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  1. @taobball, what do you make of the batted ball profile changes this year with Nimmo. His launch angle is up 10 points to 19.8, hard hit rate up to 41%, tacked on an extra mph to his exit velocity which is great, but he is no longer spraying the ball to all fields. His pull rate is up to 44% versus 32.5% last year and his infield fly ball way up to 25.9%. His babip is sitting at .393. With those batted ball changes wouldn’t you think he is due for some big time regression?
  2. Polanco has been a buy low for the last 4 years. When do we finally accept the fact that his upside will never come to fruition.
  3. Will the Dejesus injury have any impact of carp getting another start at second? He Only needs one more start to gain eligibility.
  4. Godley has had a 4.00era and a 1.4 whip since the second half of last season. I think there is reason for concern. His whiff rates have steadily declined and his walk rate has regressed to his career marks. The Mets who are 11th in strikeout, godley had a 9.4% whiff rate against them last night.
  5. Yeah I’m not too sure about the SP3 Designation. One thing is for sure, he is not returning his draft day value .
  6. I’m still not seeing any news on why he was taken out ?? Kind of strange. The reds have a double header today. It is going to suck if he is kept out for both.
  7. 2 multi-hit nights. Swinging strike rate 6.7% since May 6th. Matt Chapman on the verge of blowing up again?!! His upside is so enticing
  8. I am liking what I’m seeing from Mancini. He sprays the ball to all fields, hitting at the top of the order, and is taking a few more walks this season. His minor league profile points to more power potential. If things come to fruition and he’s able to limit his ground balls a bit I think we are looking at a 300avg with 30hrs.
  9. I was hoping to see some plate discipline improvements but a 16% swinging strike rate that has been trending upward even higher makes him a lot less appealing.
  10. Not liking the direction of his swinging strike rate. Seems to be giving back the perceived gains from earlier in the season
  11. This man is laboring pretty bad tonight. Not the godley I paid for on draft day. He is lucky the dodgers only have 2 runs on the board. Looks bad
  12. At what point do we give up on the inevitable polanco breakout? He has been in the league for 5 years now and hasn’t had a batting average over .258. He no longer has the steal potential he once did and what exactly is his homer upside? 25? I dropped him after a few weeks into the season when his hard hit rate started to normalize.
  13. Anyone watch him pitch? Any signs of life here?
  14. Quietly in the midst of a true breakout season. Love it
  15. Gallo is picking up where he left off at the end of last year with career bests in outside contact, zone contact, contact %, and swinging strike rate. 240 average with 50 bombs and a 15% walk rate 25% strikeout rate shouldn’t be to far of a reach.
  16. Missed that. I had the game on mute listening to fangraphs pod cast. Not the same without eno ?
  17. Not getting over 89-90mph tonight on the fastball. Locating very well with his pitches but if he makes a mistake like the melon he gave up to Michael Taylor it gets crushed. Makes me nervous as an owner
  18. Scott white is an idiot. Plain and simple. The only reason he is an analyst for cbs is because he has the look of an intelligent person and his voice sounds nerdy and smart. However, for anyone who knows baseball, his analysis on players, specifically on pitching, is comical. Half time the time he makes zero sense and it's funny when Heath or Chris get into analytics with Scott when debating players because they make him sound like even more of an idiot.