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  1. I have no idea how to recover 20 games. I picked up Jonathan Isaac for his B2B games, so I have 16 moves left. I've been lurking here and reddit for a while, but now I am really asking for help. I need help on schedule managing how I can make up for 20 games. 10 Teams ESPN 8 Categories (no turnovers). If it's a tie, I would win for being the #1 seed Oh and my opponent has Harden + Embiid Here is my full team and the projected amount of games left: PG: Kyrie (8) SG: Luka (9) SF: PG13 (9) PF: AD (7) C : Ayton (8) G: Marcus Smart (8) F: Gallo (8) UTL: Myles Turner (8) UTL: Dedmon (8) UTL: McGee (9) Bench: Markkanen (8), Sato (8), Jonathan Isaac (9) Please help! leave links and I will assist with yours!
  2. He looked in a good amount of pain. Either knee or groin.
  3. Personally, I hope they DH him. Ended up paying $8 for him in an auction draft and have high hopes. He's 35, but let's not forget that Victor Martinez one time at 35 with the Tigers hit 30 dongs and runner up to MVP with DH opportunities. Really hope that's the case this year!
  4. Thanks for the feedback on my team! From what I see here, I like most of your team. Greg Bird getting an X-Ray makes Luke Voit a sexier pick. Personally, I am not high on Senzel. I don't know where he will find playing time especially with the Reds starting with 4OF unless Schebler/Kemp/Winker really stinks it up to start the year. I think you need to drop Luzardo, like me, and use it as a streaming spot or find someone who can catch fire early (like Eflin last year) I don't like Anderson as your starting 3B. Definitely keep an eye out on some hopefuls. I think Anderson played above his head last year and will experience regression. I love Meadows, but keep an eye on his playing time. Rays like to experiment a lot and the OF is crowded as well. I'm not a fan of Happ, but I dig the rest of your starters.
  5. I joined an auction league recently and would love some feedback on how I did. I went in with a spreadsheet and this was my first ever auction draft. I ended up with an extra $7 at the end of the draft which is very frustrating. Budget was $260 H2H Standard Categories. C - Grandal $2 1B - Miguel Cabrera $8 2B - Scooter $11 3B - Chapman $15 SS - Bregman $29 2B/SS - Profar $5 1B/3B - Moustakas $11 OF1 - Cain $16 OF2 - Puig $16 OF3 - Robles $18 OF4 - Winker $2 OF5 - Nimmo $2 UTL - Khris Davis $24 SP1 - Bauer $24 SP2 - Corbin $19 SP3 - Clevinger $17 SP4 - Wheeler $11 SP5 - Pivetta $4 SP6 - Musgrove $1 RP1 - Vazquez $10 RP2 - Vizcaino $3 RP3 - Glasnow $1 RP4 - May $2 Bench - Luzardo $1 (sad) Bench - Hampson $1 Any feedback and thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello, I've been a member of Rotoworld for a long time and always got advice from my keeper league. Two of my league mates and I have been talking about a redraft league for a while. We are really competitive in our keeper, but none of us ever got a chance to play with some players we always wanted to. If you're interested please DM me and I can send you the link. Please, we are looking for competitive people who will check their team, make some trade proposals, and participate. It's a standard H2H Categories. 2 DL spots. ESPN. 12 teams. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTL SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P 5 bench spots Looking to draft Monday March 25th at 7:30 PM (open to changing)
  7. The offense is stacked. but where the pitching? I'm also worried you don't have enough speed. If this is 5X5 categories, I'd look at trading some bats and get some pitching, or at least package some bats to allow you to stream. Happ, Keuchel, Castillo as your SP1, 2, 3 is very concerning for me.
  8. I loved Albies and it was a tough decision to not keep him, but I see a below projections year for 2019. I don't think he will earn time to hit in the top 5 of the lineup. Don't think he hits 20 stolen bases. His 2nd half showed more his real power projection as well. I think there's a good amount of value you can find at 2B later in the draft in my opinion. Best of luck to every Albies owner. I love him to death, but couldn't bring myself to ride the train this year.
