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  1. Eli Manning 2017 Season Outlook

    Trade the 2018 pick. Trade OBJ. Get rid of Reese and McAdoo. Blow this sh*t up and start fresh... No more sh*tty front office decisions and no more divas.
  2. Right there with you... been holding that spot all year... only took me 11 weeks, but I crawled out... let's see if it lasts... Being 13th feels like I just made the playoffs. Opening your draft with DeMarco Murray is not a recommendation I'll be making any time. Drafted 14th... admittedly came out of the draft feeling better than pessimistic. Definitely took my lumps this season...

    Gents, We never really discussed a seasonal trade deadline. While I am certainly open to year round trading (current settings), I think it prudent to halt trading at least during the 3 playoff weeks and then resume after the fantasy season has concluded... Nothing worse than seeing someone pull home a giant deal the week you are playing him in the playoffs. I'll roll with whatever everybody wants, but wanted to throw my 2 cents out there.
  4. Week 10 injury thread

    Same thing in the Rams game... Hekker for Goff...
  5. Week 10 injury thread

    Dak PRescott?
  6. Week 10 injury thread

    Jamaal Williams in at RB to start the second half...
  7. Week 10 injury thread

    They repeated the injury to TyMont on RedZone, but they did not know what it was... Montgomery went to the locker room before halftime... stay tuned.
  8. Martavis Bryant 2017 Outlook

    Agree with the Big Ben road effect, but the tough Ravens defense just gave Blake Bortles a career day.
  9. That would have been a sweet way to pull one out... Slow out of the gate for my squad... 0-3, always a challenge. Nice win & good luck the rest of the way!
  10. Didn't everyone start Lewis today?
  11. Jordy Nelson Rob Gronkowski Christian McCaffrey Julian Edelman Doug Martin Bilal Powell Matt Ryan Randall Cobb Kenneth Dixon Darren McFadden Mohamed Sanu Charles Sims Chris Hogan Arizona Mason Crosby Kenny Golladay

    Game Day! Good luck, gents!
  13. Jonathan Williams 2017 Season Outlook

    If I was Arizona, I'd take a look at JWill... would be a nice pick-up for them.