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  1. Lol are you guys seriously considering benching him against Phi?
  2. Because they have a good team that will make the playoffs regardless and a free elite SP for fantasy playoffs is nice.
  3. And? You know half of his remaining games come in that 15 location, right? Lol
  4. Duh. Not a single person is questioning this. "the sky is blue"... Thanks!
  5. Lol... Kershaw "maybe"?
  6. I think Posey probably knows how to spell/say "versus"...
  7. Guys, nobody cares about your personal squabbles or fantasy league challenges. Quit cluttering the abdullah thread with your garbage.
  8. Lol the moron coaches in miami were saying the exact same things last yr about arian freakin foster. Can't believe you guys are putting any faith whatsoever in those bs comments... I guess ignorance is bliss...
  9. Last game was Harvey's highest average velocity of the season so far. If that is trending up, he'll come out of the hole a bit. If it's an outlier, he's boned.
  10. Lol..."sell high", like that's even a thing after two horrible starts and a bad season so far.
  11. We're well past the drop stage. Cut bait, my friend.
  12. Once you pick him up, he won't hit another HR for the next month. Good luck with that.
  13. These votes of confidence, unfortunately, mean nothing. If anything, they're a sign that a change actually IS coming up.
  14. Lol...those month to month stats tell you absolutely nothing. April: good May: bad June: n/a July: bad August: good Sept: bad not exactly a trend. And "passed his prime" is blatantly obvious. However, he no longer costs a 2nd rounder to draft him, only a mid-rounder. In other words, you're not saying anything that isn't already blatantly obvious to everyone. He was a flier this season, nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully he comes back from the injury as the mediocre pitcher that most were expecting when they drafted him for a low price.
  15. Drop city. Even if he has a game or two where he dominates, you know the 8 ER performance is just around the corner to ruin your week.