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  1. And 13 hits. Mike Trout has 42 AB 14 hits 7walks 14 Ks
  2. In the Nashville lineup.I'd give it a listen if there wasn't so much else going on.Semien has an MRI Monday.
  3. Yeah,long term he replaces Lowrie at 2B. The Nashville Sounds still haven't put their lineup out an hour before gametime.I've been following all season and this is unusual.I'm not expecting anything today,but they might be thinking about it.
  4. Semien was just put on the DL.I guess they could slide Lowrie over to SS and let Barreto have 2B,but I haven't heard a peep about that happening.What's his Super 2 status?
  5. Lowrie has had 0-fers in 5 of his last 7 games after his hot start.
  6. He'll break soon-count on it.
  7. He was 3-3 with a HR,3R and 2 RBI and he was looking(well,sounding) good,but then he struck out in the 7th.It was fun,but I guess it's over.
  8. I've got a team named Carpenters Local 420.
  9. I've got a house in the DC burbs and a cabin in Appalachia I'll be glad to swap out.
  10. I'm your huckleberry.



    The beta test is just for this weekend?

  11. Maybe this is the wrong thread,but I've been getting connection resets all day,only on this site,so I know it's not on my end. Anyone know what's going on with the server issue?