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  1. I'm actually a huge fan of both, and think there's a good chance that either could replace Freeman as your keeper next season. In fact, think I recommended you keep Villar over Freeman (if I remember correctly). Toss up based on team construction. Think I'd go Villar. Getting a 15/45 type guy is huge. Later in draft you won't have to reach for speedy 9 hitters.
  2. In smaller leagues, I feel like you need the elite bats, as you said. There will always be decent pitchers with good matchups on the wire that you can add/drop. I would NOT take a Kershaw/Thor. I do like to have an "ace" though and would consider a Kluber in the 5th/6th area.
  3. What happened to the trade?
  4. Yeah I like it. Dee should outproduce Segura in steals by ~25 SBs, and I like him to beat him in BA as well.
  5. He has 1st pick? How are one of those guys not being kept? But yeah, your only concern is making your team better.
  6. Wow. Might need a little more explanation. So if everyone keeps 3, it'll essentially be rounds 4, 5, & 6, correct? So something like Story, Odor, Polonco, Cueto for Betts & 3 bench bats. I'd have a hard time parting with Betts, but this is quite an offer. I also like Story as a .265/35/12 SS in Coors though.
  7. Well he was young (still only 25), and became viewed as a place holder for Correa. Didn't show much? Had a little over 600 PAs combined over those 3 years (1 season's worth) and had 10 HR/42 SB.
  8. Yes, except Villar instead of Stanton. In 5 x 5 roto I don't think this is even a question and can't believe not one person mentioned Villar.
  9. Last season, one owner entered the league with the following keepers: Trout Kershaw Altuve Machado Correa Posey Felix AJones Another had the following: Stanton McCutchen Puig Buxton Carlos Gomez SMarte Kluber Kimbrel The first team with the ridiculous list of keepers came in 4th place. That second team took 2nd place (neither was me). This is a story about how important knowing your settings is (we use K/BB & not Ks. Drastically changes value of some pitchers), how important the mid-rounds of the draft is (2nd team hit on Nunez, Segura, etc.), & how important in season management is (trades & add/drops). Keep this in mind if a team seems so far ahead already based on their keepers. Focus on those mid-late round sleepers who you think will really break out. And work that wire like mad this summer. Good luck to all. Cool story, Bro. 😎
  10. lol I think you can play it out. Unless it's 6 x 6. Then I think you kill yourself.
  11. "Arguably." But Stanton is 2 years younger. Arrieta & CarGo also old. And Allen didn't really "share" closer duties last season. He got vast majority of saves. I don't even love Stanton, but have no idea why you'd veto this. Let managers manage.
  12. Me too. He's the only 5 category guy of the ones you mentioned. I'm actually amazed that so many prefer the others. Batting average and SBs matter. And the biggest thing is when you can get SBs from a stud like Altuve, you don't have to dive for Dyson types later in the draft.
  13. I think looking at Betts v. Kershaw final points here is faulty logic. If pitchers are valued higher, that's all pitchers. If Bumgarner scored 600 and Betts scored 600, you don't take Bum. You take the guy who's higher relative to his position. So how does Betts score v. other OF/bats? And if you pass on Kershaw, are you likely able to grab a few SPs that rack up a lot of points due to your settings? I think you go with what has worked in the past. Elite bats like Betts are 5 category juice and worth more than a SP IMO.
  14. Yes. I doubt he'd deal Villar here, but that would be a huge get. If he doesn't bite, maybe offer Dee + Chapman for Villar so he can get the speed back and you can get younger.
  15. No. Those 2 elite closers should hold a ton of value in a 16 team league. And if you're in full rebuild, you shouldn't waste time getting guys like Neil Walker back. I'd wait. Those closers will hold much more value at the trade deadline as people realize a point or 2 in saves could decide the league.