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  1. I don't mind dropping Cousins for Big Ben or Winston
  2. Came in 3rd last year. Kept Chubb and Thomas. Saw all my awesome players get picked by other teams. Here is my poo poo team. QB: Cousins RB1: Chubb RB2: Carson WR1: Thomas WR2: Brandin Cooks TE: Engram Flex: DJ Moore DEF: Balt K: Badgley Bench: Ekeler, Guice, Moncrief, Samuels Notable FA: Big Ben, Brady, Winston, DeSean Jackson, Peyton Barber, Hines, Crowder, Coutee, Justin Jackson.
  3. First actual auction draft ever. I hated it and thought I had a plan. Couldn't update my spread sheet in time in between picks. Idk, let me know what you think QB: Brees $5 WR1: Adams $58 WR2: Edelmen $27 RB1: Chubb $42 RB2: Cohen $2 TE: Ertz $30 Flex: DJ Moore $4 Bench: Melvin Gordon $22, Shephard $3, Tevin Coleman $1, Breida $1, James Washington $1, Wil Lutz $2 and Browns Def $2 I definitely got peer pressured to draft Gordon during the draft and I fell for it. I have no idea why I didn't go after Ekeler. Available FA: Justin Jackson, Frank Gore, Jalen Richard, Justice Hill, Dawin Thompson, Jaylen Samuels. Thanks
  4. 12 Teams H2H .20 PPR Michael Thomas James Conner Nick Chubb Antonio Brown Damien Williams Marlon Mack
  5. I have no idea how to recover 20 games. I picked up Jonathan Isaac for his B2B games, so I have 16 moves left. I've been lurking here and reddit for a while, but now I am really asking for help. I need help on schedule managing how I can make up for 20 games. 10 Teams ESPN 8 Categories (no turnovers). If it's a tie, I would win for being the #1 seed Oh and my opponent has Harden + Embiid Here is my full team and the projected amount of games left: PG: Kyrie (8) SG: Luka (9) SF: PG13 (9) PF: AD (7) C : Ayton (8) G: Marcus Smart (8) F: Gallo (8) UTL: Myles Turner (8) UTL: Dedmon (8) UTL: McGee (9) Bench: Markkanen (8), Sato (8), Jonathan Isaac (9) Please help! leave links and I will assist with yours!
  6. He looked in a good amount of pain. Either knee or groin.
  7. Personally, I hope they DH him. Ended up paying $8 for him in an auction draft and have high hopes. He's 35, but let's not forget that Victor Martinez one time at 35 with the Tigers hit 30 dongs and runner up to MVP with DH opportunities. Really hope that's the case this year!
  8. Thanks for the feedback on my team! From what I see here, I like most of your team. Greg Bird getting an X-Ray makes Luke Voit a sexier pick. Personally, I am not high on Senzel. I don't know where he will find playing time especially with the Reds starting with 4OF unless Schebler/Kemp/Winker really stinks it up to start the year. I think you need to drop Luzardo, like me, and use it as a streaming spot or find someone who can catch fire early (like Eflin last year) I don't like Anderson as your starting 3B. Definitely keep an eye out on some hopefuls. I think Anderson played above his head last year and will experience regression. I love Meadows, but keep an eye on his playing time. Rays like to experiment a lot and the OF is crowded as well. I'm not a fan of Happ, but I dig the rest of your starters.