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  1. Harold Baines HOF???

    Bill Mazeroski and Rick Ferrell. And guys like Phil Rizzuto and, apologies, @Rabbit Maranville There was a time where they’d seemingly put in anyone from the Yankees or the Cardinals from the 20s & 30s.
  2. Harold Baines HOF???

    Yeah. Incredible peak but didn’t quite play long enough (for whatever that’s worth). Guys like Lou Whitaker, Kenny Lofton, and Kevin Brown never got to the 2nd year ballot, but all more than deserving. Baines is by all accounts a good dude, but definitely way more deserving snubs. That said, there are worse players already in, so I’m not a “this will open the floodgates” guy. He got a nod from some people in high places. Why this 16-man committee is a joke. Easier to manipulate.
  3. My Paxton/Adell for K. Davis/Archer

    I think you’re overselling Archer. He’s...not good. Even with Pit, Archer is a 4.30ERA/1.35 WHIP type guy at this point. Even if Paxton has a jump in ERA, I expect him to best Archer significantly in WHIP and have more wins, and be better across the board. That said, I still probably do it. You’ve got some solid depth at SP (though aging) and have a ton of speed but could use some power. KD will basically replace Nelly in your lineup. If it were me, I’d look to sell from your speed to acquire power (Mondesi or Mallex) and keep Paxton. But the trade overall isn’t bad.
  4. 2019 ADP

  5. This is wrong on a few different levels. 1) The top 4 seem to be etched in pen. After that, you’ve got your next “tier” of players, and Acuna is definitely in that tier. 2) If you’ve got the number 5 pick, you have pick 20 in the 2nd round. You’re not getting him at 20. So your suggestion to someone would be to not take the guy they really want and believe in, because...ADP? I wouldn’t take him at 5, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he finished the season that high. 3) Steamer has him finishing next year at- .278/93/28/80/25 I don’t know where that would rank, but it certainly won’t hurt you. 4) Definitely a risk. Probably should go safe, like people did last year with KBryant, ARizzo, and Altuve. Veteran production much safer. I feel like I hear so much “Remember when people overdrafted Correa after his rookie season” (not you, but in general as to why he scares some off). That’s as embarrassing as bringing up a sophomore slump. Ronald Acuna isn’t Carlos Correa. Or anyone else. No one KNOWS how next year will play out, but to act like Acuna isn’t in the discussion for that 5-17 tier is...shortsighted.
  6. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I’m as big a Bryce fan as there is. Can find some advanced stats that suggest he’s 6th-7th best offensive player in the league 2015-2018. Don’t see any way you could argue he’s 2nd best. I still think he’ll get 10/$400M. Taking into account age, production, and expected inflation, I’m sure there will be a team willing to pay.
  7. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

  8. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Acuna feels like a “look at me” pick, but when you consider he went .293/26 HR/16 SB as a 20 year-old, I don’t HATE it. If you want a guy and know he won’t be there at next pick, grab him. I also think Scherzer and Baez are too high. But overall can’t complain too much here.
  9. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Dude is a hitter. On that we all agree. But as an owner in a keep forever league, I am questioning his value in fantasy. Some of the names mentioned, Bonds (greatest ever, but we got the point) and Votto in particular, had SBs as part of their game. Votto’s true fantasy came in part because he was a 1B stealing double digit bases. Soto sat on 2 SBs for a long time before the 3 in one game v. ATL, and his minor league record (albeit short) doesn’t appear that it will be a large part of his game. I guess I worry that he’s going to need to be prime Miggy or prime Pujols to hold fantasy value that approaches his real-life value. Anyone think his outlook, while extremely bright, might be a bit overrated (fantasy-wise)? I mean, Arenado puts up .297/104/38/110/2 and ranks 23rd in 5 x 5 (ESPN Player Rater). I’ll take that any day on my team, of course. But Soto may not be the consistent 1st rounder we’re hoping for.
  10. Game 163 Lineups

    This is wrong about 7 times lol. Many platforms are counting them. Making a declarative statement, because your platform isn’t, is...strange. Why do you think software couldnt gather the stats from a regular season game? Because that’s what it is according to MLB. Platforms actually have to write special software (probably just an end date) to attempt to NOT count it. Not vice versa. I hope @Halo Fan wins the league and then leaves. Why is there no trade deadline?? The obvious collusion is gross.
  11. Adalberto Mondesi 2018 Outlook

    I think Jonathan Villar is a much more apt comp than Jose Reyes.
  12. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    I remember about a month ago reading about the Twins going 4 OF on him. His spray chart is heavy flyball, heavy RF (pulls ball over 50% of the time). I’m wondering if there’s been a major shift being used against him that he hasn’t adjusted to. It would explain the low BABIP, despite hard contact being up. The frustrating thing is that often this type of shift works against big power hitters because they can’t bunt and if they do, they’re just left standing on 1B. Considering JRam could easily lay a bunt down the line and then steal 2B, it seems he could punish teams who try this and get them out of the shift. He has yet to do it. Hopefully this is discussed in the offseason and he has a better approach heading into next season.
  13. Baltimore Orioles 2018 Outlook

    This core is neither great, nor young.
  14. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    Did you want to start him @TEX anyway?
  15. Jose Peraza 2018 Outlook

    I mean, it doesn’t appear you even know what you’re talking about at all. Peraza has only one month where he hit under .288 (May). Peraza has had no less than 3 SBs in any month, no more than 6. 4/month puts you on a ~25 SB pace for a season. Has been between 14-17 runs each month but one. This consistency, along with the little extra pop in the 2nd half, has resulted in a top 5 overall 2B. So your narrative is completely false.