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  1. To add to this, Cleveland as a whole was doing much better. Cleveland was 9th in runs scored in April. In May to this point, Cleveland is currently 28th in runs scored. Only SF & SD have been worse this month.
  2. You're right. But Rich is drunk and clogging up the closer thread with nonsense. We all need to ignore him.
  3. Those of us who follow baseball understand what this means. Rodney hasn't been a top 20 RP even when you just rank last 15 days. But you enjoy your "Top 12 closer ROS"! Just promise me you'll leave him in your lineup all year.
  4. Remember when he was the 2nd best hitter on the team and he was inexplicably moved from 5th to 6th in the order? Batting 5th- .298/.374/.886/6 HRs Batting 6th- .189/.231/.528/0 HRs
  5. You didn't watch the deep fly balls, did you?
  6. In the lineup. Hitting 7th. Here we go.
  7. ...and a 0.00 ERA!
  8. Mine isn't a player. I have an irrational hate of walks. I go nuts when one of my pitchers walks an 8 or 9 hitter. Like, dude has no power! Pipe fastballs down the middle and let someone catch it! Often I'll watch my pitcher, it'll go 3-0 count, and he'll give up a solo shot and I think, "Nice! Didn't walk him."
  9. /end thread and begin "Whose Farts Probably Smell Like Lemon Drops 2017 Outlook Thread"
  10. Literally no one thinks he's going to "keep doing what he's doing." Also, no one is going to likely pay what he's worth. So he's a clear hold. His ERA will go up of course, but Keuchel gets so much weak contact that he is able to outperform what his peripherals suggest. He's done it before.
  11. So you're telling us he won't finish with 28 wins & a 1.84 ERA??? What?!?!
  12. iF yOu cUReNtlY oWN kEucHEl, sELl hIGh. nO wAY hE kEepS thIS uP iMo
  13. No one knows for certain. But read about 6 posts above yours for most recent news.