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  1. 12/10/17 Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Bucs

    Winston gonna lose me this week.
  2. Buffalo D or Cincy D? (WHIR!)

    Blizzard in BUFF ... Roll the Bills
  3. Qb and rb help

    Keenum Hyde Gould
  4. Goodwin or Shepard?

    Really like Goodwin this week. Shepard is banged up, and the weather could be an issue. See mine:
  5. Gordon and Gio. Sheppard is banged up, and I just don't know what to expect with GB. See mine:
  6. Diggs @ CAR or Martin vs DET? PPR

    Diggs is the upside play here. DETs run D is terrible, so either player should produce. See mine:
  7. With Staffords hand banged up ... he could check down to Tate more than normal. Already a great matchup .. I'd roll Tate. See mine:
  8. .25 PPR FLEX; Lee or Kearse? WHIR

    I like Lee here. #1 WR in what should be a fairly high scoring game. See mine:
  9. Agree with others. Diggs. Can't trust Cooper right now. See mine:
  10. Rudolph or Brate?

    Luv Brate this week. DET is awful AWFUL vs. TEs. See mine:
  11. dalton or keenum?

    Keenum. CAR has been leaky vs. the pass last 4 weeks (only 1 pick during that span). See mine:
  12. Pick 1: 1/2-PPR Carlos Hyde @ HOU (20th vs. RBs last 4 weeks) Jamaal Williams @ CLE (21st vs. RBs last 4 weeks)
  13. Watch the weather in CLE. Heard they were calling for windy conditions which could impact Gordon. Gio and Burkheard are the safe plays ... Gordon would be more upside / risk. See mine:
  14. Lewis over Hyde for me. Hyde hasn't scored a TD since week 6. See mine:
  15. rank these RBs.. Whir

    Drake, Gio, Lewis, Hyde for me. See mine: