeremy Hill at 59 (end 5th) and Jordan Howard at 107 (end 9th) built the core of my scoring engine and made the bye weeks very comfortable to navigate, closing out the last four weeks of the regular season with Ws. For the WRs: Dez (2) & Crabtree (8) were the foundation with Josh Gordon (6th) taking the season off again. Still love the upside with Gordon, but you know the saying, "fool me four times, shame on..." I was able to round this group out late in the draft by grabbing Davante Adams (11) and Michael Thomas (12, Saints), but impatiently, cut both of those guys in September to pick up Cole Beasley (not bad) and James White (d'oh). Rounding out the roster with Cam Newton in the 5th... while early for a QB (and I do usually opt for QBs later), I was satisfied with that pick at the time (taking who I thought would be the #1 overall QB). In hindsight, I think Cam took a step back this season and his lights out days are coming to a close... he did not run as much and I do think the hits he takes (and does not get calls for) are ridiculous. Carolina has what amounts to B-level receivers and a solid, yet aging TE in Olsen... would like to see them draft a pass catching RB... As good as Stewart seems to be, the Carolina offense is too predictable for defenses to scheme against without a versatile/pass catching RB in that backfield. I'll likely stay away from Cam next season. Tyler Eifert was a dice roll that didn't pay off, but I still liked the pick at the end of the 7th. He was good for a couple games, but right on queue, the guy just cannot stay on the field. I'll take the mid round gamble knowing there were plenty of secondary tier talents available at TE. Head scratching move of the year: Picked up Marcus Mariota off the wire to get me through Cam's bye week, then cut him for... wait for it... DuJuan Harris. Not really anything left to say there although I could have cut Cam instead. Mariota went 32, 35, 26, 26 to close out the regular season while Cam went 16, 25, 14, 24, and 14 down the stretch... while it did not impact me in the Wins column, it was an obvious error on my part. Underrated move: Picking up Rishard Matthews mid-season and having him light it up every week for a few weeks. Really enjoyed being in the league again this season and looking forward to next year! It's always great having a set of engaged owners that want to win. See you guys next time around!
  3. My two cents: Derek Carr should be a lesson. "I like how our offense is flowing" is stupid... something you can see in a half. Having said all that... the rookie rushing record in Jerry Jones' grasp means 'Zeke gets his both tonight and next week.
  4. Congrats, Too Bad! My team picked a bad week to sh*t the bed, but you guys showed up and threw a nice number down. Good luck the rest of the way...
  5. 4) Avoid playing against Le'Veon Bell in the first round of the playoffs.
  6. Works for me. Gonna be a good draft next year...
  7. Hard1 - OTC... Thanks for posting... Quick question: I seem to remember the order for the playoff teams would be set after the playoffs. (Picks 1-6 set by regular season finish, then playoffs teams (picks 7-12) set by each team's playoff finish...) I could certainly be wrong though... really not sure.
  8. Carr looked like he was channeling his inner Alex Smith last night...
  9. Five 6-5 teams jockeying for the last 3 spots... good stuff. Got to like a rotoworld league where every team has made double digit moves. Good luck down the stretch.
  10. Is Benjamin on the field at all?
  11. F Ingram... how do you lose your job to Hightower?
  12. I got David Johnson, Jeremy Hill, Jordan Howard and Tyler Eifert on the bye and Carlos Hyde unlikely to play. Light line-up against Zidane... the fade continues.