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  1. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    Guys, it’s time we have a talk. This thread is reminiscent of Danny Duffy, Kevin Gausman, & Rich Hill threads in years past. The Hype Train is officially full speed ahead. 😂 A lot to like about Nola, but since he’s everyone's “sleeper,” there seems to be no value based on where he’s getting drafted. Seems of all the scenarios, likeliest is ERA in mid-3s, 1.2 WHIP, & a little over a K/9. If you’re grabbing him in the 5th or 6th round, he’s going to need to finish top 15 SP to justify that cost, and still not provide any true “value.” I don’t see that happening. Im not here to poo-poo on anyone’s man crush. I like Nola and will grab him if the price is right. But I won’t be reaching for him.
  2. Which A's player you like better this year?

    Man I’m not sure what to think of Piscotty. But I’m really not a fan of the 30% K-rate/.225-.240 hitters, so I lean Piscotty here in hopes that he sees a return to his production with regular ABs.
  3. Dynasty League Trade

    Wow. Lindor is still just 24. That’s enticing. He’s already a young star. You’ll get a lot of “No” responses I’m guessing because “Acuna could be the next Trout.” People forget that it’s more likely he’s the next Buxton/Moncada. I’d have to know a little more about where your team is at. Can you compete now? If so, is there another small piece he can add (say a closer) that can put you over the top?

    Essentially getting Kershaw with the 13th pick. Don’t overthink this. He’s the easy choice. The value you’re getting from the other guys not enough to make up for not having Kershaw.
  5. Need to keep 6. Who's it gonna be?

    Agree with this guy ☝🏼 First plan is crazy. You should try to win lol. Agree with the new plan, but I’d keep Contreras over Upton.
  6. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    Alex Cora is that one owner in your league who still drafts Joe Mauer, Tulowitzki, Ellsbury, & Pujols and thinks they’re still good.
  7. Who to keep (WHIR)

    Yeah, small sample size. But this is what has me excited about Yu this year. That move to the NL is huge.
  8. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    The numbers disagree. Career- 3rd (most career ABs)- .315 5th- .284 6th- .248 OBP, SLG, BB rate all better from the 3 hole. Sample sizes to consider, but there’s nothing to suggest XB hasn’t (to this point) thrived at the 3 spot and been plain bad hitting 6th.
  9. Who to keep (WHIR)

    I know people are excited about Nola. I think if you run these numbers with Yu in the NL you’ll see a considerable spike.
  10. Gausman or Wood

    Oh man. I know Gausman teased in the 2nd half, and Wood faded. But I like Wood by a long shot.
  11. Gausman or Wood

    Ummm...really? Seems Wood is obvious choice. K-rate is close, But Wood is likely to best Gausman in ERA, WHIP, W. And possibly by quite a bit.
  12. LAST KEEPER, please help. WHIR

    JD is a must keep. That’s crazy talk. I’d keep Dozier & Severino.
  13. Help With My Keepers? H2H 12 teams, Keep 8

    Turner Votto Seager Correa Kershaw Thor Dee These 7 would be locks for me, which means one spot left. I think I’d keep Rhys, but Nola/Arrieta have a case.
  14. Final Keeper

    I do. Bogaerts was dealing with a hand injury last season. He’s been one of the top SS over the past 3 seasons with potential to break out still. Bogaerts will be 25 all year. Murphy turning 33 in April. Rough projections for 2018- XB- .295/105/18/90/12 Murphy- .315/95/20/105/3 Considering the age gap and the likelihood that Bogaerts improves and Murphy hits a wall, it’s XB easy for me.
  15. Final Keeper

    I said “this type of league.” Not your deep keeper. Obviously different. It all depends. Considering his keepers, I wouldn’t keep Acuna when you’re keeping 5. In my league, we keep 8. Acuna will and should be kept. I’d also keep Acuna (or maybe even Moncada) in this league if I had bad keepers and/or a bunch of older guys (Cano, Miggy, etc) and it was time to retool. Neither of those are the case.