  9. Wow. Never saw that his OBP is below .300. Might be tough for him to retain lead off for the whole year
  10. Hello all. Here is my team. I had 4 keepers including: Nola, Goldy, T. Turner and Soto. I always chase saves and draft a lot of pitchers C: Grandal 1B: Goldy 2B: Scooter 3B: Myers SS: T. Turner OF: Soto OF: Springer OF: Rosario UTL: Mondesi Bench: Anderson, Winker SP: Nola SP: Buehler SP: Mikolas SP: Hendricks SP: Pivetta SP: Freeland SP: Rodon SP: Teheran SP: Luzardo RP: May RP: Greene RP: McHugh Notable free agents: Kemp, Markakis, Lamb, Laureano Familia, Britton, Reynaldo Leave links for WHIR
  11. Hey guys. So I am keeping 4/5 players which means I can pick in the 4th round. Here are my keepers so far, what are some suggestions to target? 1B: Goldy SS: T. Turner OF: Soto SP: Nola I'm thinking I need another ace. Here are some potential pitchers to pick from: Thor, Corbin, Greinke and Clevinger, Price Here are some sleeper targets I am going after: Winker ADP 194 Donaldson ADP 123 Suarez ADP 63 Profar ADP 159 Freeland ADP 217 Arrieta ADP 192 Some batters that will most likely be available: Bellinger Springer Rendon Bogarts Realmuto Cain Rendon
  12. I've been reading more articles really fading him. I have him as a keeper right now, but has recent articles given you some concerns? Heres an example: https://www.majorleaguefantasysports.com/2019/02/13/on-bzdek-2019-second-base-rankings-part-1/kevinbzdek/
  13. .20 PPR with return yard QB: Cousins WR: Thomas WR: Brown RB: Chubb RB: Ware TE: Kittle Flex: Diggs Bench: Conner, Jackson, Mack Lockett K: Zeurlein Def: Giants Available free Agents: Doug Martin McGuire Coutee Damien Williams
  14. Why do I feel this is bad for goldy in fantasy. Reference: look at ozuna
  15. Wow! Amazing feedback and analysis. Thank you so much! Can't believe you only have 23 posts in the forums hahaha. Thanks we need more people like you!
  16. I'm proud to start this one off. Juan Soto caught all of us by surprised and blessed Rotoworld Forums readers with a great fantasy baseball season, especially with you play OBP (I don't). First it started with Victor Robles getting hurt and then Howie Kendrick and a subpar performance by Michael Taylor to get a surprise promotion of the phenom after only 8 games in AA. To give you an idea how crazy this was for all of us on the forums to see this. Soto has never played over 45 games in a single minor league system. All of a sudden he gets called up and plays 116 games at the show. He then blessed us with amazing line drives. Tons of walks. Multi-home run games and my favorite, the opposite field home run from a lefty. Juan Soto hit: 77 Runs 25 Doubles 22 Home Runs 70 RBI with 79 walks to 99 strikeouts and add 5 stolen bases while batting .292 OH and as a NINETEEN year old I am really curious to see what weight Soto reports as a 20-year-old and if Harper resigns with Washington or not. If he doesn't, then all of a sudden there may be a big opportunity for Soto and Rendon to take over his batting order and counting stat opportunities. Here are his current projections: Fangraphs 152 games 91 runs 28 home runs 93 RBI 7 SB with a .291 AVG Steamer has 148 games 88 runs 28 home runs 90 RBI 7 SB with a .291 AVG I have to say, I am loving the Home Run projection. He is easily a keeper for me although he has less value in a Standard league, but I think he will evolve into a great 4 category player with consistent average, runs, RBIs and power.
  17. 12 team standard h2h 10 categories keep 5 forever Goldy Turner Bellinger Nola Thor Soto AlbieS I also have Eloy and Donaldson but I don't think I should keep them
  18. I am 10 - 1 right now in my league. I should be able to clinch after this week. I have amazing matchups and now have a tough decision for Flex for once. Who would you pick? It's a 12 team Yahoo .20 PPR Rest of my roster to showboat: QB: Mayfield WR1: Brown WR2: Thomas RB1: Conner RB2: Chubb TE: Kittle Flex: Diggs/Mack K: Zeurline Def: Jaguars Bench: Cousins, Lockett