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  1. Rafael Devers 2017 Outlook

    Destroying my 2018 draft strategy.
  2. Whit Merrifield 2017 Outlook

    We are all Whitness.
  3. George Springer 2017 Outlook

    Prayers answered, we're good now George.
  4. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    I'm cuckoo for Cody Puffs
  5. Kenta Maeda 2017 Outlook

    Shoot me now.
  6. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    Yeah, probably going to bench (roto).
  7. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    What are we expecting today?
  8. Trevor Bauer 2017 Outlook

    Picked him up, cause it's not summer until Bauer has torched your ratios. Fingers crossed.
  9. Cameron Maybin 2017 Outlook

    I am such a sucker for this guy, he pulls me in every...single...year.
  10. John Lackey 2017 Outlook

    He'll go on a nice streak at some point but felt awesome dropping last night.
  11. Jose Ramirez 2017 Outlook

    Dropped him yesterday y/w
  12. Josh Donaldson 2017 Outlook

    Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki scheduled to return to Blue Jays lineup tonight as they host Rangers.
  13. George Springer 2017 Outlook

    Same story every year. Rake, injury, prolonged slump, repeat. Probably his last year on my team.
  14. Jonathan Villar 2017 Outlook

    I remember this guy...
  15. Ryan Zimmerman 2017 Outlook

    He did drop all the way down to the #2 player in my 6x6.