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  1. Right. Because Garver is crazy v. LHP. But he’s also a stud v. RHP. Pan mentioned Castro’s .777 OPS, above average for a catcher. Garver has a .899 OPS v. RHP (and 1.181 v. LHP!). Garver should be playing 4-5 times per week. There’s really no justification otherwise.
  2. He’s officially played 81 games, so half a season. Double his numbers (I know it’s not that easy, but for fun): .275/120 runs/56 HR/122 RBI His 156 wRC+ is 7th in MLB (minimum 300 PAs). He’s a catcher, so would never play a full 162, but he could’ve/should’ve gotten to 40 HR/100/100 with more consistent playing time. Imagine sitting this type of production consistently because of catcher defensive metrics (which are questionable at best) for Jason Castro, who BARELY measures out as more valuable defensively anyway.
  3. There was some Turner v. Lindor talk going on in the Turner Thread, but figured I’d chime in here instead. Turner has had some fluke injuries (broken wrist and finger from HBP). He’s not Tulo, with a bunch of soft issue injuries. So I think the injury tag is *a little* unfair. 162 game averages- Lindor- .290/107 r/29 HR/87 RBI/21 SB Turner- .290/110 r/20 HR/72 RBI/55 SB I think it’s fair to say Lindor’s HRs the first couple seasons is bringing that down, and you can probably project closer to 35. But with or without the juiced ball, would you rather have 15 more HR or 30 more SB? Lindor feels safer. I’m not certain that’s justified. I think both are very close, with Turner having the upside to potentially be top 3 overall.
  4. Hopefully we get to see him get some meaningful ABs.
  5. Wow. I hope you can make some offseason trades. Story, Bryce, and JRam are locks...right? I think Yuli, Realmuto, Rhys, VRobles are not options. So one spot for one of the young guys. I think I’d lean Devers for the 4th. All that said, I’d be pretty happy keeping Alonso, Hiura, and/or Bichette. Couldn’t blame you if you wanted to go younger.
  6. Keep cheesesteaks over deep dish tomato sauce pie they call pizza.
  7. Well...the HR record hadn’t been touched in 40 years, then was broken 6 times in 4 seasons. And Brady Anderson hit 50 HR. So I kinda disagree with your premise. These things do not affect everyone in a linear fashion, but they do have a large affect. I tend to agree with you on guys like Yordan. But he didn’t come out of nowhere. His hit tool/power was well known. I do think it’s likely we see this will be a career year regarding HR/FB for Yelich, Yordan, and many other guys.
  8. Good and bad are relative. That’s hard to quantify. But what it is doing is skewing results. For pitchers, there are multiple ways to get to a 3.50 ERA. Some are fly ball pitchers, some rely more on defense. Those who rely on defense aren’t being hurt, while the fly ball pitcher now has a 4.40 ERA (fake scenario for affect). Same with hitters. It’s not making them “better,” but guys who flew out a ton in the past now have much better numbers because more of those balls are flying over the wall, while guys that don’t hit the ball in the air as much aren’t receiving the same bump.
  9. But the question is, what else could it be? The massive jump is only happening where the new ball is being used.
  10. The short answer here is no, it’s the ball. All those other anecdotal things you mentioned are true of every single player everywhere. Yet the data shows this jump is happening only at AAA and MLB.