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  1. Really enjoying the pages of discussion on team wins/save opps. Think it's been studied. Read up.
  2. Yeah people really all in on Neris, but I'd slow down a bit. Last two outings since he "won" the job: 2 IP, 13 batters faced, 5 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 2 Ks.
  3. Agreed 1000%. Too many posters come here and add very little. Just here to mask their Bench Coach questions. This thread is too big and too fast-paced to expect mods to be able to keep up. This is where we come in as a community. I've been called out as "mean" for replying in a rude manner. But frankly I just get tired of it. The largest problem though, & why it continues, is because people reply. The responses should be "Read back a couple pages," "That sounds like a league specific question for Bench coach," or simply don't engage. As long as people, particularly veterans who know better, reply to these posts, this thread will be less than excellent.
  4. His ERA when starting is meaningless. Lots of failed starters become good MR.
  5. How about a SB now
  6. Yeah I think I heard they won't need a 5th SP so still a possibility. And Kyle Gibson getting tagged right now too. May be soon enough.
  7. No Berrios.
  8. Not only that but depending on when he returns, never know if Scioscia tries to protect him a bit by using him in other situations. In short, lots of variables. Always worth owning the guy currently getting saves.
  9. 3 @STL this week
  10. To be fair, Parker had pitched 2 IP the night before. Still some time to see it shake out.
  11. Agree. BOS ranks 18th in runs scored. That won't continue.
  12. MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins slugger Miguel Sano punched Tigers catcher James McCann in the mask Saturday during a bench-clearing scrap in the fifth inning of Detroit's 5-4 victory over Minnesota.
  13. When you push someone with just one hand, and that hand is closed in a fist, that's called a punch.