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  1. I called you a bitter Jordan Howard owner to the end. If you never drafted him, you wouldn’t even be in this thread right now. ”Fans tend to be clouded” - you would know.
  2. His route-running has been nothing short of extraordinary. Putting a linebacker on him is pure comedy.
  3. The Bears are being sneaky in the name of competitive advantage, ie forcing teams to waste a lot of time watching videotape on Mitch. His shoulder injury is likely much more serious than the press is being lead to believe.
  4. I’m on board with this decision. His throwing shoulder is not 100%. The Giants defense is crap. Daniel will do just fine. The Bears defense vs Barkley is gonna be epic, though.
  5. And now for another episode of Bad Football Thoughts starring psygolf.
  6. This would have been far more respectable if you’d have just told the truth. Your league-mates have been laughing at you for months and you received no shortage of low-ball trade offers for the few fantasy assets on your roster.
  7. Yikes. Golden Tate targeted 8 times, not that he can do anything with ‘em. Alshon has been invisible for 4 consecutive games. One of the more disturbing developments of the 2018 fantasy season.
  8. Boy, the butthurt is strong in this one.
  9. Huge battle between a couple 5-5 teams. That #6 spot in the AFC is wide open. Mack attack underway.
  10. Remember when the Eagles had Daniel, Foles, and Bradford at the same time? Those are now 3 of the top 5 backups in the NFL I’m guessing. Who else? Fitzpatrick, Tyrod, etc. Brissett seems to have a decent rep.
  11. Agreed. Particularly in your case, with David Carr having been out of the NFL for 6 years now.
  12. And speaking as a Bears fan and president of the Mitch Trubisky fan club, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.