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  1. You want it to be one way. There's a reason they have a guy pitch the 8th. There's a reason the guy pitches the 7th. Unless a guy is a fireman, there is a legit hierarchy.
  2. Thread for anyone/everyone who needs/wants something from the C. Willians? Maybe a Barnes/Martin? Flagellate yourself.
  3. Congrats on making me look him up. If he can bump himself up to the top of the order he's rosterable for sure.
  4. I've put A. Jones up instead of him the last two weeks cause I'm legit retarded. Excited to have him not score this week!
  5. I legitimately mean all of this. Dude has never outcoached anyone and that's in the NFC North!
  6. I mean if there were any intelligent people up there they would have forced McCarthy out by now. 12 years! The only explanation is that he's somehow smarter than everyone else in Wisconsin. All the smart people just leave, I guess.
  7. If GB was in a legitimate state this would be a much bigger deal. No one cares what happens there
  8. I didn't know Mike had a roto account Seriously GB telegraphs their plays by RB. Just the least surprising play calls bailed out by Rogers.
  9. Seems like no news is bad news here
  10. Teams are planning for AB because they don't have to worry about Bell. Pretty obvious.
  11. What flyers are out there that could be 3 down backs, or even 2 down backs without injury?
  12. Dude is worth it just to see your C play every day. Rolling with the ATL platoon though.
  13. Rondon is the best pitcher, bring him in! Parker is the best pitcher, don't bring him in!
  14. Check mate lol And of course if you look at the past winners it's Francona, Maddon, and a bunch of literally retarded managers
  15. Here are the indicators: 1. 8th inning use 2. Manager quotes 3. ??? Please argue with me, because that's how we all learn.