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  1. A public reminder that you're free to disagree with each other, but let's keep it civil and on-topic - and not on the posters. No need for personal jabs, let's keep it away from the personal realm. This isn't a request, it's a requirement of the CoC. The posts in question & the subsequent replies to them are invisible, let's elevate the discussion here.
  2. Roseman is very good at cap management. If that's all he did, and they got a competent personnel-evaluator as the GM taking care of personnel decisions, it would be OK. If it's the 4-headed monster that's being reported....SMH.
  3. 400 & 400 in 2 of my 3 leagues, wire to wire in both redrafts, first time I can say both reg. season & playoffs. Thank you Tom Brady for getting me to the playoffs (drafted 2 weeks pre-suspension reversal), and thanks to Freeman/Ingram/Julio/Brown (Traded AJ Green & Decker to get Brown) & Freeman/Ingram/Julio/Marshall in the 2 leagues to get me the reg. season titles in both, and then to Zach Ertz/Tim Hightower/DGB week 15 & Devante Parker week 16/HOU D for getting me through the injuries come playoff time - woohoo! Drafted Decker round 6, Brady Round 7, Sankey Round 8 (oops), and Freeman Round 9 in both PPR leagues - doubt I'll see a return like that ever again. Team 1 (1st place reg. season by 150+ points, bye, week 15-16 winner): Brady Rd 7 Freeman Rd 9 Ingram (subbed in by Hightower) Rd 4 Julio Rd 1 Brown (traded AJ Green Rd 2 & Decker Rd 6 to get him) Mix-match WR3 Kelce Rd 5 (replaced by Ertz last 2 weeks) Mix-match K FLEX Yeldon/Shoelace CAR D Rd 10 Team 2 (1st place reg. season, bye, playoff winner top scorer week 15-16) Brady Rd 7 Freeman Rd 9 Ingram (subbed in by Hightower) Rd 4 Julio Rd 1 Marshall Rd 2 Mix-match WR3 D. Walker Rd 8 Mix-match K FLEX Yeldon (subbed in Ertz last 2 weeks) CAR D Rd 10
  4. Guys disagreement is fine, but let's stick to the points, and not get into personal callouts. It's not a request, it's the CoC - posts in question are invisible. Let's the keep the convo on-topic and on-track.
  5. it certainly doesnt help, but the pats arent suddenly going to become a grind it out, run the ball 30 times offense. not on toms watch. i imagine hell still avg around 20 ppg ros. To be fair though, in 6 pt-TD leagues, Brady's been averaging 30 points per game....and that's including yesterday's game where he scored 22+. I don't think he's going to fall off a cliff, but the 35-40 fantasy point days we've seen with Brady this year seem like they're wishful thinking going forward, with D's being able to isolate Gronk with both Edelman & Lewis out. Pats still won, and Brady got his yards - but they're going to be a much more run-based team in goal line situations, whereas they used to spread it out wide, and have Brady hit the open guy. With Lewis & Edelman & Gronk, though, the beasting days where owners were worried about them letting off the gas in the 4Q as our biggest concern. Now, there's a real chance Brady has to lean on Lafell & Amendola - which I think can work, but IMO also limits the ceiling on production, especially with how thin the O-line is right now. Brady got his 245 yards post-injury, but keep in mind 130 of them were on 2 plays - on which the safety took a terrible angle with Gronk, and should have been a 30+ yard completion, not the 70+ yard TD, and the Lafell bomb, which was a great play by both, but hard to count on against better D's (remember NYG has been one of the worst pass D's around this year). Don't get me wrong, I still love the guy, he's been the best fantasy and real-life QB to date, and the obvious MVP - so no, the earth isn't falling, but even a 20-point per game average is a clear drop off from the elite production we've been seeing. For full disclosure, I'm talking fantasy production - the Pats are balanced enough they can weather this in terms of winning games (but the margin for error got smaller, as yesterday also showed).
  6. The really big question - does SEA let him go after this year, since he takes a 9M cap hit next year, with no dead money? The only reason I think SEA would even think of keeping him is the idea that they invested so much in him, they can't cut bait. Honestly, though, his level of production would make him a goner if he had any other name, even if the blame belongs elsewhere. Regardless of the reasons, he's been a terrible fit in SEA. He's a move TE, not an inline blocking TE, and you want an offense that relies on timing and mismatches, not Russell Wilson's improvisation. Put him on a pass-first team, and he'd make for a great rebound candidate for next year, and be quite undervalued. Not only did they give up a C who they desperately miss, they gave up the 1st-round pick, too (which turned into Stephone Anthony, who looks like a decent player, NO struggles notwithstanding). As for this year....well, "next year he'll be back to top 5 TE on any new team that passes more" is all I got.
  7. Key distinction is whether you are in a PPR or standard. In standard, you can't rely on him to get a huge amount of yardage, or TD's. In shallow leagues, or thin benches, I get the inclination. In PPR, the only times he'll throw duds is if KC gets way ahead. In a close game or if they are losing, he is their #1 target. He's a never-cut in PPR, and frankly, other than when KC's heavily favored (or in this case, get to play against a QB who can't throw the ball 20 yards downfield with it being a duck), better times are ahead. The problem is the unpredictability - owners rightfully hate not knowing if this is going to be the big game, or the dud. That's a killer. The DEN game sucks doubly hard because owners thought they'd at least be behind, even with facing a great D KC would have to pass a lot to catch up. Oops. Until KC moves on from Alex Smith, his PHI days of 100+ yards each week, and a good chance at a score are pretty much gone except in shootouts/garbage time. That makes him an afterthought in standard. In PPR, though, you just accept that he's volatile for games where KC gets a big lead, and really solid to potentially awesome when they have to throw. It's frustrating for sure, because volatility is really tough to plan for. People would rather they get a guy who gets 12-15 PPR points each week than go 20+, 5, 5, 20+, at least in H2H leagues. As others said, the ROS is looking really nice - the only real issue is if KC jumps out to big leads, they sit on the ball. Really, if you are a Maclin or Kelce owner, you want to see shootouts, or garbage time playing catchup.
