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  1. Doyle or Reed? WHIR

    Really like Doyle this week.
  2. Should I Run A Defense This Week?

    I’ve got HOU on bye and I’m waiting to see how my team is doing thru the 1pm games. NYG are also available and play on MON night. If you need a D as the day progresses, you can grab one. See mine:
  3. Mo Harris or John Ross? WHIR

    Ross is a big upside play. Good matchup and opportunity. See mine:
  4. Start Doyle or Burton 0.5 PPR? WHIR

    Doyle for the TD upside for me. See mine:
  5. Who to Start In FLEX Position WHIR!

    Tough. I’d FLEX Sony, but I don’t feel great about it. See mine:
  6. I chose Baker over Dalton and Mitch as my bye week QB. But I’d take Luck from this group. Jags did have the bye week to scheme, but indoors @ Indy I think he’s in for a solid game. See mine:
  7. If this is a redraft league you can safely drop Jackson. Keeper league I’d hold. See mine:
  8. Chubb and MVS for me. Prefer a wait and see approach with LF. I’d have no problem playing Sony over MVD if indeed he’s active. See mine:
  9. 1/2-PPR ... Point per 1st Down FLEX Cohen or Duke Johnson? WHIR
  10. Was I right to veto this trade?

    That trade is fine. A little unbalanced, but not close to a veto.
  11. Q1 ... I typically carry 1 QB. Any change you can use BB or River to upgrade your FLEX? Q2 ... JuJu and BB Q3 ... I see another DUKE game coming. I'd put Kupp in the flex. See mine:
  12. Dez Bryant or Tre'Quan Smith ROS?

    I think they vulture each other ROS making both difficult to play. NO's #2 WR is difficult to trust anyway. Forced to pick, I'd still go TQ. See mine:
  13. Defense Help........WHIR

    Thats rough. I'm waiting till just before the 4pm games to decide if I'll go with no defense (HOU on bye). If my team is hanging in there, I may go no D as well. Are the GIANTS available? They plan on MON night. See mine: