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  1. Way more power in his bat then max munch. I’d say max muncy would be Vogelbach’s floor
  2. Anyone watch his start tonight. While following on the mlb app, his velocity looked good, seemed be getting solid swinging strikes with both his curve and change, and seemed to throw the curve at will. Final line didn’t look bad but he definitely ran is pitch count up quickly and walked too many batters. Is this a must add??
  3. Pivetta’s biggest problem is his fastball is straight as an arrow.
  4. Tyler white is the Max Muncy of the AL. Similar batting profile, similar playing time concerns, and they even look similar! Personally i would take Tyler white over Muncy ros. There is no way white is riding the pine if he keeps crushing.
  5. 6.7% swinging strike rate. This isn’t the same old Tyler White!
  6. With the news on maeda, does this mean ryu has a rotation spot when he gets back to the big league??
  7. Not a peep on mr Donaldson. Anyone have a latest report on his progress?
  8. It reminds me of Eric Thames of last year but worse.
  9. Any rangers fans that have an idea on how this outfield mix will be figured out when mazara gets back? Is there a chance that shoo is picked up off waivers? I think Calhoun is on the verge of taking off but it is tough to make an investment with no guarantee he doesn’t get sent down when mazara is back or is forced out of the lineup every third day.
  10. Kapler has given him a ton of plate appearances to figure it out but kingery is making zero improvement. Really disappointing
  11. Victor Arano comes in with one out man on first and third in the 7th and gets Prado to look silly chasing sliders then gets Dietrich to pop up to 1st. Victor Arano and his 16% swinging strike rate is the real deal. Arano and seranthony are going to own the back of the phils bullpen for many years to come. Exciting time to be a Phillies fan.
  12. No thread on this guy?!? Called up after altuve hit the DL. He crushed triple A with a 333 444 569 slashline this year while owning a 14% walk rate 12% strikeout rate. 3 for 3 last night, and getting an extended look... I’m intrigued
  13. As I’ve stated previously, take a look at other stats then fip and xfip and say a guy is underperforming. Pivetta has major platoon splits. Lefties are hitting .308 avg 375 obp .475 slug. Pivetta gave up a 3 run bomb to Mason Williams tonight. I bet 95% of the fantasy community don’t even know who that is. In case you were wondering, he bats left handed. Until pivetta corrects those platoon splits he will not take the next step as an elite pitcher.
  14. His OBP wasn’t going to continue forever but sustainability centers around his perceived strong plate discipline. However, over the last month his swinging strike rate has risen to 11% and in the last week 13%. A 13% swinging strike rate is a lot less appealing then the 6% swinging strike rate he showed in June.
  15. Muncy’s K rate and swing strike rate have been on the rise. I hope the Muncy mania is not coming to an end
  16. Struggled against lefties again today. If Carlos Asuaje goes 2-2 against you there is a problem.
  17. Forget what your scouting reports say. Players make adjustments that unlock power such as Max Muncy and Brandon Nimmo to name a few. His batted ball profile and exit velocities point to 30 homer production. On a side note, Scott Schebler injured his shoulder yesterday which means full time playing time for Mr.Winker.
  18. June: 48% hard hit rate 12.8 launch angle 88.9 exit velocity July: 61% hard hit rate 4.2 launch angle 97mph exit velocity ?? smoking hot
  19. His plate discipline is the Very true but the plate discipline he is showing this year is elite. He already had a good plate approach, as displayed in the minors, but this year you can see the maturation at the professional level.
  20. This guy’s underlying metrics look amazing but yet the results have been so underwhelming. To me, this guy is on the cusp of a major breakout in the second half.
  21. Is there going to be a rotation spot for him when he comes back? I am not seeing a path right now. Ryu on the mend, LA looking to add another starting pitcher before the trade deadline, and a rotation that is healthy/ pitching well.
  22. Having a good month of June. The batted ball data and plate discipline look better. I’m keeping my eye on this guy. Could be a second half darling
  23. Can’t get his 2017 heat map to show but there is noticeable improvements.