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  1. Pirates recall OF Jose Osuna from @indyindians after Starling Marte suspension. No. 28 on #Pirates Top 30 list:
  2. Broxton K ... shocking
  3. Joe Jiménez with a clean inning vs. Twins. Dude has mean stuff. Touched 96.
  4. Chad Kuhl ... anything to see here? 5 innings, 5Ks, 2ERs and a W vs ATL. 6.1 innings, 6Ks, 1ER vs. BOS today.
  5. Was excited to get Votto for this first time this season ... 10 days in ... not so excited anymore. At least hit the ball to the outfield. These infield ground outs are getting old.
  6. Folty, pitching out of the pen, gives up a 2-run shot to Ozuna.
  7. Brutal. Any thoughts on what's up with this guy?
  8. I made that exact move. Dropped Broxton for Owings. The SS eligibility is a bonus. No reason to think Owings can't get 25 - 30 steals with 500+ ABs. Broxton does have more HR potential, but that with Owings in the 2-hole he can be equal or more productive across the board.
  9. Makes me feel a little better. But just a little.
  10. Gausman - 97 pitches thru 4 ... yikes
  11. you can find a replacement level player of Eickhoff value on the wire any time you need. You won't find some to match Kipnis with 2B eligibility. Plus, you'll likely upgrade someone else in your league.
  12. Eickhoff is droppable. Can't drop Kip.
  13. I agree with TY, you've already got a prospect with Senzel. You're giving up a ton for a guy that just added a bunch of innings for team USA. I like Stroman, but he's not a proven best.
  14. Agree with others. I'd keep close eye on pitchers. With no true ACE, you could have mad weekly swings. Great one week ... ERA over 7 the next.