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  1. Marlins prospect in A+ ball playing SS. Has contact issues and projected to man the hot corner long term.
  2. Hoskins is more apt to taking strikes in the zone than Anderson. Anderson for a rookie is showing an elite eye. His BABIP will normalize to around .300, but his OBP will be in the .400s
  3. He, Harper, Votto & Blackmon in the NL MVP race this season. Might also throw in Hoskins and Bryant in there.
  4. He’s got the type of swing/approach that will keep him from having frequent slumps, even as a rookie. I see him putting up real solid numbers this season: something like .270/65/25/75 with a decent K/BB rate.
  5. https://twitter.com/Marlins/status/904393078542356480
  6. Stanton's 1st homer in 4 games. Seemed like forever. Hope he hits 2 more tonight.
  7. Only 9/133 SP performances against the Phillies with a higher Game Score than rookie yesterday callup Dillon Peters.
  8. 7 innings pitched (91 pitches) 3 hits 8 strikeouts 3 walks 0 runs allowed 13.00 GB/FB A groundball pitcher with efficient, but deceptive stuff. His advanced numbers looking pretty good tonight: 0.00 ERA 0.00 RA/9 2.13 FIP 2.39 xFIP 2.81 SIERA 0.3 fWAR