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  1. Which RB2 PPR? Gio/Alf/Davis - WHIR!

    Davis for his upside. LAR run D has been brutal.
  2. Pick 2: Alshon, AJ, Jarvis

    AJ and Alshon for me. I just don't trust Cutler. See mine:
  3. Its gross ... but I'd go Ivory here. Stewart took advantage of the MIN run D last week, maybe they struggle with big backs. You can hope. See mine:
  4. Ivory or Mike Davis?

    McCaffrey with Davis a close 2nd. GB D has been awful. See mine:
  5. I have very similar RBs ... and Hyde isn't an option for me this week. Hyde has topped out @ 10 - 12 points per week. Less if he doesn't score a TD. If you want safe, I suppose he's your guy. If you're an underdog, or want to blow up, Its Davis or Ajayi. I'm struggling between the 2, but right now I have Ajayi as my RB2.
  6. Latavius or Gio? 0.5PPR WHIR

    Really like Murray this week. CIN D is banged up. See mine:
  7. Pick one replacement level RB WHIR

    Davis. RAMS D has really struggled vs the run. See mine:
  8. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    If available ... AZ has a good matchup vs the Giants. 3rd stringer Davis Webb may get some PT.
  9. This a Championship Team? WHIR

    Looks good in a 14-teamer. I like Williams this week based on volume. That and Wash D has been brutal vs the run.
  10. RB flier for 2018

    I guess maybe McGuire. Game could get out of hand and give him more touches.
  11. Pick a bum TE! Haha! PPR

    Engram and its not close. See mire:
  12. Drop Martin? WHIR

    Martin can be dropped. Still think I'd go Witten here. While he is TD dependent, things should open up a bit for week 16 with Elliot back. Plus this week, OAK is 29th vs. TEs in points allowed last 4 weeks. See mine:
  13. Gurley and Keenum See mine: