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  1. Where is the data support this? I work in surgical services and I can tell you that arthroscopic microfracture surgery sounds a lot worse then it really is. Microfracture surgery is a common minimally invasive surgery. Most of the time, during a meniscus clean up, microfracture surgery is done to promote blow flow and scar tissue growth.
  2. Candelario out of the game with a hand injury. Anyone know the seriousness of it?
  3. Needs to be owned in every league. Period
  4. Opposite field line drive double 103mphs against a lefty. I’m in love
  5. I followed most of his start on mlb app. His velocity gains are legit. Throwing a heater at 95+ with his groundball rate, good command, and pitching for Pitt, he seems worthy of a 12 team mixed hold for sure.
  6. But he is a buy low..... more like waiver wire trash
  7. The Rockies offense has been enimic. If mcmahon hits, I highly doubt his bat comes out of the lineup when LeMahieu comes back.
  8. Mcmahon has had 88 sporadic at bats at the major league level and your already writing him off?
  9. Are you forgetting that mcmahon is 23 years old and posted a 374/ 411/ 612 slash line in triple a last year? I think there’s just a tad bit reason to be excited about his potential.
  10. This is a nice upside add here. In a groove at the plate in triple a, guaranteed playing time, and home stands upcoming at coors. I’m all over this.
  11. @taobball, what do you make of the batted ball profile changes this year with Nimmo. His launch angle is up 10 points to 19.8, hard hit rate up to 41%, tacked on an extra mph to his exit velocity which is great, but he is no longer spraying the ball to all fields. His pull rate is up to 44% versus 32.5% last year and his infield fly ball way up to 25.9%. His babip is sitting at .393. With those batted ball changes wouldn’t you think he is due for some big time regression?
  12. Polanco has been a buy low for the last 4 years. When do we finally accept the fact that his upside will never come to fruition.
  13. Will the Dejesus injury have any impact of carp getting another start at second? He Only needs one more start to gain eligibility.
  14. Godley has had a 4.00era and a 1.4 whip since the second half of last season. I think there is reason for concern. His whiff rates have steadily declined and his walk rate has regressed to his career marks. The Mets who are 11th in strikeout, godley had a 9.4% whiff rate against them last night.
  15. Yeah I’m not too sure about the SP3 Designation. One thing is for sure, he is not returning his draft day value .
  16. I’m still not seeing any news on why he was taken out ?? Kind of strange. The reds have a double header today. It is going to suck if he is kept out for both.
  17. Godleys throwing his change a bit more and has had at least 6 whiffs thus far
  18. Not much chatter on here about mr. Lyles. Can one the great minds of this fantasy forum weigh in? After looking at his fangraphs pages, small sample size, but there seems to be a lot to like here. @taobball
  19. 2 multi-hit nights. Swinging strike rate 6.7% since May 6th. Matt Chapman on the verge of blowing up again?!! His upside is so enticing
  20. I am liking what I’m seeing from Mancini. He sprays the ball to all fields, hitting at the top of the order, and is taking a few more walks this season. His minor league profile points to more power potential. If things come to fruition and he’s able to limit his ground balls a bit I think we are looking at a 300avg with 30hrs.
  21. I was hoping to see some plate discipline improvements but a 16% swinging strike rate that has been trending upward even higher makes him a lot less appealing.
  22. Not liking the direction of his swinging strike rate. Seems to be giving back the perceived gains from earlier in the season
  23. This man is laboring pretty bad tonight. Not the godley I paid for on draft day. He is lucky the dodgers only have 2 runs on the board. Looks bad