  8. It's been mentioned already...but remember DT broke out with Tim Tebow as the QB. In a Kubiak run-O, the alpha WR gets a ton of love. Kind of like what we see with Nuk Hopkins now, and we saw for years with Andre Johnson. This is the best news since Manning joined the Broncos. Ironic how it's come full circle now.
  9. KC average starting field position after 3Q was in DEN territory. 6 drives in 1H - 3 3 and outs, and 3 TO's. Talib & Ware out hurt them, but not nearly as much as that. If DEN can't mount any O, no matter how good this D is, well, you saw the results (FWIW, STL showed the same last week, to a lesser extent). The one they can control that they still need work on - stupid penalties (Ward's play was inexcusable given the events last week). This is actually a blessing to the Broncos - because this was going to happen in January, in a sudden-death game, if it didn't happen now. No doubt Peyton will get to start another game when "healthy" to get the QB W record - but this allows DEN to start moving to see what they have in Osweiler. With that D & ST, they have a shot with anyone but Peyton to win...with Peyton, well we saw what happens when teams can take away the deep game, and don't have to worry about any QB mobility.
  10. Very fair to point out that he's been hurt every year - but all of his injuries never involved the shoulder or elbow, so they weren't the types that make you think he's out a long time - hamstring, knee, neck, back. They don't carry the same long-term risk...until the last one this past season. It's fair to ever wonder if you can get 30 starts in a year because of all the injuries, but they've always been the type to make you just realize you can't get 30+ starts from him, but not doubt his ability to play the rest of season, or the next year. This one's the scariest, not just about missing 5-8 starts in a year - because if it's the elbow (or more precisely, the forearm), you're talking about potential TJS if it's more than just the flexor tendon. Now, it's said to only be the flexor tendon, and not the UCL, so that's hopeful - but it's truly ironic that just as he really pitched up skill-wise to his potential - the most worrisome of injuries short of confirmed UCL/shoulder injury occurred. It's one thing to say you can't get a full season out of him ever (which I think we can all agree is fair given his history), but this takes it to another level. Two. Koji will be a set-up guy too and is said to have been okay with his move back to that role. Yeah, Koji's back - but thing is, he'll be 41, and living off his forkball - so hard to know how he'll do. Tazawa is in his peak years, hence my original count of 1. If Koji's back and has another year left in the tank, then that's 2 in front of Kimbrel - but I don't think anyone would want that to be Plan A by itself bullpen-wise. Ideally, BOS gets at least 2 more SP's (one frontline, if not 2), and a lot more help in the 'pen. KC didn't just roll out 2-3 shutdown arms - at their peak, they had 4-5. BOS would need something like that if their SP doesn't take a huge leap ahead of last year's baseline.
  11. Re: winds, it probably affects teams that use the vertical game - right now, Diggs & MIN are living off the short-intermediate game for the most part. Same deal with OAK, FWIW. I made the same mistake with HOU-JAC in week 3 in DFS, and spent most of the day taking Tums for the heartburn I felt watching Robinson & Hopkins put up 60 pts combined. I think you should downgrade anyone who lives off the deep pass game - I don't think that applies here.
  12. This all makes sense if one of two things happens: 1. Dombrowski gets a couple more SP's - Buchholz was finally having a true skills breakout, but now his health is in question, and really, the 2 best SP's were rookies (E-Rodriguez) or retreads (Rich Hill, where did that come from), and a lot of guys who functioned as barely-replacement level or worse. 2. BOS decides to load up their 'pen, to go KC-style. The problem is they have 1 guy right now who is reliable, and he was hurting by the end of the year (Tazawa). If either happens, then getting Kimbrel at that price is costly, but it's part of a real plan for change. But if this is the big move, it makes almost zero sense, because that staff as a whole is the issue, not just the back end, and the back end is irrelevant if the front end is a bottom-5 to bottom-10 pitching staff. There are FA's and guys to trade for, so hopefully for BOS fans this is step 1 of many changes in the offseason. It's way too early to pass judgment, but by itself this is a huge overpay (two up-the-middle prospects) for a CL, if the CL isn't your only deficiency. This only makes sense if this is part of a huge overhaul of the pitching staff. Time will tell.
  13. HUGE get for the Padres. Pretty significant downgrade for Margot - he's a better real-life player than fantasy (because his D could be elite), but good for AJ Preller.
  14. Rex return tour to the Meadowlands. BUF pass rush struggling, NYJ WR's Marshall & Decker look to capitalize. BUF run D vulnerable to run, but Ivory has been nicked up, so interesting matchup. Watkins gets Revis Island, while the vaunted run Jets D gets Shady & Karlos Williams. Jets secondary really banged up, vulnerable except Revis. Gametime on soon, week 10 and many playoff dreams on the line!
  15. My new theory is that Rodgers keeps mistaking Lacy for an offensive lineman.