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  1. I know he didn’t steal any but an 8 rbi game with 2 hr deserves some love!
  2. With the way they were talking about doubtful to head to DL, I’m hoping it’s more mental than physical. Let’s hope... can’t stash him, darvish, strasburg, cain, bundy, carrasco and morrow all at once!
  3. Hopefully this stint corrects him ala Rhys Hoskins.. one can hope.
  4. As of right now for categories...I’d say it’s Trout Betts Arenado Altuve Freddie Freeman/Jose. I do hope his name value doesn’t excite people and maybe I can snatch him with a late pick(8-10). There is nothing not to like.
  5. Has to be a first rounder next season.
  6. At least we get clarity on whether or not he’ll have a bounce back season. Hope he can get healthy next season.
  7. I still like him- just don’t love him. Feel like for THIS season, the best is behind. That little suntrust field will help with the power numbers but the base stealing just hasn’t been happening enough for me.
  8. When’s it safe to drop? I can’t take another 0-for string that this guy carries.
  9. Is he done? Slow starter? Are we in for late season goodies? He’s really starting to worry me with the injuries and slumps.
  10. Ok so what are we realistically looking at here? Top 10-15?
  11. He may be my favorite player to own this year.
  12. Leaving Toronto is usually never good for batters. Plus losing the Dh isn’t great, but, I have some cautious optimism.
  13. Just wish they’d take the training wheels off
  14. Weathers heating up.. so are the bats. If Martinez sticks to one lineup (keeps him first or second) he’ll he worth the pick.