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  1. Cedric Mullins 2018 Outlook

    Looks like he's sliding right into center.
  2. Marwin Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    Modest 4-game hitting streak, but more importantly he's played in 8 games straight. Could be useful while guys like Springer are on the shelf.
  3. Kevin Gausman 2018 Outlook

    I don't think you can dismiss the fact that Baltimore, no matter who's in been in charge, hasn't developed a genuine frontline pitcher since Mike Mussina. Gausman may or may not flip a switch in Atlanta but I think he stands a far better chance of meeting his potential there.
  4. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Yep, per Rosenthal.
  5. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    This is common practice in European soccer. The common timeframe for signing extensions is with a year left on a contract and guys routinely are sold at that point if it's clear they aren't going to re-up.
  6. Eduardo Rodriguez 2018 Outlook

    Was cruising along until Blake Swihart threw behind him on a play to first and he got caught up with a headfirst diving Lourdes Gurriel. Had to come out of the game at 67 pitches. Hopefully it's not his knee.
  7. Andrew Heaney 2018 Outlook

    Prospects at Seattle?
  8. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    It seems to me that's going to be the best solution long-term. Rip the band-aid off this season and get it right going forward.
  9. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    Terrible decision-making. What will determine when he is off the DL that he isn't on anymore? What if he doesn't pitch again this year?
  10. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Bird is definitely not lighting it up but let's not get too nostalgic about Tyler Austin. He was batting .260 on May 20th and was down to .220 himself the first week of June.
  11. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    It will be a real bummer if in Yahoo, SP Ohtani is activated at the same time as Util Ohtani. Especially in keeper/dynasty leagues where owners are going to have to make a tough choice on his roster spot.
  12. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    My gut feeling is that Cashman will have seen how the Red Sox hung with Devers and how that appears to be working out for them, and continue to stick with Bird until he starts materially costing them games. I think Cashman is rightfully very proud of how his prospects have fared, wants to see them come good, and the success of Judge, Andujar and Torres will have bought Bird quite a bit of time to get it together.
  13. Seth Lugo 2018 Outlook

    So after a great start versus the Yankees, he has allowed 8ER in 8IP, albeit against the Dbacks and @Col. Next start vs Pittsburgh should give a fairer sense of where he's at.
  14. Roberto Osuna 2018 Outlook

    Which is why there is an entire system set up to govern what happens when humans do malfunction. Nothing that has happened to Osuna so far strikes me as unfair or arbitrary given what he is alleged to have done, and what precedent is in place, both legally and in terms of MLB itself. Nor have there been any rumblings from him or his lawyers about possible breach of contract or unfair dealing. It will be interesting to see, if this continues on past, say the All-Star Break, whether MLB winds up suspending him for the rest of the season or for a set number of days that may potentially encroach on the 2019 season.
  15. Roberto Osuna 2018 Outlook

    The only good thing, at least in Yahoo leagues, is that he's listed NA rather than SUSP or nothing at all. Owners with NA slots have a little wiggle room while it all hashes out.