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  1. Draft Tonight - Friday 3/22 - 7pm EST - ESPN 10 Man H2H Categories $135.00 - NEED 1 TEAM Link to league settings Copy and paste if link above does not work. Here is the link to League Safe: I have 9 teams all paid through league safe. Need 1 owner. We draft tonight at 7pm Est. $135.00 Buy in. Total Pot is $1350.00. Payouts are done by majority vote on League Safe. 1st Place: $725.00 | 2nd Place: $400.00 | 3rd Place: $225.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings: 10 man H2H - 8x8 Categories Batting: Hits | Runs | Homeruns | Total Bases | RBI | Stolen Bases | Batting Avg | On Base Pct Pitching: Home runs Allowed | Strikeouts | Quality Starts | Wins | Losses | Saves | ERA | WHIP We have 1 custom pitching rule: f ***PITCHING RULES***You must make at least 5 starts, but no more than 8 during each H2H match-up. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of all pitching categories.In the event of a H2H match-up that is longer than 7 days long then the mandatory 5 to 8 starts will be increased accordingly. For example: Some play-off match-ups are 2 weeks long so the mandatory starts would be adjusted to at least 10, but no more than 16. PLEASE ASK FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION IF ANY OF THE ABOVE IS UNCLEAR IN ANY WAY!!! REPLY HERE OR SEND A MESSAGE TO JOIN. FIRST TO PAY ON LEAGUE SAFE IS IN.