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  1. My quick run down... 1.14 Melvin Gordon 2.1 Dalvin Cook Melvin falling to 14th was too much value to pass up despite the contract narrative... my bet is they work it out with Rivers' window closing. MG was absolutely beasting last year until he sprained his knee... Dalvin Cook: Conner and Chubb were the other RB considerations here. Like them both a lot.. tough choice all the way. Opted for Dalvin... I like his situation in the 3 down workhorse role and, while his anticipated production is still speculative, I like his tape more than Conner's. Not knocking Conner, but taking AB off the field somewhat changes the Pittsburgh dynamic... defenses will lean into the trenches more his season. I think the Minnesota offense's arrow is pointing up and Pittsburgh is, at best, sideways. 3.14 Kenny Golladay 4.1 Julian Edelman Was fully targeting 2 WRs in this spot unless Josh Jacobs fell. RObert Woods was the only other WR considered here. I got a lot of Robert Woods, so swapped him out for Edleman. While the offense in Detroit is being touted as run-centric, they have only KJ & CJ + their defense is average to ok... they are going to have to pass in a division with the Packers, Vikings and even the Bears. Golladay has WR1 chops, but has to level up again this season to get there. At the time of the pick, I thought he has the highest WR floor and WR upside left. Edelman is a guy I've never owned and he's a thousand years old. Having said that, he's probably Brady's #1 target or, at worst, a 1B. I think he will notch 100+ receptions and be a consistent producer week in and week out... never going to be over the top, but never going to drop a donut on you either. 5.14 Tyler Boyd 6.1 Royce Freeman Boyd broke out last season and looked really solid doing it... guy works hard, learns, and keeps working hard. He's got AJ on the other side of the field to take the CB1 away. Cincinnati's defense is almost a dumpster fire, so this team will be chucking the ball. Boyd is clearly the #2 option behind Green and there's plenty of meat on the fantasy stick for the Cincy offense... The Oline sucks and that is a potential problem. Also, there's whispers of the corpse of John Ross rising, but I'll believe it when I see it. Freeman... just love him as a player and he wasn't getting back to me. Admittedly wanted Guice, Williams, or Howard here, but they all went right before my picks. Well done, gents. They drafted Freeman to be the guy and Lindsay stole the show last year. Lindsay comes in a little banged up, but will still retain the starting gig early, but I expect Denver to run a lot this season with Flacco at the helm. Fangio is a defensive-minded coach and Munchak is the best in the business at coaching up the OLine. Denver's rushing game will be a two-headed monster and I expect Freeman to get the stripe this season. 7.14 Austin Ekeler 8.1 Courtland Sutton I'll be the first to raise my hand and say I had no problem seeing Ekeler getting thrown back and then falling to me 9 picks later. There's still some talented RB flyers on the board, but Ekeler is as good a handcuff as there is in the league and, with MG's contract issue, buying insurance at pick 98 made sense... It's not sexy, but it works. I feel good about getting Sutton as my WR4 after starting the draft RB/RB... If I didn't already have Golladay, I might have grabbed Marvin Jones here, but I didn't want to double up on Lions. Sutton had a real nice rookie season (42-704-4). With Sanders on the mend, I expect Sutton's target share to go up this season. The Broncos are going to run more this season, but Sutton has a shot to be Flacco's first option. I was debating Westbrook and Shepard here, but opted for size over speed. Overall, happy with the start... hope to finish strong.
  2. Austin Ekeler RB, LAC Courtland Sutton WR, DEN @1972Miamidolphins - back at ya @DerrickHenrysCleats - On Deck @PackersFan1979 - In the Hole
  3. FFCollusion takes Carlos Hyde RB, KC @Br0kenB - OTC @CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast - On Deck @ZidaneValor - In the Hole
  4. I got FFC's pick when we get there...
  5. Tyler Boyd Royce Freeman @1972Miamidolphins back at ya
  6. Got to admit... was hoping for Derrius Guice & Mike Williams at the bend... Nice picks, gents.
  7. Pretty nice value right there... the guy was a pro-bowl RB last year.
  8. A monster finish and a theory on what a new OC "should" do is the reason? nah Just say it was just your man-crush getting the best of you... which is great... it's why we play... we all have guys we have to have and you actually got yours. Fwiw, Henry would have been there for you in the 2nd, but you netted JuJu anyway, so you're all set with as solid a 1/2 punch as anyone.
  9. Is this draft 15 or 16 rounds? Last season, I think, was 16
  10. Sorry for the delay, gents. 3.14 Kenny Golladay WR, DET 4.1 Julian Edelman WR, NEP @1972Miamidolphins OTC @DerrickHenrysCleats On deck @PackersFan1979 - In the hole
  11. No worries packersfan... would have been fine to start again tomorrow, but you turned it around! (and you nailed the pick)
  12. Do we think packersfan will make a pick or are we done for the night?
  13. So it may just be a difference of opinion, DHC, but imo, the 49ers have a talented roster despite the lack of superstars. I think redacted/redacted & redacted will catch their fair share at RB... Kittle will get his and the WR crew of redacted/redacted/redacted & redacted will all see reasonable targets. Kittle will be a solid TE, but I'd be surprised if he got 136 targets again this season.
  14. I think the SF offense actually has a lot of mouths to feed and a QB that will distribute the ball really well. Kittle was the focal point of an offense led by a back-up QB, had unhealthy RBs, and had no WRs. I still think he'll be the lead receiving target on the 49ers, but Garopollo will consistently get the ball to other players. Kittle will still be a top shelf TE in 2019, but I think his yards come back while his TDs improve a little... 1050, 7
  15. Fournette sucks... can't believe he went so early... 🙄 Just kidding... I think I just see the unrealized potential with him. Such a stud coming out of college, and I guess I'm still clinging on to that
  16. Fournette is definitely slipping this year... The injury thing is real, but he is elite when right...
  17. DHC would like to take Derrick Henry again... 😎
  18. I'll be Melvin Gordon's huckleberry... 1.14 Melvin Gordon 2.1 Dalvin Cook @1972Miamidolphins - OTC @DerrickHenrysCleats - in the hole
  19. I think we got a speed corridor setting up... looks like we are all here for the next set of picks
  20. I saw DJ go first in a best ball the other day... might end being a great pick, but I definitely did not see that one coming...
  21. Round 1 1 - MrBlonde1984 - Christian McCaffrey RB, CAR2 - ToO_BaD - Saquon Barkley RB, NYG3 - DocJ - Alvin Kamara RB, NO4 - FFCollusion - Ezekiel Elliot RB, DAL5 - Br0kenB - (CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast has his pick) - DeAndre Hopkins WR, HOU6 - CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast - David Johnson RB, AZ7 - @ZidaneValor - OTC8 - predator_05 -9 - Iron-cock - 10 - Boudewijn -11 - PackersFan1979 - 12 - DerrickHenrysCleats - 13 - 1972Miamidolphins -14 - Winky -