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  1. Machado Deal, WHIR

  2. Bryant or Betts

  3. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    There’s always SOME concern, especially when we have a whole winter to pick things apart. Was it the shift? Was the increase FB% an attempt to hit it over the shift and/or get to 40/40? Pitchers sometimes figure things out. Good hitters then make adjustments. And JRam has enough of a track record as a good hitter at this point. I’m not all that worried as an owner in a keeper. You say move him down, but how many have his 5 category juice? Who doesn’t have at least one wart?
  4. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    Before the panic sets in, this was posted in reply to this guy. Lots of noise in small sample sizes. And considering he his .318/29 HRs the season before, this looks like noise.
  5. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Ah yes. I went to theme and changed to “default” from Rotoworld v5 (default) and it’s different than old but MUCH better. Thanks!
  6. bregman trade

    Don’t think that’s close to enough. How many keepers? Rounds attached? Required to keep a certain amount?
  7. Keeper Help on last player

    He does not have Chapman. That was one of the options. Also don’t know if Whit would start at MI, assuming league settings (because we don’t know). All that said, you keep the best player. And that’s Whit. Frankly, there’s a good chance he’s more valuable than Correa in standard 5 x 5, even if we take into account your concerns here. Youre going to drop a 2B who has averaged 15 HR/40 SB Athens past two seasons because after 9 guys kept you have a need for a closer? That’s insane. Saves will be had elsewhere. 15/45 2B will not.
  8. Jeimer Candelario 2019 Outlook

    Not sure what you’re looking at. ADP at 350 on Yahoo, and about the same most everywhere. https://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/adp/jeimer-candelario.php
  9. Rank these Prospects......WHIR

    I like Edwards and his speed potential. Then Garcia (Nats) and Mesa. Then Valera.
  10. Bryce/Bregman dynasty swap —WHIR

    11 team league. We use K/BB as well, which makes Paxton pretty valuable.
  11. Bryce/Bregman dynasty swap —WHIR

    This is kinda where I’m at. Think Harper holds a little more value. And probably more upside. My current keepers (keep 8 forever)- Mookie JD Martinez Stanton Soto Bryce JRam JV Paxton We start 5 OF, but just think another infielder alongside JRam and still have 4 OF would be better heading into the draft. Thoughts (to all) on how close CSeager could be to Bregman? What if I could turn Bryce into Seager and WBuehler? Prefer the two or Bregman?
  12. Baez or Buehler - WHIR

    I LOVE Buehler, but I think you keep Baez here. Any ability to trade one?
  13. Help with last keeper? WHIR

    Close, as we can see by the replies. Considering you have an ace already and have almost no speed, that would be my tie-breaker. I’d keep Marte.
  14. Pretty even, right? I own Bryce, but have 5 keeper OFs and looking to diversify. Seems the elbow surgery for Bregman went fine. Any concern there? Leave a link...