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  1. Did you hear the very end? Said he's gonna go have a beer.
  2. When Ausmus gets fired I want this guy
  3. Obviously looks like the right move by the manager, figuring you can win today without them, but DBacks have 6 runs through 3 innings and Goldy & Drury both sitting today. Could've really used some run production from them.
  4. It's being discussed that Beckham possibly goes to 2B, at least short term.
  5. Maybe a place to discuss trades as they are made, NOT trade rumors (as there is already a thread).
  6. 1) That wasn't what you proposed. You only suggested you'd leave if he plays next 2 days 2) I don't own Seager, don't know the details, & have no interest in making a bet I have no control over. Just having fun.
  7. Killing one fan wasn't enough, Nationals?
  8. Cool article about how he never shakes off catcher.
  9. 10 HR/7 SB as we get close to the halfway point in the season. He's been great for me, but had to trade for a replacement in my weekly league. Braun looks to be back on Tuesday. And Broxton & DSantana are both playing well. Sogard is on fire (& Villar may be back soon), and Thames & Shaw now have 1B & 3B locked down. Even Arcia is playing well recently. It seems like Perez will get locked out. He may start 2-3 times/week giving rest to others, but I think his almost daily starting days are over.
  10. Likely, which will put him somewhere around: ~.300/85/35/100 There's a league-wide spike in HRs, so curious where he lands end of season and where that would put him in next year's draft (currently top 25 on ESPN player Rater).
  11. HOU is up big in AL West so just being cautious. Article I read said they only have 12 games left before ASB so they're just going to not push it. Wouldn't be too concerned.
  12. When? 2014?
  13. TOR- Osuna at the game. Did walk to the bullpen mid-game. Up 8-2. Barnes was just called on in the 7th with 2 on and 0 outs. Got out of it. Seems like a spot you bring in an arm you trust. Not sure anything cleared up at this point, but worth noting. OAK- Doolittle in the 8th. Up one.
  14. Jdbob is one of those you just block. Not sure he's ever added anything of value anywhere. Look in any player or Gameday Thread and it's his personal vent thread.