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  1. Contact year for him, I think he'll get it going.
  2. This guy just isnt a good basketball player right now. He's among the worst defensive players in the league and that's supposed to be his strength. I said it before earlier in this thread. Most players struggle their first year back from a torn acl. He'll be a good value pick next year.
  3. Doncic is carving him up, I thought this guy was a good defender? He's been getting roasted on D all year. You have to think it's gonna start costing him the little amount of minutes he does get.
  4. He looks ridiculously out of shape. He looked like that last year too and worked himself into shape. One of these years he's gonna injure himself playing like this.
  5. I wouldn't pick this guy up if he were sitting on the ww.
  6. Kanter got just above a minimum contract. That's a bench warmer contract.
  7. I don't know if he's just out of shape, doesn't care or what. But he looks totally washed. I'd be surprised if he plays more than another 10 games this season.
  8. The 3 to 4 week time table is pretty hilarious. This is a 6 week MINIMUM injury. I'm gonna say he's out until the all star break.
  9. When has Covington ever played with Butler?
  10. Embiid has openly said his goal is to play 70 games this year. He lost a bunch of weight and looks much thinner so that should really help with his back and knee problems.
  11. Does anyone know if yahoo h2h pro leagues are 1 win or could I potentially go 9-0 in a week? I normally only play roto.
  12. I think LMA plays the 4 more this year like he did post all star break last year. His rebounds and blocks will be coming down.
  13. They say more will open in the coming days.