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  1. Criminally underpaid forever? Harper made $21.6M this year. Using your analogy, it was more like he was already making $120K, got an offer of $180K, but hopes to make $200K. Hardly insulting.
  2. Wonder why you didn't use Soto or Acuna as your examples for being "rushed"? Hmm...
  3. No, he wasn't pinch hit for. It was a double-switch when Axford was brought in.
  4. Oh, come on, nobody threatened to send him down. Roberts just answered a question asked by a reporter.
  5. I agree. As an Acuna and Vlad Jr owner, I admit I'm guilty of it myself. I thought Gleyber would just be bench support for me this year with hopes for keeper value down the road, but he just keeps producing. Pleasantly surprised!
  6. Extra base hits compared to K's is one stat that's been thrown around. He's now up to 23:13 in that one!
  7. If by "a**" you mean "excellent manager", then I agree.
  8. Tucker hit a 3-run HR off Darvish today. Hopefully Ender gets going soon...
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