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  1. He's young for his level with a 11% K rate (great) and 12% BB rate (great). He is seeing the ball well and it's safe to bet the hits will come as he adjusts.
  2. Not necessarily. You can go 0 for 1 in the extra at bat and still get benefit out of it (ie. get an RBI, reach base, score a run or steal a base after reaching base).
  3. Looked shaky how? The splitter looked elite, the fastball looked good.
  4. Criticizing for him for using a 12 game sample size while you pick and choose a 6 game sample size is a bold move. It’s not just the K% that is worth monitoring, he is also walking significantly less so far this season. Hiura is a great hitter sure I’m sure it will balance out but calling out a poser for bringing up possible concerns is silly.
  5. Yikes. Not a good start today. 1.1 IP 4 hits 2 walks 1 k 5 ER
  6. On the flip side, LA and SF have had two of the best rotations in baseball over the course of CarGo's career. The AL Central is one of the worst pitching divisions in recent memory. CarGo will probably still suck too much to be useful but it's at least something to consider.
  7. They sat him two straight games. Man a Sunday morning call up would be cool.
  8. Oddly enough, despite striking out in 13 of his 25 at bats, Hiura is still sitting with a .320 BA and a 1.026 OPS. When he is hitting it, he's hitting it hard.
  9. We switched to saves + holds last year on a 12-0 vote and switched back this year on a 12-0 vote. It really devalued the position. Sure, more setup man became rosterable but there were an infinite number of RP options for teams. Supply outpaced demand. Sometimes it’s better for fantasy baseball to “lag behind” real baseball. I have no interest in dropping Batting Average for wOBA.
  10. Yes. Bad teams still win 60-70 games and a lot of those will be by 3 or less runs.
  11. Well he’s available today considering he just pitched the 6th