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  1. 1) Bench all players? You should have a rule that teams must field a complete roster, a player at each position, at all times. 2) People that do things that "aren't technically against the rules" but are against the spirit of the game suck. He should be mocked, ridiculed, & possibly kicked out of the league. 3) In our keeper league we pay out top 3, the 4th place earns 1st pick, 5th place gets 2nd pick, and so on. So there's always incentive to try to do as well as possible. 1st place gets last pick, 2nd gets 2nd to last, & 3rd place gets 3rd from last.
  2. First game back. 2 Ks, no BBs, one solo shot. Looked great actually.
  3. Ian Kinsler putting Angel Hernandez on blast
  4. Read the articles. He's coming back. But nowhere did it mention him coming back to close. Fuzzy was making stuff up.
  5. Guys don't bother clicking on this link. It says this: Manager Don Mattingly indicated Barraclough would return to his normal late-inning, high-leverage role. Clearly not the closer. Not now anyway.
  6. Just read it again. Want to point to the part that says Barraclough will be the closer?
  7. Are you just guessing? Because I found this from today "I've used him all year long, basically to get the toughest assignments," manager Don Mattingly said before Monday's series opener against the Giants. "He usually gets 1-2-3 or 3-4-5 in the order. That could be the seventh, that could be the eighth. That could be the ninth, who knows where it is? He's always kind of had the toughest guys because I know his stuff plays with all those guys."
  8. The point is clear. You're obsessed with the ups and downs of one player and ignoring all others. 👍🏼
  9. Remember what you just posted about Betts? Judge in July- .230 Judge in August- .158 On the season, 31.7 K-rate and .383 BABIP. Good luck with that!
  10. He's still top 20 overall in standard 5 x 5. That's an insane floor for such a down year. Facts aren't apologists. So let's do this- name the 12 guys you take ahead of him next year.
  11. Well he's ranked ~50 right now. Some surprises above that may not go as high, but also some busts that would clearly go ahead of him. So you guys see him out producing this next year? I can't imagine him going much higher than 50 at all, but could be off.
  12. He and Moustakas are similar cases to me. Both once breakout candidates, seem like they've been around forever, finally breaking out. If I had to guess I'd say 60-75?
  13. Oh. I get it. This is mocking a guy because of his weight and apparent love for food. Got it. Yeah, hilarious. 🙄 I think there's enough about his managing abilities to mock without taking this road.