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  1. Dynasty League Josh Adams vs. Kenyan Drake Don't care about this year at all. Most concerned about 2019. Who do you like?
  2. What about Derrius Guice in Washington? Though he may not be back in time.
  3. Just looking for a few names of non-starting running backs most likely to start in 2019. I'm in a pretty shallow dynasty league and looking for possible late season adds that could pay off in 2019. Any thoughts would be great-thanks.
  4. Pick one to drop WHIR

    I would lean MVS as well. His production even before his 1 pt game was pretty mediocre.
  5. Just to be clear this is a dynasty league. Thanks
  6. STANDARD SCORING (Emphasis on TD) How would you RANK these three in a DYNASTY league? DJ Moore Allen Robinson Tre'quan Smith Thanks and WHIR!
  7. STANDARD LEAGUE (Extra emphasis on TD) Simple Question? Who do you like better ROS? Gus Edwards or Josh Adams? WHIR!
  8. 11/18/2018 Eagles vs Saints Game Day Thread

    Mr. Adams delivers the faith I put in my flex spot!
  9. Who would you start this week? Need 2 of these: Masahiro Tanaka- 1 Start at home vs. Boston (E.Rodriguez) Mike Clevinger- 1 Start at home vs. Boston (Porcello) Jameston Taillon- 1 start at home vs. KC (Skoglund) Both have been great lately. It seems Tanaka may be a little more of a blow up risk but 9 of his last 11 starts have been very good. Clevinger really hasn't had a bad start in 11 starts. Though his control every once in a while can get away. Taillon has been great his last 12 starts. The call seems be Taillon right away but KC's OPS in Sept is 5th in MLB at .781 where the Red Sox are 19th at .700. Though it is nice that Taillon is at home in an NL Park. I lean toward Taillon and Clevinger. Any other thoughts? WHIR
  10. Pick 1 for a 12 man PPR League. RATE

    Looks very good. Only thing is that 2nd running back spot. Hopefully Cohen or White pops-otherwise keep scouring the wire. I like it very much and love having Gronk in there.
  11. 12 Team, PPR 18 Player Rosters I had the 10th pick in a snake QB-Luck (Rd. 10) RB-Melvin Gordon (Rd. 1) RB-Royce Freeman (Rd. 4) WR-Julio Jones (Rd. 2) WR-T. Hill (Rd. 3) Flex-Ingram (Rd. 6) Flex-J. Gordon (Rd. 5) TE- J. Graham (Rd. 7) K- Gould (Rd. 17) DST-New Orleans (Rd. 18) Bench: QB-Garappalo (Rd. 13) RB-I Crowell (Rd. 8) RB-B Powell (Rd. 11) RB- J Connor (Rd. 12) RB-A Eikeler (Rd. 16) WR-J Crowder (Rd. 9) WR- DJ Moore (Rd. 15) WR- Taywan Taylor (Rd. 14) Any thoughts would be much appreciated. WHIR!
  12. Who would you start this week? Masahiro Tanaka- 1 Start at home vs. Texas or Mike Clevinger- 1 Start at home vs. Minnesota Tanaka has been outstanding in his last 4 starts. Even in his short outing vs. the Red Sox he had 9 k's in 4.7 innings. In his last 4 starts he has 26IP 31K's 1.09 ERA and a .88 WHIP Clevinger in his last 4 has 23.7 IP 29 k's with a 4.18 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP. I like Clevinger a little more rest of the season but Tanaka has been great. Both have nice matchups as Clevinger has the Dozier-less and Escobar-less Twins who already own a .245BA/.736 OPS and are even worse on the road. But the Rangers are even worse against RHP at .240/.726 and are worse on the road. Tough call. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Leave a link- WHIR!
  13. That's how I was leaning with Murphy and Dickerson. Thanks everyone.
  14. I can play 2 out of these 3 for the upcoming period: Corey Dickerson- (7 games) 3 games at COl (Freeland,TBA,Marquez) 4 games at San Fran (Stratton,Suarez,Holland,Rodriguez) Just got off the DL for 1 game. Was killing it before he got hurt. 3 games at Colorado is nice. Brett Gardner- (7 games) 3 games at White Sox (Covey,Lopez,Giolito), 4 Home vs. Tex (Minor,Hutchinson,Perez,Colon) Playing pretty average lately. I just think he has great matchups for the Yankees who will probably score a lot of runs. Daniel Murphy- (7 games) 4 Home vs. Atl (Fried,Newcomb,Foltynewicz,Sanchez) 3 at Cubs (Hendricks,Lester,Hamels) Playing very well lately but he does hit Righties quite a bit better than lefties and 4/7 pitchers he is facing this week are lefties. He is also pretty much a lock 2 sit at least 2 of the 7 games. I am leaning one way already but would love to hear what others have to say. Leave a link and WHIR!
  15. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    Now up to #15 on the ESPN Player roster when a week ago he was being called a bust.