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  1. 10-team. 1/2ppr. 1pt per first down. Ronald Jones or Rashaad Penny (WHIR). Not a Carson owner.
  2. I’d consider dropping Ballage, Harris and Freeman for Gore, Singletary and Pollard.
  3. Agree, go with Kittle. See mine ...
  4. 10-team - 1/2ppr Drop Henderson for Singletary?
  5. Exactly. Sounds kinda messy to me. Could make all 3 in-usable. Plus, it’s Buffalo.
  6. Too early to throw in the towel. If you can win if this year, you have to go for it.
  7. 12-team H2H B.Lowe or Didi Gregorius (rest of the season)?? I like the position flexibility Lowe offers, but feel some regression could be coming. Didi should have opportunities to put up good numbers in the bombers lineup, but he’s still finding his way back from T.J.
  8. I agree. Altuve should be activated today. Wait and see what happens. If he goes nuts, you may be able to aim even higher. See mine ...
  9. Add Pivetta. He's got some issues, and will give the occasional clunker, but overall is a solid SP. And he does still bring some upside. See mine ...
  10. Beni is not without his warts ... but he is a 5-tool guy on a great team. Great deal for you. See mine ...
  11. Bell. All numbers point to this breakout as legit. See mine: .