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  1. If you were to look at Heyward's heat maps this year, he is making significantly better contact inside. This has always been a weakness for Heyward. He appears to be quicker to the ball and making better plate coverage. This is quite an adjustment for a guy who has been pegged to break out for the last 4 years
  2. Has anyone had the opportunity to listen to Al Melchior’s podcast “the fantasy hour“? I spent more time counting how many times Al says “um” throughout the hour then actually paying attention to what he has to say. He literally says um before and after every statement he makes. Horrible
  3. How’s that buy window looking now. ?
  4. Max Muncy (3B/1B – Los Angeles Dodgers) “Out in the City of Angels, Max Muncy has continued to produce for the men in blue. A 27-year-old Texan, Muncy has put his two underwhelming seasons with Oakland in the rearview mirror. Muncy is rocking a .500 OBP over the last two weeks – despite a .200 BABIP – and his 35% Walk Rate over that stretch is something out of the Ted Williams Hitting Manual. In 184 plate appearances this year, Muncy’s slash line reads .257/.397/.574. In other words, Muncy has performed like Aaron Judge. Additionally, his 11.4% Barrel Rate (Brls/PA) is 5th in baseball, behind only J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts, Joey Gallo, and Teoscar Hernandez. Perhaps more impressive, Muncy is 2nd in all of baseball in Barrels per Batted Ball Attempt(Brls/BBE), which is a strong measure of power. While it would be foolish to expect this dominance to continue, he is a must-own player in every league. At 62% owned, there is a chance that your league-mates are sleeping on Max. Grab him now, ask questions later” curtousy of pitchers list^^^^ Muncy hit a mammoth home run last night. After watching that homer, my questions of his power gains have been easily dismissed.
  5. If he was at risk of reinjury I would think they wouldn’t keep rolling him out there. You have to just let him sit on your bench for a week to get back into rhythm. I’m confident Murphy will be fine.
  6. Batting first again. This is a huge boost in value for a guy who is already underrated.
  7. The best highlight of the night was the curveballs pivetta threw to munoz in the 5th. Munoz whiffed on two curveballs and then stood there and watched the third curveball called as a strike. He said f*** that and didn’t even bother swinging. ??
  8. Have you watched the games? What does he look like?
  9. “So there’s a lot to be excited about here. An elite breaking pitch, an above-average changeup, and a big fastball. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see if his walk rates in the minors were due to command or control, and how well hitters will see his straight fastball, and where he will settle in velocity-wise, but this is just the kind of popup pitcher that makes the world go around. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him pass Domingo Germán, whose changeup and command may be worse than Loaisiga’s. At the very least, we’ll all be watching to see what this young man can do while Tanaka is out.” per eno sarris^^. After reading his piece on The Athletic I added for my worst pitcher immediately.
  10. He didn’t have command of his pitches yesterday. It happens. Every pitcher goes through it from time to time. It was a warm sticky day and gnats were swarming the pitcher mound which had to be an element of distraction. With that said, pivetta is not the same pitcher as he was when he was in the minors and as recent as last year. He’s throwing the ball faster. In addition, he has gained both vertical and horizontal movement on his slider and curveball. His walk rates are lower, his whiff rates are higher. There’s a lot to like here
  11. Overreaction theater strikes again. I wish he was dropped in my league. I add him without hesitation.
  12. Very interesting debut. Hell of a minor league campaign this year. This guy is on my watch list. Any chance a full playing time if he keeps hitting?
  13. With full playing time hicks would be a top 30 outfielder. His peripherals look just as good if not better then his breakout season last year. Love his ros outlook
  14. Can’t wait to get this guy off my dl!! The excitement is unbearable
  15. Where is the data support this? I work in surgical services and I can tell you that arthroscopic microfracture surgery sounds a lot worse then it really is. Microfracture surgery is a common minimally invasive surgery. Most of the time, during a meniscus clean up, microfracture surgery is done to promote blow flow and scar tissue growth.
  16. Opposite field line drive double 103mphs against a lefty. I’m in love
  17. I followed most of his start on mlb app. His velocity gains are legit. Throwing a heater at 95+ with his groundball rate, good command, and pitching for Pitt, he seems worthy of a 12 team mixed hold for sure.
  18. But he is a buy low..... more like waiver wire trash
  19. The Rockies offense has been enimic. If mcmahon hits, I highly doubt his bat comes out of the lineup when LeMahieu comes back.
  20. Mcmahon has had 88 sporadic at bats at the major league level and your already writing him off?
  21. Are you forgetting that mcmahon is 23 years old and posted a 374/ 411/ 612 slash line in triple a last year? I think there’s just a tad bit reason to be excited about his potential.
  22. This is a nice upside add here. In a groove at the plate in triple a, guaranteed playing time, and home stands upcoming at coors. I’m all over this.