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  1. Had to actually GOOGLE "Rams" QB ... as he's sooooo off the radar
  2. X-Rays clean. Phew.
  3. If he's @ AAA, we gotta assume he'll be given the NA tag. Right? Right?
  4. I wouldn't be shocked if they activate him from the 60-day DL and assign / keep him to AAA in the short-term. That would actually work out nice for those with NA as a roster spot.
  5. single, double, dong
  6. Mahtook with a fantastic catch in CF.
  7. I've heard Dodgers / Tigers trade combos mentioned a couple times on local radio conversations.
  8. Really unfortunate for VMart. He would have been a nice add for a contender.
  9. AKA ... Wow this team is bad thread. Let the bidding begin. I'm gonna toss out the Tigers. Bad. So bad.
  10. Can't figure this guy out. Hits seem to be coming, but counting stats kinda lacking. What do we think about him moving forward? Was poised for a breakout, but that hasn't really materialized.
  11. If we could somehow find a way to make walking without scoring runs and finishing 0 - 2 something of value ... we'd have a monster here. Agree ... I'm about done.
  12. Prayers for Shaw and his family. Out on Family Emergency list. Hope it's nothing serious with his newborn.
  13. Deal feels like streaky + Sale for meh. Maybe Judge isn't meh, but the others are just so so. Look at it this way ... will this trade win you the league. IMO, the answer is no.
  14. Agree, the multi-eligibility moves the needle toward Merrifield.
  15. Take the deal. Trout will be back in a few weeks, and will beast for you for years. See mine: