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  1. When is Baseball Batman coming back to gloat? 43 HR with a .900 OPS
  2. Goody is first in line according to Closer Monkey. Rotoworld says 1. Wittgren 2. Clippard 3. Cimber and no mention of Goody.
  3. So who is the next guy up in SF if Smith is injured?
  4. So now he’s Jerry Rice. The Packers helmet suits you, sir.
  5. This is the White Sox method of breaking pitchers down and then building them back up. Giolito was statistically the worst pitcher in baseball last year. Reynaldo Lopez was the worst SP in baseball (going by FIP) in the first half of this season. And now Cease is going to stake his claim as the worst in the league. Next year it will be Kopech. There is a science to this. Trust the science!
  6. Playoffs? We’re still in August. E-Rod is firmly on my bench for this one.
  7. Not this again with the eating. Got a long break from this type of verbiage in the baseball forum. I almost forgot that people talk like this. I suppose that football just attracts a different caliber of poster.
  8. 5.00 ERA since the all star break. The last time he actually did something impressive was a home game vs Boston on June 17. Since then, his peripherals in the majority of games have been brutal. I’m glad that he was able to dominate the Marlins.
  9. And when I avoid him next year he’ll put it all together. FIP numbers for the past 3 seasons: 3.84, 3.90, 3.95
  10. He has sucked for 2 months now. A couple gems against weak offensive teams, but mostly just trash lines. He’s killing me.
  11. He’s been a real piece of crap for a while now, but nobody’s talking about it because 90% of his owners have been laughed out of their leagues & have now moved on to football. I’m one of the fortunate ones bc I’m still hanging in there despite this utter turd. Cy Berrios my ***. You’re almost better off streaming some random scrub off the waiver wire these days. I will not be doing the Berrios thing in 2020. No way, Jose.
  12. Why am I rostering Jarlin Garcia? Last two lines just say INF