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  1. Couch center with lap top and cheat sheets in hand, flanked by a bag of chips and a box of Mike & Ike candy, and just 15 steps away from the garage refrigerator with bottle opener placed strategically on top.
  2. I am flying back from Vegas on Monday. Barring any travel delays, I will be ready by 7:00pm CST. Not sure what pick I will have, but please feel free to give me Antonio Brown if I am running late...
  3. Fwiw, I say "good pick" when someone drafts a guy I have no interest in...
  4. Dynasty & keeper league owners....
  5. Not sure what our timeline actually looks like, but I will have sketchy availability from Thursday after 2:00pm EST through Monday after 7pm. Flying to Vegas and ultimately hiking into the Canyon... no idea what internet access will be like, but I have a low expectation. While my preference is to stay in the league, I understand if my holding up the latter part of the draft is not acceptable and I'll roll with whatever you guys decide.
  6. "Dear Bruce, I asked you as politely as I could to stop proposing trades to me. You are obviously stupid, naïve, or just plain rude because you haven’t listened. Here’s my final attempt: I don’t care if you have the cure for cancer and you want to trade it to me for my kicker – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE. I don’t care if doctors call me and tell me that your life depends on whether I will make a fantasy football trade with you – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE. I don’t care if the movie Armageddon comes to life and the government comes to me saying that I need to make a trade with you or you won’t go into space to save the world. I will just send you an email saying - – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE. ******** STOP IT, YOU USELESS, COCKLESS, SPINELESS, SAD ***********. Get out of your mother’s basement and make some friends. I know it’s hard, just try. I’m sure everyone will hate your guts within seconds of meeting you, but just stick with it. Try not to insult their intelligence by JUST BEING ******** NORMAL YOU ******** CREEPY FAGGOT. Maybe we’re reaching here – just start with owning a plant. Also, go see a shrink. You have HUGE psychological problems. I can see you laying out your “Joker” makeup and handguns at this moment. PLEASE GO TALK TO SOMEONE. I know your life sucks. Really, really bad. Those bad men should not have done those things to you and your butthole. You just can’t take that out on everyone here. Please go get the help you desperately need. Signed, Everyone that has ever encountered your pathetic, annoying, worthless self"
  7. I think we are looking at two separate leagues. I liked the free league last season because, despite being free, everyone here was engaged and people provided insight on a few topics that influenced me with my other leagues. A free league can obviously be drafted anytime. Agree with the preference of money leagues being drafted after the third pre-season game. Get the vast majority of potential injuries out of the way and have a clear read on who's who heading into week 1.
  8. Happy to commit to a buy-in with this group... Still fully engaged without.
  9. Ajayi was a bit of a gamble anyway... Now, he just became less expensive and more palatable. From the lens of a keeper/dynasty owner, I like him more now. He will be easier to acquire as a non-starter or RBBC guy and I agree with the Foster is an "injury waiting to happen" crew.
  10. So, are we starting this draft tomorrow?
  11. All depends on the league... the size , the scoring format, dynasty vs. keeper vs. redraft, etc...
  12. With you on AZ...
  13. Karlos is still the 'cuff, imo. The extra four weeks just keeps him healthy and fresh for McCoy's eventual mid-season hammyanklegroinvag strain. I was more concerned about J. Williams than Gillislee, but that seems to have taken care of itself. They'll need a 3rd RB for the start of the season, so they will sign someone... Foster would change my opinion about Karlos' spot in the pecking order, but that's about it.
  14. What's the over/under on the number of Pop-Tarts Karlos packed away in the off season?
  15. While i agree Coleman is a nice athlete, I genuinely seen him as a complimentary piece rather than #1 WR material. Fast, sure. Athletic... certainly. Polished... no. Big... no. Once DBs start jamming him, we are going to learn about him. Once DBs figure out his limited move skills, we are going to learn about him. I love the production in college, but Baylor is an offensive machine... athletes against Big 12 defenses. If confidence was high, not sure 4 other WRs would have been drafted. Coleman would benefit if Gordon came back as I cannot see him beating #1 WR attention at all. Think Emmanuel Sanders. Not trashing the guy, but not as optimistic about his opportunity as many seem to be preaching.