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  1. I'm guessing he will stay a Hawk due to his contract and player option. Hopefully they don't totally tank every game like some teams were doing, holding out their vets for no reason at all (looking at you Memphis). They do have Trae Young who is doing a ton of damage himself anyway. He should learn to play with Vets instead of clueless youngsters, so I think there is still some possibility there for his PT. Prince just isn't that great a ball player yet, and Collins is probably their best young big and player overall. I think Baze is a close second.
  2. All that talent, just going nowhere. At least he's healthy?
  3. I want to say I was right about him, since I didn't think he was a good enough shooter and would struggle against NBA defenses. But then again I've been wrong on way too many guys this year.
  4. Hard to decide whether he is 3rd or second wheel. I think he is just being careful now but the real Jimmy will come out sooner than later and be the alpha or beta behind Embiid. Honestly come playoff time it has to be him as the second guy. Simmons just gets schemed the heck out of the game too easily.
  5. Trade to him to the Suns! I agree with that notion. He still has potential and I think he's just a fix away from being a solid starter eventually. OK didn't really make sense there, but really who knows with him. Could be a quick fix could take a couple of years. The Suns can wait. If they gave up Warren, the Sixers would jump on that. I think they would give Jackson, since they have a glut of athletic non shooting types. Suns need a PG bad, and Fultz could be the answer in a year or two.
  6. First year I've owned him and he goes and just stinks it up. Freakin Draymond. He's making Cousins look like a model citizen.
  7. What's up with his negative net rating? Never heard that he was a bad defender. Maybe the not so fully healed heel is limiting him? His shooting is terrible too. I think I'll hold him for a little while, since I had earlier dropped Siakam and learned to regret it haha. Not saying same level but there's not much out there.
  8. Solid guy getting more opportunity. His career he's been steadily getting better each year. Also helps that Monk is who I thought he was. Basically a scorer who can't score efficiently.
  9. There are way better stocks players than him. Last year I had the same kind of expectations for him, and he's basically the same again this year. Just needs to have his ankles fixed like Steph's were. Surgery and fix movements.
  10. This guy is ridiculous. Keeps saying guys have no drive. He's the one who is not even playing games and acting like a child now. The truth is he is unable to be a leader because he's a total jerk and unable to get along with his teammates (other teams too). Good player yes. But then doesn't matter if you can't make your team better on a championship level. Thibs loves hard nosed guys, and he's enabling Butler to be even worse in his antics. Just play him four minutes a game. one minute each quarter at center.
  11. You could do worse for a guy on the waiver wire. He's definitely got potential, and there will be learning pains. Obviously talented or he wouldn't be invited to that star studded workout. Definitely pick him next year. This year he was just a late round guy for me in a deep league. Stay patient, and that's for more than a month or two.
  12. Lonzo is a good player. Last year his shot was real dodgy with the weird release, but he's improved it over the off season (props to him, see M Fultz for how not to do it), and is showing good BBall IQ. You can tell he plays the game right. His time will come. Rondo is just not a team player it feels like. He's a competitor, but doesn't know how to really make his team better. Lebron is actually similar to him except he is super talented to be able to make it work. Lonzo could work himself into a J Kidd lite at the least. I don't think he will be as good as Kidd though. That's a very high bar.
  13. Probably best left on the wire until an injury occurs (not hoping for that at all).