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  1. Yikes...12 K's in the last 8 games with 0 walks in 7 of those games. A HR now and then is nice, but that 0-5 game with 4 K's is just a sign of things to come. And he had 19 K's in 9 games a couple weeks ago. This kid is straight whiffing at EVERYTHING and getting lucky now and then. His average will be below .255 by season's end, I guarantee it. Sell high, before the small sample size gets larger. ETA: 31% whiff rate and 3.4% walk rate, good lord
  2. Rolling the dice AGAIN...this is the year (please)!
  3. With the move away from SD and the ever looming injury just around the corner, along with the recent struggles, I don't recommend clogging up a roster spot, but to each his own. Good luck.
  4. Doubt anyone here owns him, but there may be some deep league managers who are looking for a 5.0 ERA on waivers.
  5. On the way back... Matt Harvey (shoulder) has resumed a throwing program. Advice: Harvey has been working on rebuilding strength in his right shoulder after it was discovered that the muscles behind the shoulder had atrophied following last year's thoracic outlet surgery. Monday's flat-ground throwing session was the first step in what will be a multi-week rehab process. He would be back until sometime in August.
  6. Just drop him instead.
  7. Dropped. Sure, the HRs were nice, but the tons of K's and their respective -1pts were too much of an offset in my league.
  8. Not with a 10 foot pole. Yikes.
  9. Is Familia worth stashing, or is he out for too long to make it back for fantasy playoffs?
  10. It's not that difficult, guys. Sometimes the hyped guys finally figure it out. That's what happened here. Legit stud.
  11. It cost me a waiver wire pickup in a deep league. Kemp K's far too much to hold any value in a OBP league this season. He's replacement level even with an inflated BA. I'll likely drop him in a few days unless he shows a temporary spark.
  12. Based on that logic, he would have a 3.5 ERA right's that working out for you guys?
  13. Lol are you guys seriously considering benching him against Phi?
  14. Because they have a good team that will make the playoffs regardless and a free elite SP for fantasy playoffs is nice.
  15. And? You know half of his remaining games come in that 15 location, right? Lol