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  1. Yeah, Rozier is such a great playmaker Assists per 36 minutes: Booker 7.1 Jamal 6.7 Melton 5.7 Okobo 4.7 Rozier 4.4
  2. That's ridiculous. For the season Basketball Monster has them ranked: 27th Ayton 46th Siakam 79th Doncic
  3. Having energetic defenders like Melton, Oubre and Bridges instead of old garbage like Ariza and Canaan makes huge difference for him. These guys actually slow down some of their opponents and Ayton has much more time to react and contest some shots at the rim.
  4. FG%, FT% and rebounds? Yes, definitely. ROS he should average more points and blocks than his current season numbers.
  5. Austin Rivers was just a salary filler in the trade. He's more likely to get bought out than get any meaningful minutes for the Suns. And Booker is much, MUCH better at PG than Rivers, so no, the Suns didn't trade for Rivers so they can play Booker more at SG.
  6. This isn't his statline. He had 3 offensive rebounds on 1 possession.
  7. He's averaging over 16 ppg on 61% FG. What more do you expect from a rookie?
  8. I'm much more confident in Josh Jackson figuring it out than Fultz. Guards with no jumper don't belong in today's NBA. From what we are hearing it looks like all these twitter doctors were right and Fultz has that un-healable nerve injury and will never be anywhere close to what he were in college. Trading for him and then dealing with all this unnecessary baggage is just not worth it for the Suns. And Booker very much IS the solution.
  9. Have you seen a Sixers game recently? He's awful. TJ McCoonnell is 3 times the player Fultz is right now. Fultz is probably not even better than Canaan. His salary is huge for what he provides on the court and he's just not worth the headache for the Suns, when they can sign proven NBA contributors like Dinwiddie, Rozier, Brogdon, Russell, Tyus Jones or aforementioned TJ McConnell next summer.
  10. It makes no sense for the Suns. Fultz is a bona fide bust.