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  1. Absolutely! I’m with you man. Waiting on 3 guys to hit IL but in the meantime all the players that I wanted on the ww are all plucked.
  2. The way I see it is after the top 3 picks in the first round there is a risk for each and every player. There is no such thing as playing it safe in round 1 after the top 3. So swing for the fences and draft Acuna. Kid is a beast.
  3. Don’t worry man. Just draft him and enjoy.
  4. He just hit a lead off double to start the game.
  5. Absolutely. He should be batting lead off also. If healthy he should easily have a 20/20 season.
  6. Looking good this Spring. Strikeouts are insane.
  7. Not sure what all the hate is on Yelich. Every fantasy article I read he’s on their bust list. Might be a little regression in HR but that’s all I see. Would draft him in the 1st round 9-12 all day long.
  8. Matt Olson and Scooter Gennett. (Is that cheating?). 🤣
  9. This theory makes sense if Bird can hit but he can’t do that in the regular season. We seen that before. Maybe he surprises everyone this year but I doubt it.
  10. I sure hope not. I just dropped him for McMahon. Lol
  11. If you have an IL spot open absolutely not. He might have a nice second half to the season. Looking at the positive side of things it happened March 22 so there’s a lot of time left.
  12. Absolutely. He should be hitting 2nd or 3rd. Not cleanup.
  13. What stands out to me out of anything about this kid is his adjustments. At his age to adjust the way he does, he is and will be a very special player. People can say sophomore slump all they want but I just don’t see it. This kid is the real deal right now.