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  1. Lost by less than a point and JJ watt gave me zeroes.
  2. Really did not want to start him today
  3. I nearly did a spit take when I saw his BA yesterday.
  4. As a current Nola owner and former Bauer owner, not surprising in the least.
  5. I've got 9 in the top 65 for 6x6. Not sure how many will lose eligiblity.
  6. Fair--lobby your commish for a transaction cap if you want to prevent it next year.
  7. Time will tell but I'm guessing Bellinger will be consistently drafted 4th.
  8. Yahoo weirdly changed Tatis back to day-to-day yesterday and now I can't make roster changes without dropping an extra player.
  9. Seemed like nobody was in on this guy