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  1. These votes of confidence, unfortunately, mean nothing. If anything, they're a sign that a change actually IS coming up.
  2. Lol...those month to month stats tell you absolutely nothing. April: good May: bad June: n/a July: bad August: good Sept: bad not exactly a trend. And "passed his prime" is blatantly obvious. However, he no longer costs a 2nd rounder to draft him, only a mid-rounder. In other words, you're not saying anything that isn't already blatantly obvious to everyone. He was a flier this season, nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully he comes back from the injury as the mediocre pitcher that most were expecting when they drafted him for a low price.
  3. Drop city. Even if he has a game or two where he dominates, you know the 8 ER performance is just around the corner to ruin your week.
  4. You guys are ridiculous. He's not getting traded. Settle down, lol.
  5. Look about 3 posts above yours.
  6. I don't find it very odd. The guy getting paid millions of dollars based on his personal health was injured doing an incredibly dangerous activity. I'd be angry if I was a SF fan too, and would find that feeling very reasonable.
  7. Those typically get adjusted slowly, they're behind the curve.
  8. I'm not sure you understand what value means...him being ranked #1 or #2 doesn't mean he's valued at #1 or #2...not even close. Owners wouldn't be trying to "lock in" a 1st or 2nd overall value, they'd likely be trying to get an early mid-round player.
  9. .250 is MUCH more likely. I doubt very much that he ends up over .260, much less .270. And I'm a huge CD fan.
  10. At the very end of my draft last year, I hadn't drafted a C or a RP yet. Just no good values to be had (auction league). I decided to stream both Catcher and Closers (daily lineups with no move limit). It was a Roto league. It ended up working out GREAT, but was a lot of work. Every day, I would browse the wire for the top ranked catcher who was scheduled to play that day, and I would pick up a fill-in reliever for the chance at a save. On average, there is a closer or two each day who has pitched in 2-3 straight and rests. I would pick up the next in line for that day and get a potential save that way. A couple of the one-day RPs that I picked up ended up becoming the new closer due to injury so I kept them on my roster. At the end of the season, I was middle of the pack in saves and my catcher position was well above average, despite spending $0 on both positions. The rotating catcher idea was particularly effective as I had like 30 more GP at the position that most rent-a-catcher never rested! Note: this took a lot of time, but I didn't mind because it was a fun little hunt every day. Almost like a fantasy baseball mini-game.
  11. No no no no no. No. Leave him as-is, he's perfect the way he is.
  12. Pulling a guy after 4 innings causes a ripple effect with the pitching staff. They have enough data and analytics out there to show that it's not beneficial today, and I'm assuming that will be true in 5 years too. Leaving the young guys out there to deal with adversity also helps them a bit in the long run. It's a long season...if this were an important playoff game, then it's a different story.
  13. Awesome. I'll take 0/0 with 2 Runs every game from here on out.
  14. 2 walks today. What a beast, love this dude.