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  1. I personally would say yes, but MLB GMs are a different breed. Milwaukee sent their 2nd best hitter to the minors for a month to save money and lost the division by two games.
  2. If you don't like these "pointless discussions" you should direct some of your response to both sides of it. "In no league is he a first round pick unless you play in a 30 teamer". So in a 28 team OBP league Alvarez isn't worth a first round pick? Come on, now. There's a reasonable middle ground between those saying Alvarez is a 1st round pick and saying he isn't worth a top 28 pick.
  3. He literally said "in no league is he a first round pick unless you play in a 30 teamer". In OBP leagues he is arguably a top 150-20 player preseason. The 30 team caveat is silly. Anthony Rendon was the #9 player on the player rater in OBP leagues. .412 OBP 117 runs 34 home runs 126 rbis 5 sb Yordan Alvarez had a rookie 155 game pace of .413 OBP 104 runs 48 home runs 140 rbi 0 sb Of course there is risk with Alvarez because he only did it in the big leagues for a half of a season, but there's also upside because he did it as a 22 year old rookie.
  4. While the discussion may have started with "will he have a first round ADP?" we've had comments such as "in no league is he a first round pick unless you play in a 30 teamer".
  5. How does the fall league compare to regular season AAA?
  6. The hype train in 2020 is going to be really fun to follow. 2019 was fun because top publications started realizing how special of a talent Franco is. 2020 is going to be when the rest of the fantasy landscape (ie. casual fans) realizes it.
  7. There is an argument to be made in OBP leagues.
  8. Where would Gordon have been drafted without the holdout? That's important when trying to figure out his value now.
  9. 12 team 1/2 point ppr QB WR WR RB RB FLEX TE K DEF I Get: M. Thomas I Give: Ekeler, Gordon, Brown QB: Brady WR: Hopkins, Evans, Brown, Green RB: Fournette, Jacobs, Ekeler, Gordon, Gallman TE: Hooper
  10. I'm sitting in 1st place overall in a 12 team league at 2-1 (most points scored tiebreaker). I had first waiver priority and used it on Gallman. I either want to trade Gallman to the Barkley owner or trade for Barkley. Would you do Fournette or Jacobs for Barkley? QB: Brady RB: Ekeler RB: Fournette WR: Hopkins WR: Evans TE: Hooper FLEX: Jacobs K: Zuerlein DEF: Jaguars Bench: QB Murray RB Gallman RB: Gordon III WR: AJ Green WR: John Brown